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Free, Professional Profiles for Lawyers
The Justia and Legal Information Institute (LII) Lawyer Directories enable you to claim and complete a professional attorney profile for free in order to enhance your visibility on the Internet. By claiming your profile, you can increase your access to prospective clients and strengthen your reputation among your peers and in the legal community.
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Why claim your free profile?
Get listed in both the Justia & LII directories
People who are looking to hire an attorney are more likely to visit your profile and contact you if you have claimed it and filled it out.
Get found at Justia, the highest-trafficked US legal website
Justia has over 10 million visits a month. Lawyers who have claimed and completed their free profiles can benefit directly from this high volume of visitors.
Interact with real prospective clients
Claiming your profile helps potential clients get to know you. Lawyers who have claimed their profiles are also eligible to participate in the Justia Legal Answers community.
Take advantage of the standard directory features — all free
List your practice areas, experience, fees, education, affiliations, jurisdictions, awards, and languages. Market your publications, website, blog, and social media all in one place. You can also list your office location(s) and add your phone number and email address so that potential clients can contact you right away.
Lawyers, Get Listed For Free
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