Jun-07-2021 - Updated Search Filters
We updated our search filters so you can now filter by publish date, edition, and year on both the website and through the API. 
Apr-03-2021 - 28 Million ISBNs
We now have over 28 million unique ISBNs in the database, including over 12 million cover images and up to 18 data points per book.  Our crawlers continue to add books at a rapid clip, with thousands of new ISBNs and new data points for existing ISBNs added daily.
Mar-23-2021 - Mobile Scanner Available
With our new mobile scanner, you can scan an ISBN barcode from our mobile site and get your book data instantly.  Try it out directly on the mobile site.
Mar-18-2021 - Publish Date Updates
You can now query by publish date, and we have updated the publish date data field to have a standard 4 digit year for any book published after the year 1900.  For any book published prior to 1900, the data is unavailable but you can query related ISBNs for versions published after 1900.
Mar-08-2021 - Related ISBNs now added to database
We added a related ISBN data point so you can now reference other ISBN editions and formats that are related to your book. 
Jan-09-2021 - ISBNdb reaches 27 million unique ISBNs
Our database added another million ISBNs, and we now offer over 27 million unique ISBNs.   Sign up for a free trial to test our API and get full access to the website.
Dec-30-2020 - ISBNdb now offers credit card payments via Stripe
We are happy to announce that we now allow users to use credit cards for their ISBNdb subscriptions and a paypal account is no longer required.  
Dec-08-2020 - New Academic and Non Profit Plans
We are excited to announce discounted Academic and Non Profit plans for students, educational institutions, and non profits.  For only $5 USD monthly, the academic and non profit communities can get access to the full ISBNdb database.  To enroll in an Academic plan, click on the ISBN database link in the header, scroll to the bottom and sign up.  Please note the Academic plan includes all the same features as the standard Basic plan, but with a lower daily call limit. 
Dec-03-2020 - Subscribers Now Get Full Access to Website Data
As a subscriber, not only do you get access to the data API but when logged in to you can search and get all data for any book we have directly on the website.
Nov-23-2020 - Higher API Request Limits for Premium and Pro Plans
We just deployed higher API request limits for Premium and Pro plans.   All Basic Plans will continue to have a 1 request per second limit, Premium Plans will have a 3 request per second limit, and Pro Plans will have a 5 request per second limit.  The existing daily call limits continue to apply to any 24 hour period.  For details on how to implement higher per second requests for Premium and Pro plans please see our API documentation.   Thank you for your continued support.
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