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Display item policy in item record
It would be useful if item policy could be configured as a field to display in either the brief or full item display. Currently, the loanable indicator is defined by the fulfillment terms of use, which is dependent on users signing in in order for Primo to calculate the loan policy specifically for that user.
Having the option to display the item policy from Alma as a field in Primo would be beneficial as this does not change dependent on the user type or fulfillment rules. It would also provide more information to users irrespective of whether they are able…
20 comments  ·  Primo VE
Making the peer reviewed icon more accurate
Articles and journals are marked with the peer reviewed icon in Primo based on information extracted from Ulrichsweb (​​).
The Peer Review indicator can only be set at the journal level at the moment. If a journal is identified as peer reviewed, or refereed in Ulrichsweb, all articles from this journal will be shown with the peer reviewed icon in Primo.
However, not all articles in such journals are peer reviewed, meaning the icon sends the wrong information to user, and that this label is not reliable. It can further cause users to lose confidence in the system.…
3 comments  ·  User Interface
Remove CDI constant expansion of results
PCI results respect that a user knows what they want, but help with expansion when necessary, such as by stemming when there are very few results returned by the exact query. A user has autonomy also to target their results with techniques such as quotation marks, Boolean operators, and Advanced Search.
In CDI, expansion is constant, by term inflection applied to all searches, as well as higher recall in general by design. This cannot be prevented by features such as Boolean operators, quotation marks or Advanced Search, and is illogical in conjunction with other features like 'Did you mean'.
8 comments  ·  User Functionality
Library Card page
I think it would more user-focused if the "Library Card" dashboard listed all of the requests and loans in one spot, regardless of the lending library. Many users are unaware of which library they've requested an item through - it would be nice if there was only one dashboard for patrons to check on the status of everything in one spot.
42 comments  ·  User Interface
Possibillity to add print journal holdings to Primo holdings-file
In Primo only the electronic holdings for e-books and e-journals are taken into consideration when determining the availability for a record/article from the central index (PCI/CDI).
The libraries also have print/physical holdings of journals that can fulfill the needs of the end-user and that can fill gaps in the electronic coverage. If the user search for an article that the library only has as part of the physical journal holdings the availability of the article are set to "Not available" and dependig on the configuration the article might not even show up in the result-list.
This has been adressed in…
8 comments  ·  Administrative Tools
Secondary sorting of records in the results list
Primo is designed to sort the results list by one parameter only (relevancy, title etc.).
Currently, it is not possible to define a secondary sort. Thus records with the same ranking will appear in no particular order.
It would be beneficial to be able to configure a secondary and third sort options. For example, first sorting by Relevancy, secondary by Publishing Year and third by Title.
13 comments  ·  User Functionality
Nili Natan (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
Thank you for submitting this idea, we are currently reviewing it and we would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with more examples and use cases to show the need in secondary sort. 
Display related holdings for monographs only for the 773 $w relation and not for the 8xx $w relation
When filtering to a certain location via facets, you often get results from other locations too, which is unexpected from patrons perspective in many cases. This is caused by the current related records setting which is also taking locations with related records into account. The display is correct for analytical records without inventory (book chapters and articles), but not for the other monographical resources.
What we wish to achieve is the following:
When the record of a book chapter, journal issue or journal article (i.e. a record containing a 773 field with $w) is viewed in Primo, the holding of…
7 comments  ·  Primo VE
Update Collections Automatically with Changes to Logical Set
It is currently possible to manually add contents of a Set to a Collection that will appear in Primo.
We would like to make it possible to create dynamic Collections that change/update when new items are added that meet the criteria to be added to the logical set.
Right now, as the logical set changes, the Collection contents remain unchanged.
7 comments  ·  Primo VE
Include the item barcode as part of the data published from Alma to Primo in the AVA field to improve item search in Primo
Request for Alma item barcode be included in the data that is published to Primo as part of the Alma publishing functionality to enable barcode searchability in the Primo keyword search. We have discovered that items migrated from our previous ILS do contain the item barcode(s) in the MARC 945 $$i and is written to the search:general field of the PNX. As such, those items are keyword searchable via their barcode in Primo. However, for items created in Alma, the item barcode is not written to the bib record and is therefore not searchable in Primo. Adding the item barcode…
bad link reporter
Bad Link Reporter
This tool would work while librarians are searching Primo. An addon tool for Primo that looks at results when the following condition exists: a link is clicked and user gets an error, (no full text available or other Primo error messages) there would be a popup or message asking “report this bad link?”. You click on the button, it goes away allowing librarian to continue their work but clicking the button reports the permalink, search details and bad link error message including eresource used. This option only occurs for library staff. Ordinary users would not see it.
9 comments  ·  Administrative Tools
Add more options to configure facets by prefilter and resource type
The configuration options for facets in Primo VE are currently very limited, and not at parity with Primo on Back Office. It is not currently possible in Primo VE for a single record to have multiple facets or prefilter resource type values, to better align with CDI in a blended search, it is not possible to configure the facet and prefilter resource type values separately and independently of the display resource type values, and these facets cannot be configured with sufficient granularity. As examples of this configuration issue to be made possible with this request: Example 1: Our display types…
3 comments  ·  Primo VE
Nili Natan (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
Thank you for this idea. we will further analyze the option to allow secondary resource type to cover the use cases raised here.
Primo VE: Allow Exclusion of Institution Zone only records from Discovery Network/NZ Scope
In consortial environments, the Network Scope includes Institution Zone only records such as laptops, keys, etc.
We would like the capability to exclude IZ only records from a Discovery Network scope so that we can display only records that are NZ bibs, not local IZ with no NZ bibs.
24 comments  ·  Primo VE
Allow reader to sort the values in a facet by A-Z or by number of records.
Most databases such as Web of Science or Ebsco Discovery tool allow the user to determine how to sort the values in a facet (see screenshot)
114 KB
8 comments  ·  User Functionality
Warn user to sign in when saving to favorites
Primo (new UI) does not alert the user to sign in in order to save favorites. I suggest that when a user who has not logged in clicks the pushpin icon to save an item to Favorites, a modal appear to let them know they must sign in to save favorites, and give them an opportunity to do so.
11 comments  ·  User Functionality
Nili Natan (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
Thank you for this suggestion, we will check the option to add message with option to sign in when pining the first item as guest
Make it easier to copy a call number
Please make it easier to copy the call number from a holdings record in primo.
The design of the holdings info in Primo prevents users from easily selecting/copying the call number. Since the holdings info is a link, clicking and dragging from left to right makes it impossible to select the call number. It is possible to click and drag from right to left (not intuitive for LTR languages), or to click through to the item and then select the call number (not discoverable).
See linked video for an illustration of the problem.
1 comment  ·  User Interface
Localize Collection Discovery for libraries of an Alma institution
For a given library in an Alma institution, the Alma collections associated to this library should only appear in the Collection Discovery page and on the records of items belonging to this collection, if the library is associated to the Primo view (in the "Primo view mapped into Alma libraries" mapping table).
In the current situation, all the collections of any library of the Alma institution are visible, even if the Primo view is limited to one or some libraries in the institution.
8 comments  ·  User Interface
Add Jump to Last & Specific Page Options to Primo Search Results Paging Bar
Our users are asking for the option to jump to the last page of the search results in Primo. They would also like to get to a specific page number in the Primo search results paging bar by typing the number in there. First and last page options are basic functionalities of pagers and users expect those.
15 comments  ·  User Interface
Hide DUE TIME in Primo
It should be possible to hide DUE TIME in Primo, both in My Library Card and the item list. Many libraries do not offer loans by the hour and opening hours in Alma are not the same as the opening hours of the physical library. Therefore displaying the due time in Primo is often just noise.
See attached screenshots.
13 KB
6 comments  ·  User Interface
Nili Natan (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
Thank you for posting this, we will check the option to hide it
Improve Primo Search Algorithms
When our users look for a book in the Primo Search Portal they expect that the Primo Search behaves like a Google Search, i.e. they expect that Primo finds books with titles or metadata containing words similar to those in their query. Unfortunately, the Primo Search is very sensitive to the exact spelling of the words in the query. If the search query is slightly inaccurate, the book is not found in Primo. I tried such unsuccessful search queries on, and Amazon usually found the correct book: Amazon showed the correct hit on top of the list (see…
Search Results Primo versus Amazon.pdf
85 KB
2 comments  ·  Primo VE
Do Not Highlight Stop Words in the Results of a Keyword Search
There is no value to highlighting words in the search results of a keyword search that were considered STOP words when the search was conducted.
Words such as AND, THE, OR, IN, TO, etc., provide no value on their own and should not be highlighted. Not only does highlighting them add visual noise to the search results, it sends the wrong message to users about how to construct a strong search string.
As the screenshot shows, the highlighting is only adding noise.
114 KB
7 comments  ·  Primo VE
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