Metadata Management
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Introduction to Metadata Management
Cataloging Privileges
Record Numbers
Navigating the New Metadata Editor Page
Overview of the new MD Editor page and an explanation of all its options.
Working with Records
Deriving a New Bibliographic Record
Working with Catalog Sets in the Metadata Editor
Working with Record Templates
Community Zone Operations During Weekly Maintenance
Contributing to the Community Zone - Rules and Templates
Working with Rules
Working with Indication Rules
Working with Normalization Rules
Working with Merge Rules
Working with Authority Headings Rules
Working with Brief Record Levels
Navigating the MD Editor Page
Overview of the classic MD Editor page and an explanation of all its options.
Browse and Search
Overview and instructions of browsing and searching in Metadata Editor.
Browsing Bibliographic Headings
Browsing the Shelf Listing
Searching Resources
Working with Bibliographic Records
Overview and instructions for bibliographic record creation and management in the MD Editor.
Viewing Read-Only Records in the Simple Record View Page
Working with German MARC and the 689 Field in Alma
Working with Linked 880 Fields in Bibliographic Records
Managing Call Number Duplication
Working with Local Extension Fields for Community Zone-linked Records
Working with CJK Transliterations in Cataloging
Working with Reminders
Metadata Format Conversions
Working with Authority Records
Overview and instructions for working with authority records.
Using the Authority Control Task List
Authority Priorities
Authority Control Rules
Working with NLI Integrated Authority Records
Working with the Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND) Integrated Authority Records
Search Indexes
Lists of bibliographic, holdings, and authority tags that are indexed for the repository search.
Classification Search Indexes
CNMARC Search Indexes
Dublin Core Search Indexes
GND Search Indexes
MARC 21 Search Indexes
UNIMARC Search Indexes
Metadata Management Configuration
Configuring BIB Redirection Fields
Configuring Brief Level Code Descriptions
Configuring Cataloging
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