Missing target "TECTUM_ELIBRARY"
Dear support
Referring to the Salesforce Case 593244 there is a need for a new target for Ebooks in the Tectum E-library.
Therefor I kindly ask you to create a target TECTUM_ELIBRARY
The URL to the collection is the following: http://www.tectum-elibrary.de/
Thank you and kind regards
Marianne Cathomen
Zentralbibliothek Zürich
Marianne Cathomen
shared this idea  ·  Oct 20, 2018
Rael Elstein (Product Manager, Ex Libris)
responded  ·  May 6, 2021
We have added this request for outreach to the provider in the hopes of including this content in our systems.
Thank you,
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Dear Support,
the Potsdam University Library also licenced these titles and is hoping for such a target.
Kind regards
Melanie Hoyer
Dear support
This case has been opened over a year ago, and yet, you didn't make any comments to it or push it to the next stage in order for the demanded target to get added to the SFX KB.
Since your response time is very slow, in addition to the problem, that the demanded target keeps not existing, also our votes are bound to the case, in the hope that you might they might eventually cause you to actually take action.
We have already several more missing targets waiting which we wish to open a case for or to support an existing case, but to do so we need our votes back due to a case getting to a stage where it is clear that its target will be created. If we remove votes from the cases now, they will be seen by you even less.
At this point, I would expect an answer. Otherwise, I will escalate the case to Brian Noone and then Mr. Büscher. Also, since many Swiss Libraires will be using Ex Libris Alma starting 2021, we would expect a better customer service.
Thank you for understanding and get things rolling!
Kind regards,
Stefan / Zentralbibliothek Zürich
Dear support
Why is nothing happening in this case? We are waiting over 1 year now.
I would really like to have an update on this case.
Thank you and kind regards
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