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Creating an Accessible Syllabus Using Microsoft Word
Discover how to use Microsoft Word's built-in tools to create an accessible syllabus
Email Safety: Digital Signatures
Learn how to install digital certificates to digitally sign email
Getting started with institutional storage at IU
Learn more about how to use IU's institutional file cloud storage solutions, Google Shared Drives and Microsoft shared storage.
IT Security Basics
Learn how to outsmart Wolfrid--and other scammers--with 10 simple and effective IT security skills, habits, and tools.
Microsoft Teams: Basic Collaboration and Project Management Tools
Learn about the basics of collaborating in Microsoft Teams at IU, as well as how to use the Tasks app inside Microsoft Teams at IU to help with project management.
Think Before You Click
Boost your defenses against email phishing schemes and other cyberattacks
Two-Step Login: Using Duo at IU
Get started using Duo at IU for two-step login security
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