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Frequently Asked Questions about Automated Telephone Notification
How do I sign up?
 If you don't have a library card, sign up at your local library.
If you already have a library card, contact your local library to sign up for Automated Telephone Notification. You will automatically receive all of your request pickup and overdue notices via the Automated Telephone Notification service. Bills for lost or long overdue items are always sent via U.S. mail.
When will I receive my telephone notices?
Notice TypeWhen is the notice generated?
Request Pickup NoticeA request pickup notice is generated the morning after an item arrives at the library where the item is to be picked up.
Overdue Notices 
 First Overdue NoticeThe first overdue notice will be generated approximately a week or 2 weeks after the item becomes overdue, depending on the type of material, and the local library lending policy.
 Second Overdue NoticeThe second overdue notice will be generated approximately 2 weeks after the first overdue notice, or 3 or 4 weeks from the overdue date.
 BillAll bills for overdue items will be generated approximately 6 weeks from the overdue date.
All bills are printed
The telephone notices are generated daily. You will be called via the Automated Telephone Notification Service, Sunday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
For faster service, log in to My Account, go to 'Modify Personal Info', and indicate you would like to receive your library notices by email. You can also update your email address here.
Why do I sometimes still receive notices in the U.S. mail?
 It is still our practice to send final bills for lost or long overdue items in the U.S. mail so that you have a written record for your files. Also, if we try to reach you by email or phone and fail to do so, our system will generate a mail notice.
What if my telephone number changes?
 Please contact your local library to change your telephone number.
What if I wish to discontinue automated telephone notification?
 You can login to My Account and change your method of notification under 'Mondify Personal Information'. Or, contact your local library for other notification options.
What if I want to cancel a request about which I'm notified?
 To cancel a request at any time, please contact your local library.
What about confidentiality and security?
 Your telephone number will not be used for any other purpose than Library communications. We do not release any patron information without an appropriate legal court document.
What information will I hear from the Automated Telephone Notification?
 Both the request pickup and overdue messages are non-specific. Neither your name nor the title of the item is listed.
The Automated Telephone Notification Service can accommodate an answering machine or voicemail.
If you need more information about your account, login to My Account anytime or call our Telephone Renewal system 24 hours a day at 412-622-1895.
What if I use caller ID or call blocking/call intercept?
 The numbers that appear on your caller ID are: 412-622-8839, 412-622-8827, 412-622-1029 or 412-622-1929, 412-622-1902 and the name that will appear is "Carnegie Institute." Please allow these calls through if you wish to receive telephone notification.
Whom do I contact for additional help?
 Please contact your local library with any additional questions!
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