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Introduction to Acquisitions
Purchasing Workflow
Creating PO Lines
Real-Time Ordering
Manually Creating a PO Line
Creating Service Subscription PO Lines Without Inventory
Working With Legal Deposits
Purchase Requests
Check Availability and Pricing
Searching for PO Lines
Reviewing PO Lines
Closing, Reopening, and Relinking PO Lines
Packaging PO Lines into a PO
Approving and Sending POs
Managing EDI Order Report Tasks
Deleting POs
Receiving Material
Receiving Physical Material
Post-Receiving Processing
Processing Claims
Invoicing Workflow
Creating Invoices
Searching for Invoices
Reviewing Invoices
Approving Invoices
Working with Invoices Waiting for Payment
Renewal Workflow
Processing Renewals
Deferring PO Line Workflow
Deferring PO Lines
Evaluations and Trials
Evaluation Workflow
Managing Trials
Import Processing
Acquisitions Infrastructure
Managing Vendors
Managing COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data
SUSHI Vendor Lists
Managing Funds and Ledgers
Transferring Money Between Allocated Funds
Moving Funds
Managing Licenses and Amendments
Advanced Tools
Exchange Rates Report
Fiscal Period Closure
Patron Driven Acquisitions
Changing Vendors in PO Lines and POs
Configuring Acquisitions
Configuring Acquisition Activities
Configuring Reporting Codes
Configuring Purchasing Review Rules
Configuring Shipping Methods
Configuring PO Line Cancellation Reasons
Enabling/Disabling PO Line Types
Configuring PO Line Deferral Reasons
Configuring Acquisition Methods
Configuring PO Line Search Field Options
Configuring Invoice Review Rules
Configuring Invoice Approval Rules
Configuring Invoice Disapproval Reasons
Configuring VAT Codes
Configuring Payment Methods
Configuring Invoice Line Types
Configuring License Sections Order
Managing License Terms
Configuring License Storage Locations
Configuring License Review Statuses
Viewing User-Created License Terms that Appear in Primo
Configuring License Term Controlled Vocabulary Values
Configuring Other Settings (Acquisitions)
Configuring Currencies
Configuring Fund and Ledger Fiscal Periods
Configuring Receiving Departmental Validations
Configuring Fund Types
Configuring Acquisition Jobs
Configuring Purchase Request Reject Reasons
Configuring Legal Deposit Report Paths
Configuring Multiple Choice Survey Questions
Configuring EDI Vendor Note Fields
Managing Access Models
Configuring Purchase Request Material Types
Managing Acquisitions Alerts
Getting the Most Out of Alma
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