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Introduction to Administration
Overview of User Management in Alma
User Management
Managing Users
Editing/Messaging Users in Bulk
Purging Users
Waiving Fines in Bulk
Managing User Roles
Managing User Identifiers
Merging Patron Records
Ex Libris User Accounts
Configuring User Management
User Management Activities
Roles and Registration Configuration
Mandatory Fields Configuration
User Details Configuration
Patron Charges Configuration
Configuring Other Settings (User Management)
Configuring User Notification Types
Configuring User Information for Pop-ups
Configuring User Identifier Generation
Configuring User Deletion
Linking Users in Collaborative Networks
Configuring Last Patron Activity Date
Configuring General Alma Functions
Configuring General Activities
Configuring the Institution and Its Libraries
Configuring Work Orders and Departments
External Systems
Configuring Ex Libris Secure FTP Service
User Interface Settings
Configuring Alma Letters
Configuring Other Settings
Configuring Institution Languages
Configuring CRM Contacts
Staff Login Report
Validating the ILS Migration Form
Configuring Institution Notifications
Configuring Fulfillment Networks
Data Sharing Profile
Configuring Components
DARA Recommendations
Alma Code Table Reference
Configuring Cloud Apps
Advanced Tools
HealthCheck Tool
Printouts Queue
Managing Jobs
Alma Jobs
Manual Jobs
Scheduled Jobs
Viewing Running Jobs
Viewing Completed Jobs
Viewing Files Exported Using Export Jobs
Managing Search Queries and Sets
Maintain sets and queries.
DARA – Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant
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