Add Learning Express to Discovery, KB and Alma Community Zone
There is currently no discovery for Learning Express. This database is used by all libraries in Texas and should be added to the Community Zone and PCI for indexing and discovery.
Rael Elstein (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
responded  ·  Oct 22, 2020
This request has been moved to the Content Forum for analysis.
We will review this request for inclusion in our roadmap.
Thank you for your contribution.
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All Michigan libraries have access to Learning Express Library, why do we have to beg for this to be added?
Stacey van Groll
commented  ·  September 27, 2019 7:55 PM
Can I suggest that Ex Libris move this one to the Content Idea Exchange? appears in Alma CZ as a Database, but at a minimum we would like to see a separate collection created in the Alma CZ (with portfolios discoverable in Primo) of the ebooks that are part of the LearningExpressLibrary product. Splitting the content in this way in Alma and adding records to PCI allows users to discover content with identifiers (ISBNs) from within collections that would normally be zero-portfolio databases. This is the way that database and LearningExpressLibrary e-books are currently managed in 360 Knowledgebase and Summon.
All Minnesota Academic and Public Libraries have access to Learning Express as well, and would like to see it included in Alma!
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