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Mark MediumYear
796647471 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Bemerkungen und Versuche über das Eisen / von W.A. Tiemann Web E-books; Q171  
796648 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings [by] Charles Merrick Gay, Charles De van Fawcett [and] William J. McGuinness Book Depository; TH6010 .G28 1955  Book (Print)c1955
7966485 : Thompson Library Bound Journals 2nd Floor Mezzanine:USE IN LIBRARY ;
Journal (Print) 
      Women and environments Thompson Library; HQ1233 .W64  
Journal (Print)
7966495 : Thompson Library Stacks 10th Floor:AVAILABLE, Book Depository:AVAILABLE ;
Journal (Print) 
      Printing and publishing industry report Book Depository, No longer owned, Thompson Library ; Z244.5 .U5  
Journal (Print)
79664964 : Lima Campus Library Stacks:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Bowling alone : the collapse and revival of American community / Robert D. Putnam Lima Campus Library; HN65 .P878 2000b  Book (Print)2000
7966507 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Semblanza de España / Maurice Legendre ; versión española de Alfredo Arroyo Book Depository; DP26 .L415  Book (Print)1944
7966519 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE, Thompson Library Stacks 10th Floor:AVAILABLE ;
Journal (Print) 
      Economic summary, printing and publishing and allied industries Book Depository, Thompson Library ; Z244.5 .U5  
Journal (Print)
796652 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      O acrobata pede desculpas e cai; [romance, por] Fausto Wolff Book Depository, No longer owned ; PQ9698.33.O4 A7 1966  Book (Print)1966
796652423 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Awareness and detection of traffic and obstacles using synthetic and enhanced vision systems [electronic resource] / Randall E. Bailey Web E-books; NAS 1.15:2012-217324  
796653 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE, Polar Library Rudolph Collection:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      A seal's world; an account of the first three years in the life of a harp seal. Illustrated by Walter Ferguson Book Depository, Goldthwait Polar Library ; QL737.P6 S8  Book (Print)1954
796653240 : Agricultural Technical Institute-Wooster Stacks:AVAILABLE, Newark Campus Library Stacks:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      The mobile wave : how mobile intelligence will change everything / Michael Saylor Agricultural Technical Institute-Wooster, Newark Campus Library ; QA76.59 .S39 2012  Book (Print)c2012
796653277 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Advanced x-ray timing array mission [electronic resource] : conceptual spacecraft design study / R.C. Hopkins ... [et al.] Web E-books; NAS 1.15:2011-216476  
796653383 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      August Koberstein's Grundriss der Geschichte der deutschen Nationalliteratur Book Depository, No longer owned ; PG167 .K75  Book (Print)1873
796653585 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Monitoring systemic risk based on dynamic thresholds / prepared by Kasper Lund-Jensen Web E-books; HB615 .L86 2012eb online  
796653623 : Web E-Video:USE ONLINE ; Online Video   
      Sir Walter Scott : A Concise Biography / Hossick, Malcolm Web E-Video Online Video2011
796653786 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Modern actuarial theory and practice / Philip Booth [and others] Web E-books; HG8781 .M63 2005  
796653804 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      The influence of the press on criminal behavior / by Lorin Andrew Thompson, Jr Book Depository; HV6188 .T47  Book (Print)1924
7966543 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Razigrano srce junakovo : zbirka na narodni pesni od Ohridsko i Malesija-Struško / Trajan Nikodinoski Book Depository; PG1189 .N56  Book (Print)1975
79665492 : Thompson Library Stacks 4th Floor Mezzanine:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Tsiyonut ṿeha-biyologyah shel ha-Yehudim / Refaʼel Falḳ̣ Thompson Library; DS143 .F35 2006  Book (Print)c2006
7966550 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Effect of self-reflective training in art on the capacity for creative action / by Kenneth R. Beittel Book Depository; N87 .B42  Book (Print)1964
7966569 : Thompson Library Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute Stacks:ASK AT DESK ;
Music Disc/Tape 
      A party with Betty Comden and Adolph Green [sound recording] Thompson Library Special Collections; SPEC.TRI.LP.772  
Music Disc/Tape
796657 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      The private lives of birds, by Dr. Henry Smith Williams .. Book Depository; QL676 .W72  Book (Print)c1939
79665727 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Ecological research at the Goosenest Adaptive Management Area in northeastern California [electronic resource] / Martin W. Ritchie Web E-books; A 13.88:PSW-GTR-192  
7966573 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Functional units of instruction in senior mathematics / by J. Wilmot McClimans Book Depository; QA11 .M2317  Book (Print)1940
796658066 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      História patria : o Brazil de 1831 a 1840 / pelo Dr. Moreira de Azevedo Web E-books; HC187  
796659 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Proceedings Book Depository; Q147 .W4  Book (Print)1957
796660 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      That vanishing Eden, a naturalist's Florida [by] Thomas Barbour .. Book Depository, No longer owned ; QH105.F6 B2  Book (Print)1944
796661 : Music & Dance Library Stacks:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      A dictionary of ballet terms [by] Leo Kersley and Janet Sinclair. Drawings by Peter Revitt Music & Dance Library Collection; GV1585 .K4 1973  Book (Print)1973
79666102 : Moritz Law Library Microform Room 1st floor:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Telephone Excise Tax Repeal and Taxpayer Protection and Assistance Act of 2006 [microform] : report (to accompany S. 1321) Moritz Law Library; Y 1.1/5:109-336  Book (Print)2006
796662090 : Web E-Video:USE ONLINE ; Online Video   
      Walt Whitman : A Concise Biography / Hossick, Malcolm Web E-Video Online Video2011
796662120 : Web E-Video:USE ONLINE ; Online Video   
      Designing for the User / 4 Learning (Firm) Web E-Video Online Video2011
796662176 : Geology Library 2nd Floor Book Stacks:AVAILABLE ;
Video Disc/Tape 
      What's hot in Munich 2011 [videorecording] Geology Library; QE386.G4 W53 2012 DVD  
Video Disc/Tape
796662201 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Recent developments on introducing a historical dimension in mathematics [electronic resource] Web E-books; QA11.2 .R43 2011  
796662359 : Web E-books:USE ONLINE ;
      Beautiful mathematics / Martin Erickson Web E-books; QA99 .E75 2011  
796662464 : Fine Arts Library Oversize 2nd Floor:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Exodus / Shoshana Kertesz Fine Arts Library; ND979.K47 A4 2008  Book (Print)c2008
7966634 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Little waters : a study of headwater streams & other little waters, their use and relations to the land / by H.S. Person with the cooperation of E. Joh Book Depository, No longer owned ; S623 .P46 1936 A  Book (Print)1936
7966635 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Histoire de l'enseignement en France, 1800-1967 / Antoine Prost Book Depository; LA691.7 .P7 1970  Book (Print)1970
7966638 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Minds and mechanisms : philosophical psychology and computational models / Margaret A. Boden Book Depository; BF38 .B626 1981  Book (Print)1981
7966643 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Chronikon megalēs tragōdias : to epos tēs Mikras Asias / Chr. Em. Angelomatē Book Depository; DF845 .A63 1980  Book (Print)198-?
796666 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Pageant in the sky; a book of the modern sport of bird-watching, by Raymond S. Deck, with photographs by the author Book Depository; QL676 .D28  Book (Print)1941
796667 : Thompson Library Charvat American Fiction Stacks:ASK AT DESK ; Book (Print)   
      The fighting Littles / Booth Tarkington Thompson Library Special Collections; PS2972 .F4  Book (Print)1941
796667145 : Web E-Video:USE ONLINE ; Online Video   
      What is One Degree? : Temperature and Scientific Measurement / BBC Worldwide Limited Web E-Video Online Video2011
796667203 : Web E-Video:USE ONLINE ; Online Video   
      Virginia Woolf : A Concise Biography / Hossick, Malcolm Web E-Video Online Video2011
796667510 : Web E-Video:USE ONLINE ; Online Video   
      Sustainable Packaging / 4 Learning (Firm) Web E-Video Online Video2011
796668 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Modeling state growth: New Jersey 1980 [by] Franklin J. James [and] James W. Hughes, with Gary Barrett Book Depository, No longer owned ; HC107.N5 J27  Book (Print)1973
7966681 : 18th Ave Library Basement Compact Shelving:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Laboratory shear strength of soil : a symposium / sponsored by ASTM Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes, American Society for Test 18th Ave Library; TA710.5 .L32  Book (Print)1981
7966692 : Thompson Library Charvat American Fiction Stacks:ASK AT DESK ; Book (Print)   
      Murder on the bluff / Esther Tyler Thompson Library Special Collections; PS3539.Y5 M8 1936  Book (Print)1936
796670 : Book Depository:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      Adventures with a Texas naturalist; illus. by Ward Lockwood Book Depository; QH105.T4 B4  Book (Print)1947
796671 : Thompson Library Charvat American Fiction Stacks:ASK AT DESK ; Book (Print)   
      The Lorenzo bunch / Booth Tarkington Thompson Library Special Collections; PS2972 .L7  Book (Print)1936
79667224 : Thompson Library Stacks 4th Floor Mezzanine:AVAILABLE ; Book (Print)   
      The Prague spring 1968 / compiled and edited by Jaromír Navrátil, chief editor ; Antonín Benčík ... [et al.] ; headnotes and additional documents prov Thompson Library; DB2215 .P72 2006  Book (Print)2006
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