The web, ever in flux, is currently undergoing a dramatic shift. Now fully the hub of people's daily business, expectations surrounding it are rapidly expanding.
The ITS Web Strategy provides a consistent approach to meet these needs across all our web properties.
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ITS Digital UX Team
Device Independence
Content must be truly usable across devices
Mobile First Responsive Design
Consumable Information
Information presentation must match consumption needs
Web Writing Atomic Content
Users expect to quickly accomplish specific tasks in a satisfying way
User Experience User Research
Information and other resources must be quicker to find
Content Organization Information ArchitectureSearchable Content Domains Branding
Seamless Experience
Users expect to flow seamlessly between information, applications and community
Visual Design Portal Strategy Mobile StrategyBrowser Strategy API Integrations
Accessibility of web resources is the expectation
Standards Consulting Remediation
Rather than cover every aspect of web work, this site describes the ITS Web Strategy model, which only focuses on what is necessary to successfully reach customers and users.
The above priorities make it easier for ITS website users to find what they need. By focusing on the priorities and the common goal of usability, those teams and individuals responsible for developing websites and pages can more effectively present information in ways that meet the specific needs of users.
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