Getting Started: Using the API
Welcome to ISBNdb.com. Your API key is accessible in your user dash and in your welcome email as well.
The API 2 URL is api2.isbndb.com
Please make sure your code is formatted correctly according to our code examples on the API doc:
You may also test your key in the API doc directly to confirm it is working properly. Select the "Authorize " button on the API docs page and enter your key; then select a Get subject and the "Try it out" button; paste your key there to execute and confirm it is working.
The most common errors are unauthorized key or limits exceeded; your subscription must be current for your key to be authorized. If you exceed your daily call limits in a 24 hour period, the key will no longer work the remainder of that day.
For new subscribers, there is a 500 daily call limit during the 7 day free trial. After the 7 days your plan call limits will automatically reset to the higher call limits of the plan you subscribed to. At any time during the trial, you may bypass the trial using the button in your dashboard to immediately begin the subscription plan at the higher call limits.
The key data points for each book are ISBN, ISBN13, title, author, list price, publisher, publish date, edition, pages, binding, and synopsys. We also have language, cover image, format, overview, dimensions, subject, weight, and dewey decimal for a few million titles.
The Premium plan offers all data fields, as well as bulk data which allows you to call up to 1000 books with 1 API call.
The Pro plan offers all data fields, bulk data, and also real time prices.
API 1.0
API 1.0 is discontinued, please ensure your code is formatted correctly according to the API 2.0 documentation available at​https://isbndb.com/apidocs/v2​. All existing API keys will work so there is no need to make any other changes. If you were subscribed to an older plan, your billing rate will be grandfathered in unless you cancel or switch plans.
Bug Reporting
If you have formatted your code properly according to the API doc and you are encountering an error, please contact us.
Account Management
After you have created and verified your account, you will have access to the ISBNdb API plan that you have chosen. Your API key is available in your dashboard and will remain authorized as long as you remain subscribed to your plan.
There is a 7 day free trial so you can test the API at no risk; there is no contract, the subscription is monthly and you can cancel at any time.
In your account dashboard, you can monitor your API usage, edit your profile, change plans, or cancel your subscription.
The dashboard display shows your trailing 30 day usage of the API so you can monitor your usage.
From the dash, you can also edit any of your profile information. Please note if you change your email, you will need to also update your paypal payments to remain subscribed.
To change plans, select the "Switch Plans" button in your dash, and then select the new plan you want. Follow the instructions to complete the switch (please note there is no trial period for a switch nor can we prorate any funds to the new plan). Your API key will remain the same and will have the new daily call limits of the plan you switched to.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Billing starts automatically after the free 7 day trial; we are unable to offer refunds after billing has started. To cancel your account, select the "Edit Profile" button from the dash and scroll to bottom and select "cancel account". Your ISBNdb key and account will be deleted if you select this option.Please note you must also cancel your PayPal payments through your PayPal dashboard to cancel recurring billing.
Billing Questions
ISBNdb currently accepts PayPal as our primary form of payment. We are working on offering alternative payment methods in the future. Once your subscription is setup, your payments will process automatically through PayPal each month until you cancel your account. We are unable to offer refunds for any plans or unused calls. You may cancel your plan at any time through your dashboard; please note you must also cancel your PayPal payments through your PayPal dashboard.
If you are interested in prepaying for an annual plan, we also offer check, wire, and credit card payments. Contact us for alternate payment options on annual plans. You can also mail us a check, or we can send you an invoice that you can pay via credit card. (Please note we only accept credit cards for prepaid annual subscriptions, not for recurring monthly subscriptions).
Technical Support
Getting Started with the API
If you are not familiar with an API, read this. The API requires intermediate programming skills to integrate with your website or app.
Please make sure your code is formatted correctly according to our code examples on the API doc: https://isbndb.com/apidocs/v2
How to authorize and test your key in the API doc directly to confirm it is working properly.
Go to https://isbndb.com/apidocs/v2
  1. Look for the authorize button with a lock
  2. When clicked, it asks for a key
  3. Paste your REST key there and click on authorize
  4. You can then use the page to actually test the key
  5. If your key doesn’t work here, it is invalid due to your subscription not being current
Test a search term in the API:
Go to https://isbndb.com/apidocs/v2
  1. After you authorize, going for instance to any of the "GET" buttons
  2. For instance /books/query, click it and you will see the "Try Out" button
  3. Clicking that allows you to fill in data, then execute
  4. The API search endpoints are title, author, and keyword.
Bulk Data
Bulk Data gives you the ability to retrieve up to 1000 results with a single call (only in premium and pro plans).
Go to https://isbndb.com/apidocs/v2
Under Book, green POST show parameters for querying bulk data
Special Characters
Special characters in book titles or authors must be exact match
Which platforms/languages do you support?
ISBNdb employs a REST API, which means that it is not specifically tied to any language or platform. You can have REST clients for most every language or platform out there.
Click here. for more information on how restful APIs work.
We have found this to be a good resource for utilizing JSON to parse our database.
PHP JSON Parsing
Getting JSON data from a response stream and reading it as a string
How do you define a call?
What is ISBNdb?
How big is your database?
What info does your db include?
Does the data include real time book prices?
What if a book doesn’t have all data points?
Where do you get your book info?
How can I use the data?
What languages are in the database?
Does the database include Images?
If I don’t use the limit of calls in a certain month, can I save them for the next month?
Why is my book not listed here?
Can I manually add a book?
How do I report an error in the data?
How can I get a desk copy of a book?
How can I get in contact with an author?
How can we get access as a non-profit institution or academic institution?
Do you have any other forms of payment?
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