📟 SRE Emergency Contact
Below is a list of recent alerts. If there's something listed here, SRE has already been paged (in which case, please don't page us again unless you're sure you're reporting a new issue).
Recent alerts🔄
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I need help!
File a task on Phabricator
Open an SRE ticket for issues that aren't emergencies & can be handled during business hours. Requires a Phabricator account or Wikimedia developer login (anyone can create these).
Wake up an SRE
If you are confident there's a widespread issue affecting users, or some other emergency (e.g. your shell account was compromised), and that it isn't known to us already, you can fill out a form to page us. Paging is restricted to WMF staff and other trusted individuals, as it can wake up engineers who are asleep.
Chat with us
Real-time text chat via IRC in the public #wikimedia-sre channel. You're most likely to receive a response during European and North American business hours.
This app is Klaxon by CDanis (WMF).
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Source code is available under the GNU AGPL.
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