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Automate replication of content & AEK between environments
To maintain a robust test strategy we need to replicate our current live enviroment onto our test environment however the only way to do that is through a manual process. If this could be automated it would be a far quicker and simpler way to keep environments aligned and up to date
UNDER REVIEW  ·  4 comments
External authentication for App Manager
As an app manager administrator, I would like to be able to configure the app manager to use an external authentication store (e.g. AD), so that I don't have to maintain a separate user list just for the app manager
It should be possible to use an external authentication store for access to the App Manager (​​)
Having to maintain a user list in oMbiel's DB as well as our main user store (AD) is both a pain and a potential security risk.
Suggest at least LDAP provision, but should also consider Shibboleth and similar (Open Auth etc.)
0 comments  ·  App Manager
Joe Durrant
Submitted by Ex Libris PM on behalf of our customers
Enable deep-linking to AEK and pocket guide pages via SSO
We need to link to pocket guide pages and AEK content from external websites.
Deep-linking to the web interface doesn't work if the user isn't already logged into CampusM. We need links to survive an SSO authentication step.
0 comments  ·  All Platforms
Enable notifications to be sent either as push or non-push notification
Currently push notifications can either be enable, or disabled. If they are enabled, then ALL notifications are pushed (i.e. showing up on lock screen), if disabled, then ALL sent out notifications are in-app notifications (only showing in the tile counter when you open the app). It would be good to have a setting while creating a notification where you could select to either send it out as a push notification, or send it out as an in-app notification.
0 comments  ·  App Manager
Allow switching orientation to landscape view in iPhones
Allow switching orientation to landscape/horizontal view on iPhone devices
1 comment  ·  iOS App
Update analytics to show how many users are engaged / non-engaged
Currently the analytics that we can see are quite top level and don't allow us to really evaluate how many active users we have. There is a figure for this, however I think ExLibris have stated that this figure is not accurate / really working.
It would be really helpful if we had access to a simple graph that showed us the number and proportion of:
  • Very active users (e.g. users who are on average accessing the app multiple times a day / multiple sessions a day)
  • Active users (e.g. users who are on average accessing the app roughly once…
2 comments  ·  Analytics
Pass parameters to the AEK via the tile config
3 comments  ·  AEK
Ability to Print a page
Need the ability for users to print a page from within an app with only the contents. Use case#1: student views his/her class schedule (time table) that lists out all the classes, meeting days, location, etc.
Case#2: we display unofficial transcript and user needs a hardcopy to provide to their employer or other 3rd party for verification that they are actively taking classes or successfully completed a course.
Currently if you print out a page, everything that is shown on the screen prints, including header/footer, tiles, and other html elements.
0 comments  ·  All Platforms
A search facility on customer roles
You should be able to search both fields in one search
0 comments  ·  App Manager
Folders for Tiles
Briefly: Please add a "Folder" tile type that can group tiles together. Clicking on the Folder would show the contents of the folder, similar to the home screen.
Background: We have a large number of Tiles. There are several Product Integrations, a couple RSS, several AEKs and lots of Static Content. And we've only scratched the surface of what our individual department does. To expand to the entire university, we're going to need some way to group these together at least one step below the Home page. A similar User Interface exists on mobile devices to group multiple apps into…
2 comments  ·  All Platforms
Dark Theme
have an alternative dark theme (e.g. Youtube etc..)
1 comment  ·  All Platforms
Native integration with social media
Integrate with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to allow, content to be displayed on live tiles and accessed within Pocket Guide and AEK pages.
3 comments  ·  All Platforms
Impersonation Function
Allow impersonation - so a user would be able to 'impersonate' another user by entering their email address, then for a limited time in the app the impersonated email address would be returned instead of their own.
1 comment  ·  AEK
Enhanced Search facility
As an app user, I would like be able to search across a specific set of content and see more details in the results, so that I am presented with more meaningful results
1) New custom URL scheme that will allow you to launch an enhanced search screen from anywhere (menu options, AEK pages etc.)
2) In the enhanced search, the results need to be styled and provide more details (i.e. result cards)
The enhanced search could be an alternative to the existing main search that covers all the content in the app (locations, pocket guides, alerts etc.) but we originally thought…
1 comment  ·  All Platforms
Joe Durrant
Submitted by Ex Libris PM on behalf of our customers
Enable dynamic parameter for URL of tiles.
Enable dynamic parameter for URL of tiles (ex pass a parameter from the user context in the URL).
For either RSS or Link tiles.
ex :[username]&token=[jwttoken]
0 comments  ·  App Manager
Restrict pull-to-refresh.
The pull-to-refresh feature is great but can be troublesome.
Can the pull-to-refresh be adjusted in anyway, a lot of the time we would like to be much smaller (looking at the Facebook App as an example here).
The campusM requires a long amount of "pull" before the refresh happens. It can also be extremely sensitive when scrolling up on a long page.
2 comments  ·  All Platforms
Randomise banner images
We'd like to have a bank of banner images. We would like the system to be able to randomise the order so that students see a wider selection of adverts.
We should also be able to pin an advert to that an important message is always shown.
3 comments  ·  All Platforms
Make stats available for Action URLs
Currently unable to see how many clicks we are getting when tile has an Action URL assigned to it. We should be able to see this in Insight Analytics.
0 comments  ·  Analytics
Ability to change the look and feel of Home page
Isn't it a nice idea to allow students to change the look and feel (skins) of the Home page.
This idea came out of the difficulty to find a consensus among students (opting for more colourful look) and marketing (pleading for a plain university-branded design).
0 comments  ·  All Platforms
Sync timetable events to native and Office 365 calendars
The most frequent request we receive from students is to sync timetable events to their native and Office 365 calendars.
Whilst this falls outside of the scope of the campusM platform, it is clearly a complementary service which will be of commercial benefit to Ex Libris and will ensure customers maximise ROI on their campusM investment.
0 comments  ·  Integrations
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