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Electronic holdings should take priority over physical holdings
Currently, the format is not a parameter of the algorithm used to select the most appropriate partner. Electronic holdings should take priority over physical holdings: this would avoid institutions to digitize print materials (operations that take time and human resources) while others may have an electronic version that can more easily and quickly be provided.
If Partner A has an electronic access and Partner B has a physical holding (and things like time zones being equal), Partner A should receive the lending request in priority.
1 comment  ·  Holdings
Reducing turnaround times
Since each lending library can hold a request for 4 working days, sometimes files are received after a long time (for example: if there are many libraries and each one takes 4 days to Unfill, before one library eventually fills it).
A solution to this could be to treat requests with only one match differently than requests with many matches, e.g., reduce the holding time for requests to 2 days when more than 1 library holds the item.
1 comment  ·  Other
updating Lending requests to Filled without sending the file
Sometimes libraries update Lending requests to Filled, but do not actually send the file via RapidX or any other way.
There should be a way to indicate that the file was not actually sent to the Borrowing library.
2 comments  ·  Other
Defining Work Week permanently
It should be possible to define our work week permanently, and not via Lending Off every week. For example, our work week is Sundays-Thursdays 8:00-17:00 (not Monday-Fridays). Also, it should be possible to define Lending Off via Alma, and not just via the Rapid interface.
0 comments  ·  Configuration
Support issue and article-level linking
Rapid should support issue-level requesting. We would love our lending requests to come in with accurate issue level data.
Related, when RAPID provides a link to owned/licensed material for a document delivery request, we get journal-level data. But, it would be ideal if the link generated were for article-level links through the link resolver. We use 360 Link, also owned by Ex Libris, so perhaps there is an opportunity for cross-walking these products?
0 comments  ·  Holdings
Submitting requests via Alma using DOI
Currently, Rapid accepts requests from Alma with ISSN / ISBN and OCLC number. It should also be possible to submit requests that only have a DOI.
1 comment  ·  Borrowing
Please allow sites to FTP holdings files to RapidILL. That way we could automate and do on a more frequent basis.
We have two ExLibris products: RapidILL and Summon. It it frustrating to have to use two completely different processes to send holdings records. RapidILL is especially frustrating because it's a web interface and files can't be sent with FTP. (We're a SirsiDynix site - we have a report that can automatically extract and FTP records to a third party site. It works beautifully for Summon.)
UNDER REVIEW  ·  0 comments  · Holdings
Search Holdings in Rapid Interface
The Search Holdings feature for books is very limited, it doesn't include the Author or Publication Date. Conducting the same search under Borrowing>New Request is inconvenient as there are four required fields.
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