The effortless open source tool for event organization, archival and collaboration.
Indico is a web application which facilitates the organization of events of all sizes, ranging from meetings and lectures to big conferences. It is Open Source Software, developed at CERN, the place where the Web was born.
Indico offers a wide feature set, which includes reviewing workflows for scientific papers and their abstracts as well as a full-fledged room booking system.
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About this Manual
This site aims at providing solutions for the most common use cases in the usage of Indico. More than exhaustive, it aspires to be easy to understand and to follow. The contents are presented in a way that we hope will allow you to solve increasingly complex tasks.
Some of the contents are accompanied by video tutorials which you can follow and will normally explain the same thing in an even more visual way.
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indico/indico-user-docs-cern Introduction Introduction video About this Manual Useful links Introduction Creating a Category Having an Overview Managing a Category Introduction to Events Introduction Creating a Lecture Adding Material to a Lecture Introduction Creating a Meeting Making a Timetable Adding minutes to a Meeting Adding material to a Meeting Introduction Defining the Programme Call for Abstracts Submitting an Abstract Reviewing Abstracts Configuring the Registration Process Registering at a Conference Customizing the Conference Menu Customizing the Conference Page Layout Editing Paper Peer Reviewing Introduction Accessing the Module Booking a Room Searching and Booking Viewing your Bookings Blocking Rooms Summary of Feature Set Managing your Rooms Glossary Introduction Setting up a Survey Opening/Closing a Survey Zoom Integration Vidyo Integration (deprecated) Webcast/Recording Requests Reminders Importing into Calendaring tools Sharepoint Access to the CERN site Videoconference Assistance