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Kanopy offers thought provoking, exclusive content that promotes collection diversity.
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Kanopy and Your Library: The Perfect Partnership

Flexible Acquisition Models
Combine PDA, subscription and perpetual access for the greatest return on investment

Collection Diversity
Meet the needs of all students with a rich selection of titles in categories like LGBTQ+, Biracial, Multi-cultural and Disabilities subjects

Exclusive Content
We offer a growing selection of videos in all academic subject areas, most of which are unavailable elsewhere

Strategic Pricing
Kanopy's variable pricing structure tiers costs of titles based on length, popularity, supplier and other key factors

Robust Tools for Professors
Kanopy makes it easy to integrate sections of videos and playlists into course assignments
Essential videos for professors and students
Our easy-to-use platform provides access to your campus at any time, on any device
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Strategic Streaming Video Acquisition
Diversify models for the greatest return on investment.  Mix and match based on the needs of your library.
Purchase essential titles outright from suppliers like First Run Features, Film Movement, Oscilloscope, and own them in perpetuity.
License affordable, curated collections from key suppliers like The Criterion Collection with unlimited access.
Firm order individual films and curated packages in high-use subjects like Diversity, Environment and Social Justice, renewable each year—no commitment.
Use PDA as your base to meet your campuses needs. Choose from Open, Smart, Self-curated, and Capped.Only pay if used.
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In good company
We work with over 4,000 libraries and 158 million library cardholders around the world. Join them in offering essential cinema
“Kanopy’s Smart PDA is a game-changer. Kanopy's team understands our specific usage across the curriculum and is working with us to develop a strategic PDA program that anticipates usage trends both short and long-term. We can also now rest assured that we will never go over budget with the ability to set a cap on triggered titles.”
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You won't find these titles on any other platform.
Kanopy strives to bring your library the highest quality academic content while reducing content overlap and time-consuming de-duplication from third-party aggregators.
A resource for your library wherever you or your patrons go
Find the Kanopy app everywhere from Apple, Amazon, and Google devices to smart TVs. Or watch online at kanopy.com.


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Why should my school launch Kanopy?
The demand for streaming video is on the rise. Kanopy helps librarians keep pace with this demand without breaking their budgets through a combination of flexible models including PDA, firm order and perpetual access. Many of our films, which are selected based on their academic value and priced fairly through variable pricing, are unavailable elsewhere.
What is the biggest challenge Kanopy solves for professors and universities?
What is the most impactful benefit of providing Kanopy?
Does Kanopy partner with any size university?
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