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Paying Fines Online
If you owe more than $2.00, you can use a Visa, Master Card or Discover Card to pay fines and replacement fees online.
How to pay your fines and fees online
Step 1
Log into My Account by entering your name and library card number
Step 2If there are any fines overdue fines or fees on your account there will be a link with the amount owed indicated. Click on this link to see a list of your fines and fees.
Step 3Above and below your list of fines will be buttons labeled Pay Online. Click on one of those buttons.
Step 4If there are multiple charges you may choose to uncheck the fines you do not wish to pay at this time, and then click on the button labeled "Recalculate Total." The resulting total must be greater than $2.00.
Type your billing information into the form and click on the Submit button. The name and email address will already be entered from the patron record. If the name on the credit card is different, change the name to match the name on the credit card. You can also change the email address for the receipt.

Step 5A confirmation screen appears. When you have verified the information is correct click on Submit. Your credit card will be charged at this point. If you need to modify this information click on Cancel and you will be able to enter you billing information again.
Step 6A Payment Receipt page will be available to the printed immediately after the successfull transaction. If you entered a valid email address in the billing form, an email receipt will also be sent to the address you entered.
Please NoteA Successful transaction will immediately update the balance in your library account. When you close this receipt window, the screen with your library account information may still show your fines and fees and unpaid. The correct and updated information will be displayed if you do one of the following:
  • refresh your browser screen
  • search the catalog while logged in, and return to your account
  • log out of your account and log back in
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