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Martini Mattia : Governance and Management of Sustainable Innovation [electronic resource] : Learning from Experience to Shape the Future / edited by Mattia Martini, Rick Hölsgens, Rafael Popper.   
      Governance And Management Of Sustainable Innovation Learning From Experience To Shape The Future Online 
Martini Peter  
      Botnets Online 
      Future Security 7th Security Research Conference, Future Security 2012, Bonn, Germany, September 4-6 Online 
Martini Sergio : Citizens and Democracy in Europe : Contexts, Changes and Political Support / by Sergio Martini, Mario Quaranta.   
      Citizens And Democracy In Europe : Contexts, Changes And Political SupportOnline 
Martini Simone  
      Computer Science Logic 22nd International Workshop, CSL 2008, 17th Annual Conference Of The EACSL, B Online 
      Programming Languages: Principles And Paradigms Online 
Martini Simone Prof : Programming languages : principles and paradigms / Maurizio Gabbrielli and Simone Martini.   
      Programming Languages : Principles And Paradigms , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2010
Martini Steven Paul : Compelling evidence / Steve Martini.   
      Compelling Evidence , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc1992
Martinic Marjana : Swimming with crocodiles : the culture of extreme drinking / [edited by] Marjana Martinic and Fiona Measham.   
      Swimming With Crocodiles : The Culture Of Extreme Drinking , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2008
Martinich A P Aloysius P  
      A Companion To Analytic Philosophy , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2001
      Philosophical Writing : An Introduction , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1996
      Thomas Hobbes , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1997
 Martinich Aloysius -- See Martinich, A. P. (Aloysius P.)   
 Martinich Aloysius P -- See Martinich, A. P. (Aloysius P.)   
 Martinich Aloysius Patrick -- See Martinich, A. P. (Aloysius P.)   
Martinico Giuseppe  
      The Canadian Contribution To A Comparative Law Of Secession Legacies Of The Quebec Secession Referen Online 
      Italian Populism And Constitutional Law Strategies, Conflicts And Dilemmas Online 
      A Legal Analysis Of The Belt And Road Initiative Towards A New Silk Road? Online 
Martiniello Jennifer A Jennifer Avriel 1949 : Voices & spaces : indigenous and multicultural writers in dialogue / edited by Jennifer Martiniello.   
      Voices & Spaces : Indigenous And Multicultural Writers In Dialogue , Gippsland, Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2006
Martinko John M : Brock biology of microorganisms / Michael T. Madigan ; John M. Martinko ; Kelly S. Bender ; Daniel H. Buckley ; David A. Stahl.   
      Brock Biology Of Microorganisms Online 
Martinkus John  
      A Dirty Little War , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2001
      Lost Copy : The Endless Wars, Iraq And Afghanistan Mt Helen PRINT ITEM2017
      Lost Copy : The Endless Wars : Iraq And Aghanistan Online 
      Paradise Betrayed : West Papua's Struggle For Independence , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2002
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Martino Angelo : The Future European Energy System [electronic resource] : Renewable Energy, Flexibility Options and Technological Progress / edited by Dominik Möst, Steffi Schreiber, Andrea Herbst, Martin Jakob, Angelo Martino, Witold-Roger Poganietz.   
      The Future European Energy System Renewable Energy, Flexibility Options And Technological Progress Online 
Martino Beniamino  
      Euro-Par 2010 Parallel Processing Workshops HeteroPar, HPCC, HiBB, CoreGrid, UCHPC, HPCF, PROPER, CC Online 
      Euro-Par 2011: Parallel Processing Workshops CCPI, CGWS, HeteroPar, HiBB, HPCVirt, HPPC, HPSS, MDGS, Online 
      Euro-Par 2011: Parallel Processing Workshops CCPI, CGWS, HeteroPar, HiBB, HPCVirt, HPPC, HPSS, MDGS, Online 
      Frontiers Of High Performance Computing And Networking ISPA 2006 Workshops ISPA 2006 International Online 
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Martino Enrico : Intuitionistic Proof Versus Classical Truth [electronic resource] : The Role of Brouwers Creative Subject in Intuitionistic Mathematics / by Enrico Martino.   
      Intuitionistic Proof Versus Classical Truth The Role Of Brouwers Creative Subject In Intuitionistic Online 
Martino Fabio  
      Imaging Of Pediatric Bone And Joint Trauma Online 
      Musculoskeletal Sonography Technique, Anatomy, Semeiotics And Pathological Findings In Rheumatic Dis Online 
      Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve BlocksOnline 
Martino Joseph P Joseph Paul 1931 : Technological forecasting for decision making / Joseph P. Martino.   
      Technological Forecasting For Decision Making , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1983
 Martino Joseph Paul 1931 -- See Martino, Joseph P. (Joseph Paul), 1931-   
Martino Lorenzo : Security for Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures [electronic resource] / by Elisa Bertino, Lorenzo Martino, Federica Paci, Anna Squicciarini.   
      Security For Web Services And Service-Oriented Architectures Online 
Martino Luca : Independent Random Sampling Methods [electronic resource] / by Luca Martino, David Luengo, Joaquín Míguez.   
      Independent Random Sampling MethodsOnline 
Martino Maria Grazia : The State as an Actor in Religion Policy [electronic resource] : Policy Cycle and Governance Perspectives on Institutionalized Religion / edited by Maria Grazia Martino.   
      The State As An Actor In Religion Policy Policy Cycle And Governance Perspectives On Institutionaliz Online 
Martino Pierluigi : Blockchain and Banking [electronic resource] : How Technological Innovations Are Shaping the Banking Industry / by Pierluigi Martino.   
      Blockchain And Banking How Technological Innovations Are Shaping The Banking IndustryOnline 
Martino Sergio : Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems [electronic resource] : 11th International Symposium, W2GIS 2012, Naples, Italy, April 12-13, 2012. Proceedings / edited by Sergio Martino, Adriano Peron, Taro Tezuka.   
      Web And Wireless Geographical Information Systems 11th International Symposium, W2GIS 2012, Naples, Online 
Martino Silvana Di : Brook by Brook, an intimate portrait [videorecording] ; The tragedy of Hamlet.   
      Brook By Brook, An Intimate PortraitGippsland DVD / VIDEOc2004
Martino Steve 1959 : Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who! [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox Animation presents a Blue Sky Studios production ; produced by Bob Gordon, Bruce Anderson ; based upon the book by Dr. Seuss ; screenplay by Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio ; directed by Jimmy Hayward, Steve Martino.   
      Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who!Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2008
Martino Virginia Susana : Sesquiterpene Lactones [electronic resource] : Advances in their Chemistry and Biological Aspects / edited by Valeria Patricia Sülsen, Virginia Susana Martino.   
      Sesquiterpene Lactones Advances In Their Chemistry And Biological Aspects Online 
Martino Wayne  
      Being Normal Is The Only Way To Be : Adolescent Perspectives On Gender And School , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2005
      Boys' Stuff : Boys Talking About What Matters , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2001
      Gender & Texts : A Professional Development Package For English Teachers , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1998
      Gendered Fictions , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1995
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Martino Wayne J : Critical Concepts in Queer Studies and Education [electronic resource] : An International Guide for the Twenty-First Century / edited by Nelson M. Rodriguez, Wayne J. Martino, Jennifer C. Ingrey, Edward Brockenbrough.   
      Critical Concepts In Queer Studies And Education An International Guide For The Twenty-First Century Online 
 Martino Wayne John -- See Martino, Wayne   
Martinoia Enrico : Molecular Biology of Metal Homeostasis and Detoxification [electronic resource] : From Microbes to Man / edited by Markus J. Tamas, Enrico Martinoia.   
      Molecular Biology Of Metal Homeostasis And Detoxification From Microbes To ManOnline 
Martinoli Alcherio  
      Ant Colony Optimization And Swarm Intelligence 5th International Workshop, ANTS 2006, Brussels, Belg Online 
      Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems The 13th International Symposium Online 
Martinoli Carlo : Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal System [electronic resource] / by Stefano Bianchi, Carlo Martinoli.   
      Ultrasound Of The Musculoskeletal SystemOnline 
Martinon Fabio : The Inflammasomes [electronic resource] / edited by Isabelle Couillin, Virginie Petrilli, Fabio Martinon.   
      The Inflammasomes Online 
Martinot Eric 1962 : Powering China's development : the role of renewable energy / Eric Martinot and Li Junfeng ; Lisa Mastny, editor.   
      Powering China's Development : The Role Of Renewable Energy , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2007
Martinot Steve : Recreating democracy in a globalized state / edited by Cliff DuRand and Steve Martinot.   
      Recreating Democracy In A Globalized State , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2012
Martinotti Maurizio : The souls of the sea / book and lyrics by Frank Tedesco ; music by Allen Estes and Frank Tedesco.   
      The Souls Of The Sea , SMB  PRINT ITEM2010
Martinov Bennie Nonna  
      Auditing And Assurance : A Case Studies Approach , Berwick, Gippsland, Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2014
      Case Studies In Auditing And Assurance , Berwick, Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2010
Martinov Milan : Medicinal and aromatic crops : harvesting, drying, and processing / Serdar Öztekin, Milan Martinov, editors.   
      Medicinal And Aromatic Crops : Harvesting, Drying, And Processing Online 
 Martinov Nonna -- See Martinov-Bennie, Nonna   
Martinovic Dragana  
      Mathematics (Education) In The Information Age Online 
      STEM Teachers And Teaching In The Digital Era Professional Expectations And Advancement In The 21st Online 
      Visual Mathematics And CyberlearningOnline 
Martinovsky Bilyana : Emotion in Group Decision and Negotiation [electronic resource] / edited by Bilyana Martinovsky.   
      Emotion In Group Decision And NegotiationOnline 
Martins Adriana : Mediations of Disruption in Post-Conflict Cinema [electronic resource] / edited by Adriana Martins, Alexandra Lopes, Mónica Dias.   
      Mediations Of Disruption In Post-Conflict Cinema Online 
Martins Alex : The Kitty Hawk Venture [electronic resource] : A Novel About Continuous Testing in DevOps to Support Continuous Delivery and Business Success / by Jeffrey Scheaffer, Aruna Ravichandran, Alex Martins.   
      The Kitty Hawk Venture A Novel About Continuous Testing In DevOps To Support Continuous Delivery And Online 
Martins Ana Lucia  
      Intelligent Transport Systems, From Research And Development To The Market Uptake Second EAI Interna Online 
      Intelligent Transport Systems. From Research And Development To The Market Uptake : Third EAI Intern Online 
      Intelligent Transport Systems, From Research And Development To The Market Uptake 4th EAI Internatio Online 
Martins C J A P : Defect Evolution in Cosmology and Condensed Matter [electronic resource] : Quantitative Analysis with the Velocity-Dependent One-Scale Model / by C.J.A.P. Martins.   
      Defect Evolution In Cosmology And Condensed Matter Quantitative Analysis With The Velocity-Dependent Online 
Martins Carla Psychologist : Mindfulness-based interventions for older adults : evidence for practice / Carla Martins, Ph.D.   
      Mindfulness-Based Interventions For Older Adults : Evidence For Practice Online 
Martins Carlos  
      From Varying Couplings To Fundamental Physics Proceedings Of Symposium 1 Of JENAM 2010 Online 
      The Universe Today Our Current Understanding And How It Was AchievedOnline 
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