Help: Advanced Search
The Advanced Search is designed to help you perform complex searches to narrow your search results. With a keyword search, you can find your search words anywhere in the catalog record or only in specific fields.
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To perform an advanced search:
Step 1:Choose your keywords
Step 2:Type in your keywords from one of your concepts in the first "Search" box. Punctuation and capitalization are ignored. Word order is ignored unless you choose "Match exact phrase" below.
Step 3:Select from the drop-down list whether your search should "match all words", "match any one word", or "match exact phrase".
  1. "Match all words" searches for all of the words, though the words may not necessarily be next to each other. This is similar to using the Boolean connector AND.
  2. "Match any one word" searches for any of the words, which is similar to using the Boolean connector OR.
  3. "Match exact phrase" searches for the words together as a phrase.
Step 4:Select a specific field to search from the drop-down "Within" list or leave the search at the default of Keyword Anywhere.
Step 5:Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for any additional concepts.
Step 6:Combine your concepts into one idea using the AND, OR, or NOT buttons.
Step 7:Apply any Limits to your search (see: below)
Step 8:Click the Search button to begin your search. Click the Reset button to clear the search page.
Limiting Your Search
You can limit searches by Publication Date, Language, Location, Format, Place of Publicationand/or Type.
Limiting a search is a valuable part of your search strategy because it helps you focus your search.
By Publication Date
To limit by Publication Date, type a range of 4-digit years in the first boxes, or use the drop-down box to limit to current, five, or ten years.
By Library Location
You can limit your search by library, or by individual locations within a certain library by selecting a location from the drop-down menu.
Note that some library locations serve as "umbrella" locations. For example, choosing West Campus Library will automatically include the sub-locations West Campus Library Reference, West Campus Library Reserves, etc.
By Language(s)
To limit your search by language, scroll though the available language limits using the up and down arrows. Click on the desired language to select it. You can select more than one language by holding down your CTRL key when you click.
By Place of Publication
Select the country or state from the drop-down list where your title was published.
By Format or By Type
Format and Type are used to describe the nature of the material you are looking for. For example, you can limit to the "format" map, motion picture, videorecording, computer file, etc. Or you may choose to limit by the type of material: book, serial, archival/manuscript material, etc.
Use the up and down arrow buttons to browse the various media and types available. Click the desired items to select it. You can select more than one at a time by holding down your CTRL key when you click.
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