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Stone Joan Elizabeth : Katherine Mansfield : publications in Australia 1907-09 / by J. E. Stone   
      Katherine Mansfield : Publications In Australia 1907-09 , SMB  PRINT ITEM1977
Stone John  
      East Gippsland Wilderness Walks : Errinundra Plateau Gippsland PRINT ITEM1987
      East Gippsland Wilderness Walks : The Rodger-Bowen Wilderness Gippsland PRINT ITEM1986
      The Environment In Perspective : Selected Articles , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1991
      Increasing Effectiveness : A Guide To Quality Management , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1997
Stone John David : Algorithms for Functional Programming [electronic resource] / by John David Stone.   
      Algorithms For Functional ProgrammingOnline 
Stone John F : The Genetics and Molecular Biology of Neural Tumors [electronic resource] / edited by Avery A. Sandberg, John F. Stone.   
      The Genetics And Molecular Biology Of Neural Tumors Online 
Stone John H  
      A Clinician's Pearls And Myths In Rheumatology Online 
      IgG4-Related Kidney Disease Online 
      The Pocket Primer On The Rheumatic Diseases Online 
      Primer On The Rheumatic DiseasesOnline 
Stone John H John Henry 1943 : Culture and disability : providing culturally competent services / edited by John H. Stone.   
      Culture And Disability : Providing Culturally Competent Services , , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2005
 Stone John Richard Nicholas 1913 1991 -- See Stone, Richard, 1913-1991   
Stone Jonathan : Decadence and Modernism in European and Russian Literature and Culture : Aesthetics and Anxiety in the 1890s / by Jonathan Stone.   
      Decadence And Modernism In European And Russian Literature And Culture : Aesthetics And Anxiety In T Online 
Stone Jonathan 1942  
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942 - 72) : The 1940s , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2014
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72) : Essays From 1956-72, Volume 6 Online 
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72). Online 
Stone Joss : Soundtrack for a revolution [videorecording].   
      Soundtrack For A Revolution Mt Helen DVD / VIDEOc2009
Stone Joyce Takano : Clinical gerontological nursing : a guide to advanced practice / [edited by] Joyce Takano Stone, Jean F. Wyman, Sally A. Salisbury.   
      Clinical Gerontological Nursing : A Guide To Advanced Practice , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1999
Stone Judith 1950 : When she was white : the true story of a family divided by race / Judith Stone.   
      When She Was White : The True Story Of A Family Divided By Race , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2007
Stone Judith A  
      Atlas Of Skeletal Muscles , Gippsland, Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2009
      Coloring Guide To Anatomy & Physiology , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc1995
Stone Julie  
      Complementary Medicine And The Law , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1996
      An Ethical Framework For Complementary And Alternative Therapists , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2002
Stone Julius : Letters to Australia : the radio broadcasts (1942-72). Volume 4, 1952-1953 / Julius Stone.   
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72). Online 
 Stone Julius 1907 -- See Stone, Julius, 1907-1985   
Stone Julius 1907 1985  
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942 - 72) : The 1940s , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2014
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72) : Essays From 1954-1955. Online 
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72) : Essays From 1956-72, Volume 6 Online 
      Precedent And Law : Dynamics Of Common Law Growth , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1985
Stone Kate : Occupational Therapy and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy : Stone Duchenne [electronic resource]   
      Occupational Therapy And Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy : Stone Duchenne Online 
Stone Katherine Van Wezel  
      From Widgets To Digits : Employment Regulation For The Changing Workplace , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2004
      Rethinking Workplace Regulation : Beyond The Standard Contract Of EmploymentOnline 
Stone Kelly L : Thinking write : the secret to freeing your creative mind / Kelly L. Stone.   
      Thinking Write : The Secret To Freeing Your Creative Mind , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2009
Stone Kelvin : Investigation into soft actuating clutch mechanisms for automotive air-conditioners / Kelvin Stone.   
      Investigation Into Soft Actuating Clutch Mechanisms For Automotive Air-ConditionersMt Helen MANUSCRIPT1996
Stone Kerrianne  
      The Piranesi Effect , SMB  PRINT ITEM2015
      The Piranesi Effect Online 
      Radicals, Slayers And Villains : Prints From The Baillieu Library, University Of Melbourne , SMB  PRINT ITEM2014
Stone Kevin Mr : Some New Technology Examples Used by the Vulcan Project / Kevin Stone. 2016 Oct. 26 [video recording].   
      Some New Technology Examples Used By The Vulcan Project Online 
Stone L Joseph Lawrence Joseph 1912 1975  
      Childhood & Adolescence : A Psychology Of The Growing Person , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1979
      Childhood And Adolescence : A Psychology Of The Growing Person , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc1984
Stone Lauren : When a tree falls [electronic resource] / by Lauren Stone.   
      When A Tree Falls Online 
Stone Lawrence  
      Broken Lives : Separation And Divorce In England, 1660-1857 , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM1993
      The Family, Sex And Marriage In England, 1500-1800 , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1979
      An Open Elite? : England, 1540-1880 , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM1984
      The Past And The Present , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1981
 Stone Lawrence 1919 -- See Stone, Lawrence   
Stone Lawrence D : Optimal Search for Moving Targets [electronic resource] / by Lawrence D. Stone, Johannes O. Royset, Alan R. Washburn.   
      Optimal Search For Moving TargetsOnline 
Stone Leroy O : Key Demographics in Retirement Risk Management [electronic resource] / edited by Leroy O. Stone.   
      Key Demographics In Retirement Risk Management Online 
Stone Lewis 1879 1953 : Mark of the vampire [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents Tod Browning's production ; screen play by Guy Endore and Bernard Schubert. The mask of Fu Manchu / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Cosmopolitan Production ; directed by Charles Brabin ; screen play by Irene Kuhn, Edgar Allan Woolf and John Willard ; from the story by Sax Rohmer.   
      Mark Of The Vampire Gippsland DVD / VIDEOc2006
Stone Linda 1947 : Kinship and family : an anthropological reader / edited by Robert Parkin and Linda Stone.   
      Kinship And Family : An Anthropological Reader , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2004
Stone Livia : Atenco lives! : filmmaking and popular struggle in Mexico / Livia K. Stone.   
      Atenco Lives! : Filmmaking And Popular Struggle In Mexico Online 
Stone Louis 1871 1935  
      Jonah , SMB  PRINT ITEM1981
      Jonah , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM1991
Stone Lyndsey : Managing difficult children in school / Lyndsey Stone.   
      Managing Difficult Children In School , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1990
Stone Macdonald Angela  
      Angela Stone-MacDonald Discusses Assistive Technology. Online 
      Fidelity Of Implementation In Assessment Of Infants And Toddlers Evaluating Developmental Milestones Online 
Stone Marc E : Monitoring in anesthesia and perioperative care / [edited by] David L. Reich, Ronald A. Kahn, Andrew B. Leibowitz, Andrew J. Mittnacht, Marc E. Stone, James B. Eisenkraft.   
      Monitoring In Anesthesia And Perioperative Care , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2011
Stone Marilyn A  
      Fundamentals Of Marketing , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2007
      International Strategic Marketing : A European Perspective , Berwick, Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2004
Stone Marla 1960 : When the Wall came down : reactions to German unification / edited by Harold James and Marla Stone.   
      When The Wall Came Down : Reactions To German Unification Berwick PRINT ITEM1992
Stone Martin  
      Dying For A Meal All About Food Poisoning (Short Version). , Wimmera  DVD / VIDEO1998
      Dying For A Meal All About Food Poisoning (Short Version). Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2010
Stone Matt 1971  
      The Aristocrats 100 Superstar Comedians, One Very Dirty Joke Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2006
      The Book Of Mormon Original Broadway Cast Recording SMB MUSICAL RECp2011
      The Book Of Mormon : [The Complete Book And Lyrics Of The Broadway Musical] , SMB  PRINT ITEMc2011
      The Book Of Mormon : The Testament Of A Broadway Musical , SMB  PRINT ITEMc2012
2 additional entries  
Stone Matt 1978 : Go backpacking! / by Matt Stone.   
      Go Backpacking! , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2005
Stone Maureen : The education of the black child in Britain : the myth of multiracial education / Maureen Stone.   
      The Education Of The Black Child In Britain : The Myth Of Multiracial Education , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1981
Stone Maureen C : A field guide to digital color / Maureen C. Stone.   
      A Field Guide To Digital Color , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2003
Stone Mead : 9/11 [videorecording].   
      9/11 Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2002
Stone Mediatore Shari : Reading across borders : storytelling and knowledges of resistance / Shari Stone-Mediatore.   
      Reading Across Borders : Storytelling And Knowledges Of Resistance , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2003
Stone Meg 1952 : Principles and practice of resistance training / Michael H. Stone, Meg Stone, William A. Sands.   
      Principles And Practice Of Resistance Training , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2007
Stone Merlin  
      When God Was A Woman , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1978
      When God Was A Woman , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1978
Stone Merlin 1948 : Consumer insight : how to use data and market research to get closer to your customer / [edited by] Merlin Stone, Alison Bond & Bryan Foss.   
      Consumer Insight : How To Use Data And Market Research To Get Closer To Your Customer , Berwick, Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2004
Stone Michael  
      Australian Children's Literature : Finding A Voice : Proceedings Of The Second Children's Literature , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1993
      Children's Literature And Contemporary Theory , Gippsland, Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1991
Stone Michael E 1938  
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942 - 72) : The 1940s , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2014
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72) : Essays From 1956-72, Volume 6 Online 
      Letters To Australia : The Radio Broadcasts (1942-72). Online 
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