How to contact Ex Libris for assistance or to discuss technical matters?
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Product: Cross-Product
Who do I contact at Ex Libris when I need help or have an issue or question with my Ex Libris software product?
are in production (Support) with your productSubmit a Case to Support via the Support Portal.  You can connect to the Support Portal via the Ex Libris Knowledge Center and click the Submit a Case button, or click the More Sites menu and select Ex Libris Support Portal.  The Knowledge Center also provides open access to Ex Libris documentation, Knowledge Articles, Training videos, and other product information.
You can also go directly to the Support Portal at​.
experience an unexpected system outage (down system or module)Contact Ex Libris 24X7 Hub using procedure outlined here.
Hosted customers: visit the System Status page where you can check the status of your system and subscribe to updates for your environment.
are a RefWorks or Pivot-RP user, and need assistance with the productUse the Support Form or chat to contact Support:
are implementing a new product with our Professional Services teamContact your Professional Services project manager.
want to request new collections for discovery indexes, knowledge bases or Alma Community ZoneGo t to Idea Exchange and read teh FAQ on how to get started.  once you have an account, you can go to the Content section recommend the addition of new resources to our knowledgebases and indexes.
cannot access the Support Portal or need help resetting your passwordFirst, try resetting your password by going to the Support Portal at and click Forgot Password?
Still can't login?  Contact us by going to the Support Portal and clicking Login Issues?
have sales or other inquiriesContact Ex Libris using this form
need to escalate an existing caseRefer to the Escalation Policy for the escalation point for your product.
want to submit comments or questions about Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center content (this site)Click the blue Feedback button on the lower left of the screen on the page for which you wish to submit feedback.
Include contact information with your feedback if you wish to receive a response from Ex Libris.
are a Publisher or Provider seeking to add your serial publication to Ulrich'sContact the Ulrich’s Editorial Team directly:
Include name of publication and any other relevant information on the publication, such as the name of the publisher or the provider who makes it available.
Article last edited: 17-Oct-2018
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