Kanopy Streaming PDA
Please add connections for the Kanopy streaming video database for Discovery (Summon) and the Knowledgebase (360 KB).
Rael Elstein (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
responded  ·  Jun 10, 2021
We have renewed contact with Kanopy and hope to make progress to renew the feeds to our systems as well.
We will update here and via NERS (if voted upon) with our progress.
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The MCC Library has inquired over the last few years about making Kanopy streaming content discoverable via a Summon search. This would be a great achievement, especially in light of COVID that has made reliance on streaming content all the more valuable. Hoping this issue gets picked up by the Ex Libris developers team and something can be negotiated with Kanopy!
It would be great to have Kanopy available in Primo!
We can't provide a good user experience for students without Kanopy streaming videos being available in Primo.
Kanopy streaming of video database connection for Discovery is a priority. It is a must have.
Kanopy indexing is a priority. Please add Kanopy streaming videos to Primo.
Please add Kanopy streaming videos to Primo.
Alma please
Please add Kanopy streaming videos to Alma CZ!
And Alma CZ
Also, add content for Primo!
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