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A healing response to the global pandemic
Mental health
This new curated collection offers hope and healing to anyone struggling with overwhelm, hopelessness, or other mental health-related issues.
Let's unite in prayer
Feel the support of your global family as we join together in prayer for the safety, stability, and health of our world.
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Overcoming fear Overcoming injustice Overcoming loneliness Teens  Power and authority  Mental health
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Explore seven Mary Baker Eddy biographies
Learn more about the life and times of Mary Baker Eddy and the history of her discovery of Christian Science in seven biographies on JSH-Online, including Robert Peel’s three-part biography and one of the most recent biographies, Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer. They’re all great digital resources for research: look up specific words or passages, search passages mentioned in JSH content, bookmark your favorite text, and more.
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Christian Science Sentinel
A weekly magazine that spiritually addresses issues facing the world today.
THIS WEEK'S ISSUE: November 29, 2021
The foundation for good relationships: All-inclusive Love

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The Christian Science Journal
A monthly magazine that explores the essentials of Christian Science healing and practice.
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Christmas and a truer sense of Love
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The Herald of Christian Science
A monthly magazine sharing the practice of Christian Science with readers around the world.
Share Christian Science worldwide – articles and testimonies available in 14 languages.
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Weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel
Listen to God
In a war zone or struggling after returning from one, in the mountains or on the streets of a city, we can always listen for ideas and insights from God that keep us safe and enable us to live our lives more lovingly. Our guest shares lessons he has learned from hearing and heeding God's guidance.Listen now
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Authentic takes on timely topics—written by and for teens
When God spoke to me
By Deborah Taubman
In spite of the severe climb, it should have been an uneventful weekend of rock climbing for this author. Instead, she experienced a dramatic example of God’s protection.
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Living in the now (Sentinel Radio)
Days full of wholeness, not just busyness
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Rotation in Office
November 10, 2021: Our dear friend and colleague Robin Hoagland asked to complete her service as a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors at the end of December 2021. 
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The real heaven and earth
Warren Berckmann, CSB, from Windsor, California, USA
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