Your feedback matters to us. Help us to extend our discovery indexes, KnowledgeBases and Community Zone by telling us what collections and data you’d like to see us add, using the message areas below. You can also support something already posted.
If you are suggesting new content for Discovery that is not yet in the Knowledgebase you do not need to submit two entries (one for Discovery and one for Knowledgebase)
Specifically you can suggest:
• New collections for Discovery (Primo Central and Summon)
• New collections for the Knowledgebase (Alma CZ, SFX KB and 360 KB)
• New authority files to be added to the Community Zone
• Enrichment of Community Zone bibliographic records for certain collections
We would love to be able to respond to every idea that is submitted, but this is not feasible. We are, however, committed to responding to the most popular ideas—those that have received the most points.
For more information please review our FAQ and guidelines. Thank you.
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