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ISO 639-3 Macrolanguage Mappings
Other parts of ISO 639 have included identifiers designated as individual language identifiers that correspond in a one-to-many manner with individual language identifiers in this part of ISO 639. The latter are designated as macrolanguages in ISO 639-3. This table provides the complete set of mappings from macrolanguages to the individual languages that comprise them.

Macrolanguage or Individual
Reference Name

Macrolanguage or Individual
Macrolanguage IdentifierMacrolanguage NameIndividual Language IdentifierIndividual Language Name
araArabicaaoAlgerian Saharan Arabic
araArabicabhTajiki Arabic
araArabicabvBaharna Arabic
araArabicacmMesopotamian Arabic
araArabicacqTa'izzi-Adeni Arabic
araArabicacwHijazi Arabic
araArabicacxOmani Arabic
araArabicacyCypriot Arabic
araArabicadfDhofari Arabic
araArabicaebTunisian Arabic
araArabicaecSaidi Arabic
araArabicafbGulf Arabic
araArabicajpSouth Levantine Arabic
araArabicapcNorth Levantine Arabic
araArabicapdSudanese Arabic
araArabicarbStandard Arabic
araArabicarqAlgerian Arabic
araArabicarsNajdi Arabic
araArabicaryMoroccan Arabic
araArabicarzEgyptian Arabic
araArabicauzUzbeki Arabic
araArabicavlEastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic
araArabicayhHadrami Arabic
araArabicaylLibyan Arabic
araArabicaynSanaani Arabic
araArabicaypNorth Mesopotamian Arabic
araArabicbbzBabalia Creole Arabic
araArabicpgaSudanese Creole Arabic
araArabicshuChadian Arabic
araArabicsshShihhi Arabic
aymAymaraaycSouthern Aymara
aymAymaraayrCentral Aymara
azeAzerbaijaniazbSouth Azerbaijani
azeAzerbaijaniazjNorth Azerbaijani
balBaluchibccSouthern Balochi
balBaluchibgnWestern Balochi
balBaluchibgpEastern Balochi
bikBikolbclCentral Bikol
bikBikolbhkAlbay Bicolano
bikBikolblnSouthern Catanduanes Bikol
bikBikolbtoRinconada Bikol
bikBikolctsNorthern Catanduanes Bikol
bikBikolfblWest Albay Bikol
bikBikollblLibon Bikol
bikBikolrblMiraya Bikol
bikBikolublBuhi'non Bikol
bncBontokebkEastern Bontok
bncBontoklbkCentral Bontok
bncBontokobkSouthern Bontok
bncBontokrbkNorthern Bontok
bncBontokvbkSouthwestern Bontok
buaBuriatbxmMongolia Buriat
buaBuriatbxrRussia Buriat
buaBuriatbxuChina Buriat
chmMari (Russia)mhrEastern Mari
chmMari (Russia)mrjWestern Mari
creCreecrjSouthern East Cree
creCreecrkPlains Cree
creCreecrlNorthern East Cree
creCreecrmMoose Cree
creCreecswSwampy Cree
creCreecwdWoods Cree
denSlave (Athapascan)scsNorth Slavey
denSlave (Athapascan)xslSouth Slavey
dinDinkadibSouth Central Dinka
dinDinkadikSouthwestern Dinka
dinDinkadipNortheastern Dinka
dinDinkadiwNorthwestern Dinka
dinDinkadksSoutheastern Dinka
doiDogri (macrolanguage)dgoDogri (individual language)
doiDogri (macrolanguage)xnrKangri
estEstonianekkStandard Estonian
fasPersianpesIranian Persian
fulFulahffmMaasina Fulfulde
fulFulahfubAdamawa Fulfulde
fulFulahfueBorgu Fulfulde
fulFulahfuhWestern Niger Fulfulde
fulFulahfuiBagirmi Fulfulde
fulFulahfuqCentral-Eastern Niger Fulfulde
fulFulahfuvNigerian Fulfulde
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)bdtBokoto
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)gbpGbaya-Bossangoa
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)gbqGbaya-Bozoum
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)gmmGbaya-Mbodomo
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)gsoSouthwest Gbaya
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)gyaNorthwest Gbaya
gbaGbaya (Central African Republic)mdoSouthwest Gbaya
gonGondiesgAheri Gondi
gonGondiggoSouthern Gondi
gonGondignoNorthern Gondi
gonGondiwsgAdilabad Gondi
grbGrebogboNorthern Grebo
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