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The Ex Libris Status page (​https://status.exlibrisgroup.com/​) provides transparency about service availability and performance for SaaS (Software as a Service) Ex Libris products. Access to the page is available for everyone and users who want to manage personalized content, profile, and email notifications are welcome to log in with their Ex Libris support portal (​https://support.exlibrisgroup.com/​) credentials.
Use the Ex Libris Status Page to:
Registration and Login
The Ex Libris Status page is a public page; therefore, no registration is required to view the status of any services.
The Ex Libris Status page is integrated with the support portal and as a result, Ex Libris portal users do not need to register and can log in using their Ex Libris Support Portal credentials. For more information, refer to the following document.
We recommend using the support portal credentials since it enables Ex Libris to provide a personalized customer experience which includes the ability to synchronize your email and subscription preferences. Colleagues with support portal access can invite other users to register. For more information, see Welcome to the Support Portal.
Users that are unable to obtain Ex Libris support portal credentials can self-register and log in directly from the Ex Libris Status page. These users need to manually subscribe to services relevant to them.
User Profile
Registered users can view their preferences on the profile page.
To access the profile page, select your registered name at the top right of the page and select Profile.
Landing Page
Each tab represents a geographical region. By selecting a tab, users can see all services under that region. Users that are logged in have an additional tab called "My Services," which includes all services the user subscribed to. If the user logged in via the support portal credentials, the tab automatically applies the product email preferences from the Ex Libris Support to the services belonging to the institution.
Search Widget
The Search Widget enables you to find services by name, product, category, or DC (data center).
For example: Searching for "NA01" returns all the services with NA01 in the name.
Status Icons
Each service displays the current status and the status from the previous 7 days.
Planned Maintenance
If an active scheduled maintenance is planned for the service: The date and times of the next planned maintenance appear. Selecting a date redirects the user to see all future planned maintenance.
Outage History
Users can view the history of outage notifications for each service. When the user selects a service, a pop-up with three tabs displays.
Users logged in with Ex Libris Support Portal credentials automatically have their service subscription synchronized with the email preferences they selected in the support portal.
For example, if John Smith from Acme University chose to receive email preferences for Alma and Primo, the Ex Libris Status Page automatically subscribes John Smith to the Primo and Alma instances used by Acme University.
Subscribe to a Service
To subscribe to a service, select 
 from the subscription column.
After selecting the icon, the confirm subscription message is displayed.
Unsubscribe from a Service
To unsubscribe from a service, select
 from the subscription column.
After selecting the icon, the Edit/Unsubscribe icons are displayed.
Cookies and Tracking
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. The Ex Libris Status page uses Google Analytics to collect information such as user location, device, browser, and site behavior. Ex Libris does not collect or track personal information.
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