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Introduction to Fulfillment
Requests in Alma
Circulation Desk Operations
Circulation Desk Operations Workflow
Creating a Request from the Institution
Fulfillment Networks
Managing Patron Services
Automated Fulfillment Network Requests (AFN)
Booking Workflow
Creating Booking Requests
Resource Sharing
Resource Sharing Workflow
Broker Based Resource Sharing - Borrowing
Broker Based Resource Sharing - Lending
Peer to Peer Resource Sharing - Borrowing
Peer to Peer Resource Sharing - Lending
RapidILL Based Resource Sharing Workflow
Managing Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests
Configuring Rota Templates
Creating a Borrowing Request
Editing a Borrowing Request
Sending a Borrowing Request
Borrowing Requests Associated with Funds
Managing Borrowing Renewals
Managing Resource Sharing Lending Requests
Creating a Lending Request
Locating Items for Resource Sharing
Receiving and Shipping Resource Sharing Items
Configuring Alma/Broker Integration
Courses and Reading Lists
Courses and Reading Lists Workflow
Managing Courses
Managing Reading Lists
Managing Citations
Configuring Leganto
Advanced Tools
Viewing Fulfillment Configuration Information
Managing Fulfillment Sets
Changing Loan Due Dates in Bulk
Viewing Restore Request Jobs
Viewing Overdue and Lost Loan Jobs
Offline Circulation
Items Requiring Action
Transferring All Requests to a Different Circulation Desk
Creating Fines and Fees Reports
Distributing Fulfillment Network Configuration
Distributing Resource Sharing Network Configuration
Process and Enrich Citations in Bulk
Resending Printouts and Emails
Finding Alternate Resource Suggestions for Citations
Recalculating Citation Copyrights in Bulk
Configuring Fulfillment
Configuring Fulfillment Activities – Overview
Configuring Library Fulfillment Infrastructure
Configuring Physical Locations
Configuring Remote Storage Facilities
Physical Fulfillment
Patron Configurations
Configuring Digital Fulfillment
Configuring Resource Sharing
Discovery Interface Display Logic
Configuring Copyright Management
Resource Requests
Resource Requests Workflow
Managing Requests and Work Orders
Pickup at Shelf
Scanning Items
Moving Items
Managing the Hold Shelf
Digitization Processing
Recall Requests
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