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Enable Process and Enrich Citations to run as a scheduled job
This job needs to be run on a regular basis to ensure that all citations are linked to repository records, but this must currently be done manually by a member of library staff. It would be very useful if the job could be scheduled to run automatically.
Academic Departments - add field for Faculty/School
Academic Departments within institutions often sit under Faculty or School groups. This is currently not represented in Alma or Leganto. Could we have a new (optional) field added for School/Faculty both to the Academic Department area and have it available in Analytics.
Improvement and development of the Leganto broken link handling
At the moment Alma offers very little to properly handle Leganto broken links via the task-list menu. Once a Broken Link Alert is removed, the information is gone from Alma entirely. The functionality is inadequate as a workflow for library staff when investigating and recording details of our progress in fixing the problem, keeping students informed and statistical reporting.
We would like to see additional functionality :
• Broken Link Alerts to have a more permanent record in Alma and Analytics
• Introduction of additional fields to capture information about the Broken Links - for example broken link status (e.g.…
UNDER REVIEW  ·  0 comments
Bulk updating of citations across reading lists
One of our tasks in checking reading lists is ensuring that the version of each title is the latest edition. Acquisitions staff will check book citations on a reading list and, if there is a newer edition available, purchase and replace the citation on the list with this new version.
When a specific title is used on multiple lists, Acquisitions staff are having to manually identify all citations using this title, add the newer edition to the reading list, and remove the older edition from the reading list.
Staff are also having to manually transfer any specific reading/public/resource…
When adding citations to a list via search, prioritize latest edition and owned item first
Sometimes instructors perform a citation search in Leganto and just add the first result that comes up in the search results; often this is actually a book review or other format that isn't logical for reserves. Additionally, most instructors are searching and expecting the latest edition to appear first in the list. Other faculty from certain departments want to choose a particular edition, and so need edition information prominently surfaced in the search result.
This results in processing delays as staff must check with instructors to clarify what items they really intended to place on reserve.
One possible solution may…
Miriam (Admin, Ex Libris)
We are exploring options for this idea. The priority of the results is set by either Primo or Summon, so we cannot simply show the newest edition first unless the discovery ranking changes. However, we could potentially develop an option using the Questions feature in which the system could recognize that the instructor has added something which has other editions. The library could then configure a question for the instructor to understand if they want that edition, any edition, or the newest edition, for example. Would this help meet the need?
List/Course status = No list by choice
There are many courses that, for a variety of reasons, intentionally do not have reading lists. The fact that this is deliberate is not immediately obvious though, and confusion can arise when people expect there to be a list connected to the course.
Students might wonder if they are doing something wrong, librarians might have to keep separate spreadsheets to note which ones are supposed to be empty and instructors might be confused when asked to make lists in their LMS.
For these courses, there should be some way to identify that the absence of any lists is by design…
Enable reading list items to be added to a PO line.
It would be helpful if items on order could be assigned to a reading list from the PO line by acquisitions staff and the reading list module information be a part of the PO line information.
Accessibility for Digital Items on Course Reserves
Currently we are only able to add one file to a single citation. We would like to provide all the alternative electronic formats for scanned articles and book chapters to make sure that our electronic resources are more accessible. We have been testing with the Blackboard Ally program, which produces alternative electronic files of the following types: OCRedPDF, Tagged PDF, Audio, HTML, Electronic Braille, ePub and Beeline Reader. Another option for the future could be Leganto automatically making those file types available once you attach a scanned document. The file transforming tool we are currently using is at .
Publish electronic records without inventory as e-book and not physical book
We are a consortium, and we have a certain number of e-book records without inventory in our network zone. Deleting these records is not an option for us for various reasons.
The expected Alma behavior for such records if there is no inventory is to publish as physical. It applies to both Primo and Leganto.
Use case: an instructor uses the expanded search to check for newer edition of a book they have previously used in a reading list. They add what seems to be a newer physical edition from 2020. In reality, the record is an e-book published as…
HTML in list notes and list and sections' description fields
In some cases, an instructor needs to provide extra information to their student by referring to an external website.
Use case: "All the citations in this section cannot be booked through the library but can be found in the compendium. More information <a>here</a>."
It would be very useful to use HTML in the list notes, or in the description field of the list or sections. Both so instructors can use links, but also to make the information more visible if it comes after a long list of citations (in the case of a list note).
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Multiple assignees per list
Some institutions would like the possibility to have several assigned librarians per lists.
"We have many lists common to several campuses, and it will only increase in the future. In order to have a local overview, the campus libraries would like to be able to see the lists that are relevant to their campus. As of today this is difficult, as one one librarian can be assigned a list. We need to rely on manual processes (forwarding lists, and having manual overviews over which lists are for multiple campuses). This is difficult to maintain."
Stopping list creation from Leganto interface
Allow libraries to configure an option to stop academics creating new reading lists from the Leganto interface, but still allow them to edit lists created by the library.
UNDER REVIEW  ·  0 comments
Identify and combine related editions in Leganto
Problem: A lack of FRBRisation in bibliographic records in Alma means that in Leganto different formats of the same title can only be offered on individual citations, i.e. the print edition will be one
citation, and the eBook will be on another citation. We want to be able to offer all available formats of a title to our students.
Impact: Without the ability to combine citations of the print and electronic version of the same title, they currently appear as if they are two required readings (see attachment 1).
The lack of ability to combine multiple versions of the same…
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Include text of Library Discussion Note in Leganto Detailed Notifications Letter
Could the actual text of the Library Discussion Note be included for Instructors when they receive a Notification that there is an outstanding Library Discussion via the Leganto Detailed Notifications Letter.

Currently, the Letter only tells the Instructor that there is a Library Discussion waiting for them. They then need to log-in to Leganto to see what it is. Providing the text would enable the Instructor to determine whether they need to log-in to Leganto and action something in the list or not, and would bring the letter in line with other email notifications e.g. service desk messages, where they…
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Import citation directly from Endnote
Please add function for instructors and students to add citations to Leganto's reading list and My Collection from Endnote.
Hide locations from Resource Locate
Hide locations from Resource Locate
We would like an option to filter out specific locations for the resource locate functionality in Leganto.
For legal reasons we can't purge lost/discarded items, they have to remain in Alma where they are collected in locations that are suppressed from discovery so they don't show up in Primo. Unfortunately that doesn't exclude them from being used as positive results for resource locating even though they are not actually available.
We also have several collections that are not accessible to people but (some of them) show up in Primo. Those are also items we wouldn't…
UNDER REVIEW  ·  1 comment
Hide instructors ability to restrict access to reading lists based on time intervals
In Leganto, instructors have a lot of opportunities to restrict access to the reading list by setting specific time intervals where resources are visible. This includes separate settings for entire reading lists, sections, citations and uploaded material. We have received reports from our libraries that these functions are sometimes used incorrectly by the instructors. The instructors often do not grasp all the consequences of using these features and end up causing these resources to become unavailable at inopportune times and not knowing why. For instance, an instructor might set the reading list to be visible from August 10th – December…
Allow removal of LTI-added lists from My lists by users themselves
It would be useful for all categories of user - Instructor, Student and Librarian to have the facility to actively remove any list/s which have been added to their My lists page either by dint of being a course or list owner, OR simply by having follow the LTI link from a VLE/CMS/LMS course link.
Librarian staff have ended up stuck with lists because of this, but also because we wish normally to auto add instructor role and auto add instructor as owners, it would still be useful to allow all users to actively decide to control what they have…
Multiple processing departments for instructor digitization requests
Today, Leganto configuration includes a hardcoded processing department for instructor digitization requests.
Idea: Define a new logic for auto-picking the digitization processing department from multiple departments.
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Can course codes information be sorted from newest to oldest when using Manage Course Association/Rollover a list
In Leganto, an instructor needs to look up a course when trying to ‘Manage course association’ or ‘Rollover’ a list to a course; however, the course codes information is listed in order from oldest to newest.
The sorting is inconvenient for them as, in most cases, instructors tend to locate the latest course. We think it will help the instructors if the course information should be default in the order from the most recent course.
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