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Improve Alma Job Reports for Failed Record
It would be extremely helpful if more details were given when there are failed records or records with exceptions on the jobs we run in Alma. Many of the job reports only report the number of failed records. It would be great if the report would provide MMSID information so the we know what records failed.
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15 comments  ·  Resource Management - General
More order type options for Additional Orders
We would like more order types to choose from when creating additional orders on a portfolio using the “Additional Order” button. Particularly, Electronic Book - One Time and Electronic Title - One Time.
Currently there are only a limited number of order types available when creating an order via this method. This creates inefficiencies, because using the Additional Order button is the easiest, quickest and neatest way to create an additional order on a portfolio.
An example of where this change would be helpful is when purchasing additional copies of a limited-user ebook. Because we don’t have the option of…
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UNDER REVIEW  ·  13 comments ·  Acquisition - PO & POLine
Change physical items job -- adding notes
The Change physical items job allows you to add Internal notes 1-3 or Statistical notes 1-3 by REPLACING any notes that already exist in that field, but not by adding the note IN ADDITION TO already existing text. This option needs to be added. Also, the current job allows you to skip records that already contain notes in your selected field but a "successful" run does not report out which records were SKIPPED as a result.
4 comments  ·  Resource Management - General
Change due date when patron account expiration date reduced
As a Fulfillment Manager, I would like the due dates of a patron's books to be changed to their account Expiration Date if this is reduced. Eg, if a book is issued to a student for 10 weeks and they withdraw from their course, the original due date remains which can be some weeks after they have left. This can cause confusion for library staff and the patron.
14 comments  ·  Fulfillment - Loans
Physical Item Editor Templates
It would be great if we could use templates for adding new items.
At the moment, whenever we add an item, for each single one of them we have to manually fill in the same values in "Material type" and "Item call number type". The "inventory date" has to be chosen manually as well.
It would be extremely useful if we could load the physical item editor form with some values already filled in, and with the date fields automatically filled with the current day's date.
If this idea has already been posted or it the option already exists, please…
4 comments  ·  Resource Management - Physical
Short Term Loans - Courtesy and Overdue Notices
The new shortloancourtesyreminder & shortloanoverduereminder cannot be configured for multiple locations. For institutions with several hourly loan locations (for example Boston College maintains 2 and 3 hour loan periods for Course Reserves and a 4 hour loan period for some technology items) this dictates that the reminder notice has to be set based on the location with the shortest loan period. The overdue notice must be timed to make sense for for the longest loan period.
In our test configuration we used the following time parameters:
​shortloancourtesyreminder - 105 minutes
UNDER REVIEW  ·  9 comments  · Fulfillment - Loans
Better management of serial prediction when publication frequency changes
Sometimes providers change a journal’s publication frequency throughout the year. So, the prediction’s pattern selected / elaborated at the beginning of the year doesn’t work anymore in Alma. One part of predictions (date of receipt) will be ok until the change but all other predicted items will be false. Now, we can revise the prediction during the year but we must erase the items already received. We can also leave the prediction defined at the beginning of the year and edit manually the false items from the time of the prediction change.
It would save a lot of time if…
24 comments  ·  Resource Management - Physical
Add Homosaurus to Alma Authority Vocabularies
We would like to suggest adding Homosaurus, an international LGBTQ+ linked data vocabulary to the authority vocabularies in the resource management configuration. The vocabulary is available at
Homosaurus has received a lot of traction in the past few years as alternative to LCSH for describing resources about the LGBTQ+ community. We add the terms at present in a 650 _7 $a heading $2 homoit.
Adding Homosaurus to the authority vocabularies would help greatly in on-going authority control, rather than managing locally.
1 comment  ·  Linked Data
Make Alma link resolver compatible with EndNote's "Find Full Text" feature
EndNote offers a "Find Full Text" feature that allows users to locate full text for citations saved to their library. The feature can be configured to work with your institution's link resolver. However, according to EndNote customer support, the Alma link resolver is not currently compatible with this feature. This enhancement would allow Alma customers to locate full text for EndNote citations via openURL.
21 comments  ·  Link Resolver
Dana Moshkovits(Director of Product Management, Ex Libris)
We have recevied te following response from EndNote:
We support OpenURL from SFX, which offers XML responses via REST. Other services, like Primo and Alma, did not support this at the time of Find Full-Text feature development.
However, we have already forwarded this to our Development team as an enhancement request to have this feature with the future release of the EndNote program.
We from Technical Support are not sure how this enhancement would be prioritized in terms of upcoming development work. While all the product suggestion submissions are reviewed by development for ideas and features for new versions of the software
"Save and dismiss" button in "Manage EDI Tasks"
In the "Manage EDI Tasks", when using the "Update Expected Receipt Date" action, updating the date and clicking on "Save", it would be great the concerned line would automatically be removed from the list without having additionally to click on "Dismiss". A new function button like "Save and dismiss" would be helpful.
5 comments  ·  Acquisitions - General
Make configurable pop-up assistance in metadata editor
Currently the po-up assistance in metadata editor for subfields 260$a$b$e$f, 264$a$b, 505$r$t and 561$a is hardcoded and it can not be deactivated. Activation/Deactivation should be configurable. We have many queries from our catalogers about that.
7 comments  ·  Metadata Management
In "Purchase Requests": Permit re-linking request to a Portfolio.
Purchase requesters are permitted to both 'Use existing record' AND choose 'Requested format' = 'Electronic'.
Please add the possibility of re-linking to an E-Portfolio--not just to a bibliographic record.
Beginning an e-purchase with a bib rather than a portfolio requires a lot of fiddling around after the fact to correct the record so the bib is not suppressed, or mis-indexed. And who knows what's happening under the hood.
4 comments  ·  Acquisition - Purchase Requests
Add functionality to fund summary pages to view encumbered orders
There is no functionality within the fund summary pages to see what orders have not yet been paid (order still encumbered). The value of the encumbered orders does show in the summary graph however it would be really useful to see the orders this relates to.
UNDER REVIEW  ·  2 comments  · Acquisition - Funds
Add 'due date' to items list
When student put a book on hold it would be useful to see when the on loan books are due to be returned in the item list rather than having to go into each individual onloan item to see when it is to be returned. Often we have 20 items out at a time and it would be good to have a quick overview of the return date.
3 comments  ·  Fulfillment - General
In Process Items_Move items in batches to the next work order
In the page of “Manage In Process Items”, we would propose
1) Adjust the number of each page so that more items can display on the page. That would be the maximum the staff can tick “Done” at one time.
2) Given above, ideally we'd want to move a pack of items by jobs to the next work order.
3) Sort out “Barcode”
7 comments  ·  Resource Management - Physical
Update URL in porfolio when attached bib record's 856 is updated
When the URL in a bib record attached to a portfolio is updated (individually edited, or batch load/overlay of records), there should be a setting to the action so that the URL in an attached portfolio would also be updated and we don't have to remember to manually do this. We have had 2 recent instances, one where we used APIs to update bib records using our old PURL manager to use our new one, only to find that the portfolio URLs also needed to be changed separately, and one where we have a batch of vendor records with changed…
4 comments  ·  Resource Management - Electronic
Implement auto holdings for Taylor and Francis
Implement auto holdings (autoholding, auto load, autoload) for Taylor and Francis, as is already available for ProQuest, Elsevier, Ovid, and Springer.
5 comments  ·  Resource Management - Electronic
Expand 'Bulk Change Due Dates' to disregard expired patrons and include recalled items
Configuring Alma to deliver an exclusively off-campus service in response to the Coronavirus pandemic included the extension of due dates for us. We were thankful for the 'Bulk Change Due Dates' functionality, which we were able to use to push back the due dates of a majority of items on loan (until 1 June in the first instance for us). We encountered problems though when it came to any items borrowed by patrons whose records were due to expire before that date. The items wouldn't go beyond the patrons' expiry dates, which under normal circumstances would be exactly how we…
UNDER REVIEW  ·  8 comments  · Fulfillment - Loans
Metadata editor: Enable moving up and down within a field using arrow keys
It would be nice to be able to move up and down within a field using arrow keys in MDE. For example, when a lengthy 505 or 520 MARC field has many lines, the cataloger must now move to the desired line using either mouse or left/right arrow keys, since pressing up/down arrow causes the pointer to move to the previous/next field.
My suggestion is that the pointer should be able to move within the field using up/down arrows and move only to the previous/next field when the pointer is on the first/last line of the field.
Using up/down arrow…
0 comments  ·  Metadata Management
Add 'Test access' button to New Portfolio editor
When adding a new local portfolio in an electronic collection we will always test access before the task is completed.
Currently we have to click 'Save and done', search for the portfolio and then test access. If the link is incorrect, we have to edit, save, and test again.
Please add the 'Test access' button in the New Portfolio editor as in the Electronic Portfolio Editor to save us time and extra clicks.
1 comment  ·  Resource Management - Electronic
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