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Study rooms are available on the 4th and 5th floor, facing the river. The rooms are designed for groups of 2 - 6; however, due to COVID19, the rooms are currently single occupancy only.
Zoom rooms are available to students who need to access a zoom class while on campus. Rooms are equipped with computers, webcam, and audio. The rooms are designed for single occupancy only. Groups are not allowed.
Reservations require a valid IU email address. Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance. Time slots are limited to 2 hours per day. If the individual does not appear after 10 minutes, the space becomes available first-come-first-served.
Reserve a room
We would appreciate you cancelling your reservation if you will not be using the space. Please abide by the library's room conduct policy.
Last reviewed: 07/2021
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