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639 Identifier Documentation: aeb
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Tunisian Arabic [aeb]
IdentifierLanguage Name(s)StatusCode SetsScopeLanguage TypeDenotations
aebTunisian ArabicActive639-3IndividualLivingEthnologue, Glottolog, Multitree, Wikipedia
Tunisian Arabic is a member of the macrolanguage Arabic.
Individual Languages
IdentifierReference Name
IdentifierReference NameStatus
aaoAlgerian Saharan ArabicActive
abhTajiki ArabicActive
abvBaharna ArabicActive
acmMesopotamian ArabicActive
acqTa'izzi-Adeni ArabicActive
acwHijazi ArabicActive
acxOmani ArabicActive
acyCypriot ArabicActive
adfDhofari ArabicActive
aebTunisian ArabicActive
aecSaidi ArabicActive
afbGulf ArabicActive
ajpSouth Levantine ArabicActive
apcNorth Levantine ArabicActive
apdSudanese ArabicActive
arbStandard ArabicActive
arqAlgerian ArabicActive
arsNajdi ArabicActive
aryMoroccan ArabicActive
arzEgyptian ArabicActive
auzUzbeki ArabicActive
avlEastern Egyptian Bedawi ArabicActive
ayhHadrami ArabicActive
aylLibyan ArabicActive
aynSanaani ArabicActive
aypNorth Mesopotamian ArabicActive
bbzBabalia Creole ArabicDeprecated
pgaSudanese Creole ArabicActive
shuChadian ArabicActive
sshShihhi ArabicActive
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