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OCR plugin that makes full text available to search
To create a full text searching capability, we are proposing a plugin that performs OCR on the files in Rosetta, and then makes that text output available via an API or other publishing mechanism, that can be read and indexed by an external CMS.
1 comment  ·  Publishing & Delivery
Add report in migration plugin
The migration plugin is part of preservation and is the way in Rosetta to migrate bitstreams from an obsolete format to an uptodate format. It is a script plugin receiving a file and delivering the newly migrated file.
For purpose of transparency it would be necessary to add a report about what has changed. For example when migrating pdf to pdf/a it might happen, that a font was included or even replaced. Having a report would implement a well documented preservation workflow. Depending on the migration tool the report might be quite complex.
So it would be nice to add…
0 comments  ·  Preservation & Format Library
Allow full-text searching of all objects in an IE, not just one at a time.
There is a way to have Primo index the full text of PDFs that are in Rosetta which can help a user find which Rosetta IE has a document containing their term/phrase but then once the user clicks through to the Rosetta viewer there is no way for the user to know where their search term appears. Having the search term come through to the viewer would be great, but that would only work when there are a few PDFs. For IEs that contain dozens of PDFs the user would have to open each one and search for their term.…
3 comments  ·  Publishing & Delivery
Full Validation Stack for BYTESTREAM Objects
We have a growing number of deposits where data enters the archive in container formats such as .zip and is usually not extracted for various reasons. Examples include zip containers which are part of a larger complex object IE such as the content of a CD or a as zipped supplementary data to a journal article where the zip container is referenced from with the publication.
In this case, files in BYTESTREAM are extracted during ingest for metadata extraction, but are stored as container formats in permanent. But there are some shortcomings compared to the regular validation stack:
• no…
1 comment  ·  Ingest
view only- user who cannot break anything
For error-detection and workflow documentation it is sometimes necessary to be able to view all configurations in Rosetta - even all in the Administration area.
But not all users should be able to edit configuration elements in Rosetta, especially not in the Administration Area.
In our (ZBW/Germany) opinion, a view-only-user would be very handy. This person would be able to see all the configuration details and the view-option would be available to her/him, but not the edit-button.
She/he would not be able to break anything, but would be able to see all the details needed for documentation or other purposes.…
1 comment  ·  User Management
I want to search all members of a specific set that I created on Search for Object page(not on Sets page)
I want to search all members of a specific set that I created on Search for Object page(not on Sets page) to and and export(view) more columns like Date (DC), Is part of (DC), etc.
The set has its ID so we though it's possible to search the itemized set itself by building a search query.
0 comments  ·  Data Management
Option to check fixity on export
Currently, when you export a file, REP or IE from Rosetta you will get an error if there is a problem with exporting the file. However, we have had at least one instance where the file seemed to export without issue but the file couldn't be opened (it was corrupt) and we were able to see that the checksum of the file did not match the checksum stored in Rosetta for that file. This helped us diagnose an issue with the way our storage layer was delivering the file. If Rosetta included an optional checksum calculation on export (the type…
0 comments  ·  Data Management
Validation Stack to Flag Problems as Warnings, not Errors, and Move them to Permanent
Ability to run the validation stack during ingest, but only flagging warnings, not errors. All IEs will be moved to the permanent repositories and if needed, the problems will be dealt with in a future stage.
3 comments  ·  Ingest
Adi Alter
Submitted by Ex Libris PM on behalf of our customers
Containerize the Rosetta Server Infrastructure
We would like to be able to install and run the Rosetta server in a docker container.
Docker containers allow infrastructure to be managed more efficiently and at scale. Also, running Rosetta in a docker container would allow us to have the option to deploy it into cloud infrastructure.
1 comment  ·  Environment & Infrastructure
Export Sets of Files
Rosetta offers an IE level export task that can be used with IE level sets and exports the whole IE/Representation. What we need in addition, is a file level export task. It should be possible to export sets of files (itemized sets based on a list of FL IDs, or logical sets based on search criteria, e.g. IE PID and file extension) to a given export path. Subdirectory name could be the set ID.
To date, the only options are file download – one at time – or IE export, which means unpacking the Rep.tar containers and selecting the required…
0 comments  ·  Data Management
Allow Retention Policy to not delete automatically
Besides of having the option to delete or delete permanently, a retention policy should also allow not to delete at all. Many institutions want to assign a retention period to their objects, but do not want to delete the IEs when the retention period is over. Instead they expect to receive a report where they can decide themselves which objects should be deleted.
2 comments  ·  Preservation & Format Library
multi-client capability for external migration in Preservation Plan
In a preservation plan it is possible to migrate objects using external alternatives. To do this, the objects are exported, migrated externally and then re-imported.
Unfortunately it is not possible to configure the export path. Therefore it is also not possible to perform migrations separated by institution. At other places in Rosetta this is already implemented. For example, an export path can be entered when exporting an IE. To enable Rosetta's multi-client capability, it would be necessary to separate by institution when exporting in the Preservation Plan.
0 comments  ·  Preservation & Format Library
Size stats about IE/REP in results view
I would like an easier was to see the size of an IE/REP both in number of files and storage size. Right now, the only way I can see to get the size of the IE in terms of storage is to search at the file level for all files in that IE and then export the results to CSV and add up the size column (in bytes). Same goes for number of files except you can also see them when you’re in the Meditor in the metadata for the Rep. It doesn't seem like adding at least the number…
0 comments  ·  Data Management
Bitstream information in Bitstreams Tab
Researchers often use zip or tar files in order to upload large amounts of research data in various formats. Bytestream extraction is a useful tool for analyzing the content of these container files. The resulting bitstream information is written in the METS and displayed in the BitStreams Tab in the Web Editor. The information includes BS ID, file name, file original path, extension, mime type and format ID (if successfully identified).
We would like to suggest the following improvements for the BitStreams Tab and the bitstream information in general:
1) Include Bitstream size. The relevant values can be found in…
40 KB
1 comment  ·  Data Management
Web Service for Bagit ingest to automate the whole process
Beginend from Rosetta version 5.2 functionality for Bagit must be improved in further versions. Especially a new web service for Bagit ingest must be developed, because no one want to do manual ingest per GUI interface the whole day if there are a lot of Bagits waiting to be deposited. My option is to improve submitDepositActivity so it can recognise Bagit Structure and so on. Or if it is to complicated to rebuild submitDepositActivity, than to develop a new one. Hope to see this web service in a near future. Sincerely yours, Serhiy
0 comments  ·  Ingest
Support Publishing Scheduling on an Institutional Level
Possibility to run publishing jobs on the Insitutional level rather than on the consortia level.
0 comments  ·  Publishing & Delivery
Adi Alter
Submitted by Ex Libris PM on behalf of our customers
OOB viewing report for list of IEs
I would like to be able to give Rosetta a list of IEs and it will return the number of times each of the IEs has been viewed. Right now you can see the top 100 viewed or you can use the IE events report to get number of views for a specific IE, but I want to run this on a set of IEs.
0 comments  ·  Data Management
provide Rosetta developer previews
ExLibris' current mode of releasing new Rosetta versions is to announce a rough time slot ("April this year") for that new version/minor-release/servicepack/hotfix, release it and deliver a list of changes along with the new release. Up until the actual release, ExLibris will only give a very general roadmap of the planned changes. While this is an easy approach for ExLibris, it's hard for the customers to prepare for the release. Therefore, I propose for ExLibris to provide pre-release versions of Rosetta in order to enable developers to adapt their software (i.e. Submission Applications) to new features, changed API behaviour etc.…
0 comments  ·  Other
Add Error Logs to Preservation Plans and Preservation Executions/ Technical Issues
while working with preservation plans, testing alternatives I would appreciate to have more information about problematic IEs. Error Logs like in Submissions/Technical Issues/ would be helpful. Please add "View Errors".
0 comments  ·  Preservation & Format Library
relative paths in IE XML / Storage Migration
Rosetta 5.2 has brought a new Storage Migration feature that enables institutions to restructure their permanent storage to fit changing requirements. However, the documentation currently warns that "Disconnecting legacy storage is not recommended as it may prevent the possibility of reverting to a previous IE version." (​​, Preservation Guide, page 185). As far as I can see, this limitation is due to the use of absolute paths in the IE XML files. The paths in older versions of these files cannot be updated without forging provenance information, which, of course, isn't an alternative. However, updating these paths would…
0 comments  ·  Preservation & Format Library
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