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Gabbidon Shaun L 1967  
      Criminological Perspectives On Race And Crime , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2007
      Race And Crime , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2005
      Race, Crime, And Justice : A Reader , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2005
      Race, Ethnicity, Crime, And Justice : An International Dilemma , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2010
Gabbitas Owen : Directions for state tax reform / Owen Gabbitas, Damien Eldridge.   
      Directions For State Tax Reform , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1998
Gabbott Mark  
      Consumers And Services , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1998
      Contemporary Services Marketing Management : A Reader , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1997
      Introduction To Marketing : A Value Exchange Approach , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2003
Gabbouj Moncef  
      MultiMedia Modeling 24th International Conference, MMM 2018, Bangkok, Thailand, February 5-7, 2018, Online 
      MultiMedia Modeling 24th International Conference, MMM 2018, Bangkok, Thailand, February 5-7, 2018, Online 
Gabbrielli Maurizio  
      Logic-Based Program Synthesis And Transformation 29th International Symposium, LOPSTR 2019, Porto, P Online 
      Logic Programming 21st International Conference, ICLP 2005, Sitges, Spain, October 2-5, 2005. Procee Online 
      Logic Programming (Vol. # 3668) 21st International Conference, ICLP 2005, Sitges, Spain, October 2-5 Online 
      Programming Languages: Principles And Paradigms Online 
      Programming Languages : Principles And Paradigms , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2010
Gabdrakhmanov Niyaz Kamilevich : Regional Economic Development in Russia [electronic resource] : Institutions, Regulations, and Structural Transformations / edited by Niyaz Kamilevich Gabdrakhmanov, Lenar Nailevich Safiullin.   
      Regional Economic Development In Russia Institutions, Regulations, And Structural Transformations Online 
Gabdullin Nikita A : Application of change in permeability of magnetic shape memory (MSM) alloys for optimization of magnetic circuit in actuators/ Nikita A. Gabdullin. 2014 April 01 [video recording].   
      Application Of Change In Permeability Of Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) Alloys For Optimization Of Magn Online 
Gabe D R David Russell : Principles of metal surface treatment and protection / by D. R. Gabe.   
      Principles Of Metal Surface Treatment And Protection , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1972
Gabe Jonathan  
      Health And The Sociology Of Emotions , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1996
      Key Concepts In Medical Sociology , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2004
      Key Concepts In Medical Sociology. , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2013
      Medicine, Health, And Risk : Sociological Approaches , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1995
      The Sociology Of Health And Illness : A Reader , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2003
Gabe Todd M : The Pursuit of Economic Development [electronic resource] : Growing Good Jobs in U.S. Cities and States / by Todd M. Gabe.   
      The Pursuit Of Economic Development Growing Good Jobs In U.S. Cities And StatesOnline 
Gabel Martin 1912 1986  
      Lady In Cement Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2006
      Marnie Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2000
Gabel Shirley Gatenio : A rights-based approach to social policy analysis / Shirley Gatenio Gabel.   
      A Rights-Based Approach To Social Policy Analysis Online 
Gabel Susan L Susan Lynn 1956 : Disability & the politics of education : an international reader / edited by Susan L. Gabel & Scot Danforth.   
      Disability & The Politics Of Education : An International Reader , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2008
Gabel Veit Peter : Artificial Vision [electronic resource] : A Clinical Guide / edited by Veit Peter Gabel.   
      Artificial Vision A Clinical Guide Online 
Gabelaia David : Logic, Language, and Computation [electronic resource] : 7th International Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language, and Computation, TbiLLC 2007, Tbilisi, Georgia, October 1-5, 2007. Revised Selected Papers / edited by Peter Bosch, David Gabelaia, Jerˆome Lang.   
      Logic, Language, And Computation 7th International Tbilisi Symposium On Logic, Language, And Computa Online 
Gabelica Valerie : Nucleic Acids in the Gas Phase [electronic resource] / edited by Valérie Gabelica.   
      Nucleic Acids In The Gas Phase Online 
Gabelman John W 1921 : Migration of uranium and thorium : exploration significance / by John W. Gabelman.   
      Migration Of Uranium And Thorium : Exploration Significance , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1977
Gaber Mohamed Medhat  
      Advances In Social Media Analysis Online 
      Astronomy And Big Data A Data Clustering Approach To Identifying Uncertain Galaxy Morphology Online 
      Federated Learning Systems : Towards Next-Generation AI Online 
      Journeys To Data Mining Experiences From 15 Renowned Researchers Online 
3 additional entries  
Gaber Susan  
      The Princess And The Lord Of Night Mt Helen PRINT ITEMc1994
      Raisel's Riddle SMB PRINT ITEM2003
      Ten Sleepy Sheep Mt Helen PRINT ITEM2009
Gaber Tarek  
      The International Conference On Advanced Machine Learning Technologies And Applications (AMLTA2019) Online 
      Proceedings Of The International Conference On Advanced Intelligent Systems And Informatics 2016 Online 
      Proceedings Of The International Conference On Advanced Intelligent Systems And Informatics 2017 Online 
      Proceedings Of The International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Computer Vision (AICV2020 Online 
Gaberson Kathleen B  
      Clinical Teaching Strategies In Nursing , Gippsland, Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2010
      Clinical Teaching Strategies In NursingOnline 
      Evaluation And Testing In Nursing Education , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2006
      Evaluation And Testing In Nursing Education Online 
      Evaluation And Testing In Nursing Education Online 
Gabet Yankel : Micro-Tomographic Atlas of the Mouse Skeleton [electronic resource] / by Itai Bab, Carmit Hajbi-Yonissi, Yankel Gabet, Ralph Muller.   
      Micro-Tomographic Atlas Of The Mouse Skeleton Online 
Gabetta Ester : Transport Phenomena and Kinetic Theory [electronic resource] : Applications to Gases, Semiconductors, Photons, and Biological Systems / edited by Carlo Cercignani, Ester Gabetta.   
      Transport Phenomena And Kinetic Theory Applications To Gases, Semiconductors, Photons, And Biologica Online 
Gabetta Giovanna : Integrity of Pipelines Transporting Hydrocarbons [electronic resource] : Corrosion, Mechanisms, Control, and Management / edited by Gabriella Bolzon, Taoufik Boukharouba, Giovanna Gabetta, Mimoun Elboujdaini, Mekki Mellas.   
      Integrity Of Pipelines Transporting Hydrocarbons Corrosion, Mechanisms, Control, And Management Online 
Gabilliet Jean Paul : Of comics and men : a cultural history of American comic books / Jean-Paul Gabilliet ; translated by Bart Beaty and Nick Nguyen.   
      Of Comics And Men : A Cultural History Of American Comic Books , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2010
Gabillon Alban  
      Interoperability, Safety And Security In IoT Second International Conference, InterIoT 2016 And Thir Online 
      Interoperability, Safety And Security In IoT Third International Conference, InterIoT 2017, And Four Online 
      Web-Based Information Technologies And Distributed Systems , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2010
Gabilondo Inaki : The Brave Class.   
      The Brave Class. Online 
Gabin Jean 1904 1976  
      La Bete Humaine Gippsland DVD / VIDEO1997
      Deux Hommes Dans La Ville Two Men In Town Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2005
      Grande Illusion Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2006
      Le Jour Se Lève Daybreak Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2006
      Pépé Le Moko Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2006
Gabina D : Animal farming and environmental interactions in the Mediterranean region [electronic resource] / edited by I. Casasus, J. Rogosic, A. Rosati, I. Stokovic, D. Gabi˜na.   
      Animal Farming And Environmental Interactions In The Mediterranean RegionOnline 
Gabinete De Investigacoes Sociais Portugal : Análise social [electronic resource].   
      Análise Social Online 
Gabinetto Disegni E Stampe Degli Uffizi : From Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol : portraits and self-portraits from the University of Michigan Museum of Art / William Hennessey and Graham Smith.   
      From Ansel Adams To Andy Warhol : Portraits And Self-Portraits From The University Of Michigan Museu , SMB  PRINT ITEM1994
Gabisch Gunter 1943  
      Business Cycle Theory : A Survey Of Methods And Concepts , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1987
      Business Cycle Theory : A Survey Of Methods And Concepts , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1989
Gabius H J Hans Joachim 1955 : Glycosciences / guest editors, H.J. Gabius, F. Sinowatz.   
      Glycosciences , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc1998
Gabizon Ariel : Deterministic Extraction from Weak Random Sources [electronic resource] / by Ariel Gabizon.   
      Deterministic Extraction From Weak Random Sources Online 
Gable Cate : Strategic action planning NOW! : a guide for setting and meeting your goals / Cate Gable.   
      Strategic Action Planning NOW! : A Guide For Setting And Meeting Your Goals , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1998
Gable Clark 1901 1960  
      Gone With The Wind Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2009
      It Happened One Night Mt Helen DVD / VIDEOc2008
      It Started In Naples Berwick DVD / VIDEO2005
      Mutiny On The Bounty Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2004
2 additional entries  
Gable Dan : Coaching wrestling successfully / Dan Gable ; [foreword by Bob Siddens ; illustrators, Joe Bellis and Kim Maxey (Mac art), Michael Richardson (line drawings)].   
      Coaching Wrestling Successfully , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1999
 Gable Danny Mack -- See Gable, Dan   
Gable G Gu : The Information Systems Academic Discipline in Australia [electronic resource].   
      The Information Systems Academic Discipline In Australia Online 
Gable Guy G 1954 : The information systems academic discipline in Australia / editors Guy G. Gable ... [et. al.].   
      The Information Systems Academic Discipline In Australia , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2008
Gable Kelly N : Diagnosing depression and initial antidepressant selection / [produced by the Missouri Institute for Mental Health].   
      Diagnosing Depression And Initial Antidepressant Selection Online 
Gable Robert K : Instrument Development in the Affective Domain [electronic resource] : School and Corporate Applications / by D. Betsy McCoach, Robert K. Gable, John P. Madura.   
      Instrument Development In The Affective Domain School And Corporate ApplicationsOnline 
Gablehouse Charles : Helicopters and autogiros : a chronicle of rotating-wing aircraft.   
      Helicopters And Autogiros : A Chronicle Of Rotating-Wing Aircraft. , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1967
Gabler Edwin 1949 : The American telegrapher : a social history, 1860-1900 / Edwin Gabler.   
      The American Telegrapher : A Social History, 1860-1900 , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1988
Gabler Jay : Reconstructing the university : worldwide shifts in academia in the 20th century / David John Frank, Jay Gabler.   
      Reconstructing The University : Worldwide Shifts In Academia In The 20th Century , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2006
Gabler Robert E : Introduction to physical geography / Robert E. Gabler ... [et al.].   
      Introduction To Physical Geography , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc1975
Gablik Suzi  
      Conversations Before The End Of Time , Gippsland, SMB  PRINT ITEM1995
      Has Modernism Failed? , , Gippsland, SMB  PRINT ITEMc2004
      Magritte , SMB  PRINT ITEM1970
      Magritte , , SMB  PRINT ITEM1970
4 additional entries  
 Gabo 1927 2014 -- See García Márquez, Gabriel, 1927-2014.   
Gabo Naum 1890  
      Naum Gabo : Sixty Years Of Constructivism , Gippsland, SMB  PRINT ITEMc1985
      Of Divers Arts Off-Site Store PRINT ITEM1962
Gabo Naum 1890 1977  
      Constructing Modernity : The Art And Career Of Naum Gabo , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2000
      Gabo On Gabo : Texts And Interviews , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2000
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