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More cleary identify between full-text articles and full-text abstracts
As an electronic resources librarian, I often get patron-confusion reports when they believe they cannot access a full-text article; often enough the full-text of the article is not available online, but the article's abstract is. Icons in Summon often represent these abstracts as full-text articles.
2 comments  ·  User Functionality
Exclude Newspaper Articles and Book Reviews in default basic search
The ability to configure the exclusions of either newspaper articles, book reviews or both from the default search for an institution. Any search conducted would begin with these excluded, and the user could turn off these filters via the user interface.
5 comments  ·  User Functionality
Display all 5xx note fields as the default in Summon
Make display of all 5xx note fields the default in Summon in the Catalog Detail page, results screen and elsewhere. These fields already appear in Primo, with various labels (General note for 500, Language note for 546, Awards note for 586, Bibliography for 504, etc.). With these omitted from Summon, patrons are missing vital, helpful information from bibliographic records, such as: accessibility features for patrons with disabilities (532, 546); detailed language information--not just the languages themselves, but whether they’re for subtitles, described video, certain articles in anthologies, etc. (546); awards won for picture books, Academy Award winning movies, etc. (586);…
0 comments  ·  User Interface
Add a custom JS/CSS field to simplify UI customization
If you want to apply custom CSS currently, you need to use the Summon 2.0 External Script URL field in the Admin Consol, then call the CSS from that script. The files then need to be hosted somewhere. A better solution for us would be to incorporate a custom JS/CSS field in the Summon Admin Console to allow you to directly enter your script or CSS; or a file upload facility like the Springshare products (see attached screenshot from the LibGuides admin area). This would speed up our ability to fix issues and make usability changes.
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2 comments  ·  User Interface
Facets usage - request to view 'excludes' as well as 'includes'
A while back I was looking at our facet usage stats for 2017 to date, and I noticed that although we have Newspaper Articles excluded from searches by default, this facet has the highest amount of 'uses'. I asked Ex-Libris Support if this was because every search a user runs is, by default, including the exclusion of Newspapers as a facet use. I also asked if there was a way to get stats on the number of people who remove the exclusion of newspaper articles after running their first search.
For an example, this was our top-used facet at the…
4 comments  ·  Analytics
export search results
It would be helpful if users could export an entire set of search results without first having to send them to the folder one by one. If it's too complicated to engineer a way to "select all" with any quantity of results, perhaps just being able to "select and export all" when there are fewer than 100 results would be of some use.
0 comments  ·  User Functionality
Summon results not displaying custom coverage dates
On Summon results, show custom coverage dates next to links so researchers know what they should have access to before clicking on an e-Resource. The EJP seems to do this. Without this feature this is causing much frustration and confusion for users.
2 comments  ·  User Interface
Be able to search Journal/magazine titles consistently
It would be really helpful to search for journal/magazine titles like we do books. Sometimes we need the title not the articles within.
1 comment  ·  User Functionality
Create an LTI for Summon so that it can be integrated into LMS (Canvas or others).
We want to integrate Summon into our Learning Management Ssystem (LMS) which is Canvas. The easiest way to do this is if we use an existing library service that has an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability').
Libraries who add search option are using some kind of library LTI product. That's the only way to add something in the sidebar of a Canvas course. Our ILS/catalog does not off an LTI application for connecting it to an LMS. It would be a great improvement if Summon offered an LTI.
5 comments  ·  Integration with other systems
360 Core "Automated Holdings Management" currently supports the ProQuest Ebooks providers only. This feed greatly reduces the amount of work
360 Core "Automated Holdings Management" currently supports the ProQuest Ebooks providers only.
This feed greatly reduces the amount of work to maintain ebook holdings by the librarians.
It would be great if you could add the same feeds for Elsevier, Springer and EBSCO ebooks.
Stop indexing Ebsco "abstract" results so they no longer appear in Summon "Full-Text" Results with broken links
One persistent problem we have between Summon and EBSCO is abstracts indexed as articles in Summon. Some journals index these abstracts as individual titles, which is why they get pulled into Summon as standalone full text articles, but EBSCO (which is where we have full text) does not index them at all. So not only does the openURL break, if you search for them in EBSCO you often get zero hits. Since we have so much full text in EBSCO, this accounts for a good many of our bad urls in Summon and it is frustrating and confusing for librarians…
0 comments  ·  Other
Better Summon display for serial publications
In Summon, series titles and volume numbers are not being displayed for publications from monographic series with content type such as ebook, book, and Government Document. To display the series title and volume number, users have to click on the Preview link.
Users often identify or search series publications by the title and number of the series and not necessarily by the title of the monograph publication within that series. This is particularly true with grey literature or when a publication is being published annually or periodically under the same or very similar title. By not showing this information on…
1 comment  ·  User Interface
Adding Mendeley as an Export Option for citations in Summon
I'd be interested to know (based on feedback from library colleagues and users at my institution) whether it's possible to add Mendeley to the list of Export Options for references in Summon.
I understand that Mendeley users can currently export from Summon in some form, but they need to have an additional tool (the Mendeley Web Importer bookmark) in place in order to do this.
Would it be possible to add this to the Export Options list so users can export references in the usual way? I understand this is already in place for other providers, e.g. Refworks, Zotero, Endnote…
Summon References.jpg
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0 comments  ·  User Functionality
Allow admins. to add more links to hamburger menu
Allow for custom links to be added to the hamburger menu
5 comments  ·  Administrative Tools
Language selection
We have received complaints about the difficulty in changing the language on the Summon-page. It's not intuitive to have to click on the language you already see in order to get the other alternative/s. We would like the alternative you click on first to be called Change language or maybe just "language". As it is now, if I want to change language from Swedish to English, I first have to click on Swedish to get to the Language-menu and be able to chose English.
4 comments  ·  User Interface
Exclude other libraries' LibGuides from "Add results beyond your library's collections" by default
The "Add results beyond your library's Collection" facet should by default exclude other libraries' LibGuides so their Circulation, ILL, and other library services LibGuides are not shown to my library's patrons. It is confusing for patrons to search for interlibrary loan only to find dozens of other libraries' LIbGuides.
0 comments  ·  User Functionality
Exclude Content Type Newspaper Article should include Online Newspaper Content
The Newspaper facet in Summon should also include/exclude online content from newspapers. Online newspaper content is currently coded as a Web Resources
If you do a search for "Devos education" with newspaper articles excluded, 25 of the first 30 citations are from:
Washington Post - Blogs
Washington Post (Online)
New York Times (Online)
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1 comment  ·  User Functionality
Better Branding Options
Current option to add a logo is a recommended 312x53 size for the large logo. This seems like an odd size, but it also limits a library's ability to brand their Summon instances. It would be nice to offer a more flexible option so we can better brand our Summon instance so its clear to the user what they are searching and make our admin happy because we can use our official library/campus logo.
1 comment  ·  User Interface
Partial Summon data loads should be ingested into the index within one to two days
Instead of waiting for a weekend data load to be indexed live on Friday and weekday loads to be indexed live on wednesday, it would be best to have all partial data loads added to the index within 1 to 2 days of submission.
0 comments  ·  Other
Fix book review linking
There's no consistent format for book review titles appearing in various periodicals. Across the Summon index, one sees entries like:
  • {author name} {book title}
  • {book title}
  • Review: {book title}
and all manner of different combinations of these elements. Unfortunately, OpenURL linking to destination databases fails unless both sources agree upon the format of the title. Summon describes book review titles one way and it might match some databases, many it will not. Links from Summon to ProQuest databases don't even work consistently (see attachment).
Summon needs an approach superior to naive OpenURL linking or poorly formed searches using title metadata.…
summon result and failed search.png
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