System Status for Hosted Environments
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Where can I view notifications about the status of hosted environment, Multi-Tenant  / Single-Tenant?
Notifications from Ex Libris, current status and a 5-day history of the status of hosted environments, are posted on our System Status page;
For Multi-Tenant environment:
For Single-Tenant environment:
Once you connect to the status page, each environment is identified by an Instance name.
For example:
What information is provided on the system status page?
For Multi-Tenant
Information is provided on the ENVIRONMENT  level.  
For Single-Tenant
Information is provided on the DATA CENTER level, or PRODUCT on the  DATA CENTER level.
To take full advantage of the System Status Page, we recommend to set up an email alert in the Support Portal:
1.       Login to Support Portal
2.       Click "Email Preferences" tab
3.       Check your product
4.       Click Save.
Once you are subscribed, any updates to the System Status page, including scheduled maintenance, will be sent to you directly via email.
Users, who don't have a login to Support Portal, can subscribe to the email alerts directly on the System Status page.
Additional Information
To find the Instance names for any of your other multi-tenant or single tenant environments via the Support Portal:
1.       Login to the Support Portal
2.       Go to the Account Assets tab
3.       Select an Asset (product)
4.       Look for the entry called “Instance name on Status page.”
Single Tenant instances typically have "ST" in the instance name.
Article last edited: 22-Oct-2017
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