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Suzuki Yasushi 1963 : Japan's financial slump : collapse of the monitoring system under institutional and transition failures / Yasushi Suzuki.   
      Japan's Financial Slump : Collapse Of The Monitoring System Under Institutional And Transition Failu , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2011
 Suzuki Yoshiharu 1913 -- See Suzuki, Yoshiharu   
Suzuki Yukihito : Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Present and Future [electronic resource] : Tokyo, Japan, November 2014 / edited by Yoshihiro Shibata, Yukihito Suzuki.   
      Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Present And Future Tokyo, Japan, November 2014 Online 
Suzuki Yutaka : Single Molecule and Single Cell Sequencing [electronic resource] / edited by Yutaka Suzuki.   
      Single Molecule And Single Cell SequencingOnline 
Suzumori Koichi : Next-Generation Actuators Leading Breakthroughs [electronic resource] / edited by Toshiro Higuchi, Koichi Suzumori, Satoshi Tadokoro.   
      Next-Generation Actuators Leading Breakthroughs Online 
Suzumura Akio : Neuron-Glia Interaction in Neuroinflammation [electronic resource] / edited by Akio Suzumura, Kazuhiro Ikenaka.   
      Neuron-Glia Interaction In Neuroinflammation Online 
Suzumura Kotaro 1944 : Rational choice, collective decisions, and social welfare / Kotaro Suzumura.   
      Rational Choice, Collective Decisions, And Social Welfare Mt Helen PRINT ITEM1983
Suzumura Toyotaro : Cognitive Computing ICCC 2018 [electronic resource] : Second International Conference, Held as Part of the Services Conference Federation, SCF 2018, Seattle, WA, USA, June 25-30, 2018, Proceedings / edited by Jing Xiao, Zhi-Hong Mao, Toyotaro Suzumura, Liang-Jie Zhang.   
      Cognitive Computing ICCC 2018 Second International Conference, Held As Part Of The Services Confere Online 
Svajian Pergrouhi N : Theory and problems of adolescent development / David P. Ausubel, Raymond Montemayor, Pergrouhi (Najarian) Svajian.   
      Theory And Problems Of Adolescent Development , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc1977
Svalgaard Lotte : Staying mindful in action : socioanalytic action research / Lotte Svalgaard.   
      Staying Mindful In Action : Socioanalytic Action Research Online 
Svallfors Stefan : The moral economy of class : class and attitudes in comparative perspective / Stefan Svallfors.   
      The Moral Economy Of Class : Class And Attitudes In Comparative Perspective , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2006
Svalova Valentina  
      Heat-Mass Transfer And Geodynamics Of The Lithosphere Online 
      Natural Hazards And Risk Research In RussiaOnline 
Svanadze Merab : Potential Method in Mathematical Theories of Multi-Porosity Media [electronic resource] / by Merab Svanadze.   
      Potential Method In Mathematical Theories Of Multi-Porosity Media Online 
Svanberg P O : Attachment in practice [videorecording] / directed and filmed by Wendy McEvoy and David Eadington..   
      Attachment In Practice SMB DVD / VIDEOc2009
Svanberg P O 1948 : Attachment in practice.   
      Attachment In Practice. Online 
Svanborg Catharina : Between Pathogenicity and Commensalism [electronic resource] / edited by Ulrich Dobrindt, Jorg H. Hacker, Catharina Svanborg.   
      Between Pathogenicity And CommensalismOnline 
Svancara Theresa : Sea stars and other echinoderms / Theresa Svancara.   
      Sea Stars And Other Echinoderms , Wimmera  PRINT ITEMc2002
Svanda Libor : Cosmae Pragensis Chronica Bohemorum = Cosmas of Prague, the chronicle of the Czechs / edited by János M. Bak and Pavlína Rychterová ; translated by Petra Mutlova and Martyn Rady with the cooperation of Libor vanda ; introduced and annotated by Jan Hasil with the cooperation of Irene van Rensvoude.   
      Cosmae Pragensis Chronica Bohemorum = Cosmas Of Prague, The Chronicle Of The CzechsOnline 
Svandrlik Rit : Elfriede Jelinek : una prosa altra, un altro teatro [electronic resource].   
      Elfriede Jelinek : Una Prosa Altra, Un Altro Teatro Online 
Svankmajer Jan 1934  
      Alice , Gippsland  DVD / VIDEO1999?
      The Collected Shorts Of Jan Svankmajer Berwick, Gippsland  DVD / VIDEO2003
      Jan Svankmajer The Complete Short Films.Berwick DVD / VIDEO2007
Svanstrom Magdalena : Life Cycle Assessment of Forest Products [electronic resource] : Challenges and Solutions / by Gustav Sandin, Greg M. Peters, Magdalena Svanström.   
      Life Cycle Assessment Of Forest Products Challenges And Solutions Online 
Svantesson Dan Jerker B  
      Internet And E-Commerce Law , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2008
      Svantesson On The Law Of Obligations , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2007
Svantesson Ingemar : Mind mapping & memory : powerful techniques to help you make better use of your brain / Ingemar Svantesson.   
      Mind Mapping & Memory : Powerful Techniques To Help You Make Better Use Of Your Brain , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1990
Svara James H : The study of community power : a bibliographic review / [by] Willis D. Hawley & James H. Svara.   
      The Study Of Community Power : A Bibliographic Review , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1972
Svard Staffan : Giardia [electronic resource] : A Model Organism / edited by Hugo D. Lujan, Staffan Svard.   
      Giardia A Model Organism Online 
Svare Bruce B 1949 : Reforming sports before the clock runs out : one man's journey through our runaway sports culture / Bruce B. Svare.   
      Reforming Sports Before The Clock Runs Out : One Man's Journey Through Our Runaway Sports Culture , , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc2004
Svare Helge : Body and Practice in Kant [electronic resource] / by Helge Svare.   
      Body And Practice In Kant Online 
Svare Helge 1960 : Body and practice in Kant / by Helge Svare.   
      Body And Practice In Kant , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2006
Svaren Jacqueline : Written letters : 29 alphabets for calligraphers / written out by Jacqueline Svaren.   
      Written Letters : 29 Alphabets For Calligraphers , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM1982
Svaricek Roman : Getting Dialogic Teaching into Classrooms [electronic resource] : Making Change Possible / by Klára eová, Zuzana alamounová, Roman vaíek, Martin Sedláek.   
      Getting Dialogic Teaching Into Classrooms Making Change Possible Online 
Svarovsky Ladislav : Solid-liquid separation [electronic resource] / editor, Ladislav Svarovsky.   
      Solid-Liquid Separation Online 
Svarre Birgitte : How To Study Public Life [electronic resource] / by Jan Gehl, Birgitte Svarre.   
      How To Study Public Life Online 
Svarstad Hanne : Political Ecology [electronic resource] : A Critical Engagement with Global Environmental Issues / by Tor A. Benjaminsen, Hanne Svarstad.   
      Political Ecology A Critical Engagement With Global Environmental Issues Online 
Svartvik Jan  
      English : One Tongue, Many Voices , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2006
      English One Tongue, Many Voices Online 
Svarverud Rune : iChina : the rise of the individual in modern Chinese society / edited by Mette Halskov Hansen and Rune Svarverud.   
      iChina : The Rise Of The Individual In Modern Chinese Society , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2010
Svasek Maruska : Mixed emotions : anthropological studies of feeling / edited by Kay Milton and Maruska Svasek.   
      Mixed Emotions : Anthropological Studies Of Feeling , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM2005
Svatek Vojtch  
      Managing Knowledge In A World Of Networks 15th International Conference, EKAW 2006, Pod#Brady, Czech Online 
      Semantics, Web And Mining Joint International Workshops, EWMF 2005 And KDO 2005, Porto, Portugal, Oc Online 
Svatek Vojtech  
      Engineering Knowledge In The Age Of The Semantic Web 15th International Conference, EKAW 2006, Podeb Online 
      Journal On Data Semantics XI Online 
      Knowledge Discovery Enhanced With Semantic And Social Information Online 
      Semantics, Web And Mining Joint International Workshop, EWMF 2005 And KDO 2005, Porto, Portugal, Oct Online 
Sve Ra K Jan : Dark blue world [videorecording] / [directed by] Jan Svera?k.   
      Dark Blue World Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2004
Sve Ra K Zdene K : Dark blue world [videorecording] / [directed by] Jan Svera?k.   
      Dark Blue World Gippsland DVD / VIDEO2004
Svec Martin : Grammars with context conditions and their applications [electronic resource] / Alexander Meduna, Martin vec.   
      Grammars With Context Conditions And Their Applications Online 
Sved Marta : Journey into geometries / Marta Sved ; with foreword by H.S.M. Coxeter ; illustrations by John Stillwell.   
      Journey Into Geometries , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEMc1991
Sved Miriam : Just between us : Australian writers tell the truth about female friendship / foreword by Helen Garner ; edited by Maya Linden, Miriam Sved, Maggie Scott, Natalie Kon-yu and Christie Nieman.   
      Just Between Us : Australian Writers Tell The Truth About Female Friendship , Gippsland  PRINT ITEM2013
Svedberg Erik B : Materials Research for Manufacturing [electronic resource] : An Industrial Perspective of Turning Materials into New Products / edited by Lynnette D. Madsen, Erik B. Svedberg.   
      Materials Research For Manufacturing An Industrial Perspective Of Turning Materials Into New Product Online 
Svedberg Lars : Civic Engagement in Scandinavia [electronic resource] : Volunteering, Informal Help and Giving in Denmark, Norway and Sweden / edited by Lars Skov Henriksen, Kristin Strømsnes, Lars Svedberg.   
      Civic Engagement In Scandinavia Volunteering, Informal Help And Giving In Denmark, Norway And Sweden Online 
Svedin Lina 1974 : Auckland unplugged : coping with critical infrastructure failure / Lindy Newlove, Eric Stern, and Lina Svedin.   
      Auckland Unplugged : Coping With Critical Infrastructure Failure , Gippsland  PRINT ITEMc2003
Svehla Drazen : Geometrical Theory of Satellite Orbits and Gravity Field [electronic resource] / by Drazen Svehla.   
      Geometrical Theory Of Satellite Orbits And Gravity Field Online 
Svehla G : Comprehensive analytical chemistry / edited by Cecil L. Wilson and David W. Wilson.   
      Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1997
Svehla G Gyula : Vogel's Textbook of Macro and semimicro qualitative inorganic analysis.   
      Vogel's Textbook Of Macro And Semimicro Qualitative Inorganic Analysis. , Mt Helen  PRINT ITEM1979
 Svehla Gyula -- See Svehla, G. (Gyula)   
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