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Wide format & 3D Printing
Wide Format Printing
Create photographic quality professional posters for conferences, class projects, personal use and more!
The WERC’s wide format poster printer creates posters up to 44” wide on double weight matte paper, Epson’s premium luster photo paper, or on Synthetic Vinyl paper using 11 different colors of ink.
Submit your poster design as a .pdf attachment to posters@iusb.edu. The WERC is located in the Education and Arts Building on the second floor, Room 2010.
For help on how to create something for wide format printing, click here.
Wide Format Printer Prices
Color - Doubleweight Matte paper (up to 44” wide)$12 per linear  foot
Black & White - Doubleweight Matte paper (up to 44” wide)$6 per linear foot
Color - Epson Premium Luster Photo paper (up to 44” wide)$20 per linear foot
Black & White - Epson Premium Luster Photo paper (up to 44” wide)$10 per linear foot
Color or B&W - Synthetic Vinyl paper (up to 42” wide)$24 per linear foot
Disclaimer: The University reserves the right to refuse any large format or standard format print jobs that they are asked to make. Please note that the WERC staff may need a minimum of 2 to 3 days (or longer) to finish any project they are working on for a patron. The WERC does not take responsibility for any spelling errors or design errors on print jobs that were to be printed if they were not designed by the WERC. Once a project has been accepted by a patron, the WERC may refuse to recreate or reprint the project if it is at the expense of the WERC.
3D Printing
Come explore the exciting world of 3D printing at the WERC!
Most of the 3D printers at the WERC use a process called additive manufacturing, where successive layers of material is laid down in thin layers to create 3D objects. The WERC has 3 different types of printers, most of which use polylactic acid (PLA) better known as biodegradable plastic. One of our printers creates 3D objects from a liquid resinous material. Whatever you are a newcomer or experienced with this process, our 3D print technicians will walk you through the process and operate the equipment for you.
  1. Fill out and submit a request form.
    • Students taking a 3D print class at Indiana University of South Bend DO NOT need to fill out a request form if they are printing for a class project.
    • If a 3D print technician is available and can see you for your consultation, the request form can be skipped altogether.
    • Forms can also be printed out and submitted to the 3D print technicians or the WERC employee staffing the front desk.
  2. You will be contacted to set up a face-to-face consultation with a 3D print technician. Together you will fill out a charge form, which includes object details as well as your consent to print and pay the calculated charges. There may be times when the final charges differ slightly from expected charges.
  3. Upon completion of the 3D model, you will be contacted to pay the charges and pick up your object.
3D printing charges are for materials used, and nothing else. These charges include support material if applicable. Pricing is 20 or 25 cents per gram depending on the printer and print quality, or 30 cents per milliliter, if printed in resin.
We will notify you when your object is completed, along with a reminder to bring an ID and payment when picking your project. The WERC does not accept credit cards. Items not picked up within 14 days of completion will become the property of the University, and may be charged to your IU South Bend Bursar Account.
For an extended look at our 3D print policies and procedures, click here.
Last reviewed: 06/2021
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