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Temple University Libraries Community Standards
The University Libraries are committed to providing quality services and resources within an environment conducive to intellectual pursuits and social interaction among community members. Sustaining our environment requires mutual respect for the rights of others and respect for the Libraries' resources and facilities.
All library users are required to produce a valid form of identification to enter our facilities. 
All library users are entitled to have:
Each user of the Libraries must comply with the following set of standards:
The following are prohibited in all Library facilities:
Additional guidelines:
Unattended property is subject to confiscation.
Cell phone and electronic device use:
Avoid cell phone calls but if necessary, go to an area where no one is working or studying.
Headphones are required for any audio.
Set cell phones to silent while in the Libraries.
Camping in the Libraries is prohibited. Camping includes:
Service and therapy animals approved in accordance with University policies are permitted.
Use library technology resources in accordance with the University's Technology Usage Policy, and respect the privacy and sensitivities of others when using internet resources.
Understand that our electronic resources are licensed for current Temple students, faculty, and staff only.
Observe copyright restrictions and principles of fair use. [See for example, the Association of Research Libraries' Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries (2012)]
Post flyers and other print announcements on the designated bulletin board. Those posted elsewhere are removed.
Photography/videography within the library is prohibited unless written permission is obtained in advance from the library administration. Use this form to request permission at least 48 hours in advance.
Specialized library units (e.g., Special Collections Research Center; Scholars Studio) may have additional policies to which library users must comply.
Guidelines for attending library events: 
Report violations of these Community Standards to library staff or campus security in order that appropriate corrective actions may be taken. Violations may be referred for disciplinary action under applicable University disciplinary processes. Non-Temple University guests who violate the Community Standards may be subject to loss of library privileges. Where appropriate, instances of misconduct may be referred to local, state, or federal law enforcement officials. Where applicable, violations may also be referred to internal or external social or behavioral support services.  
Policy History:
Approved by University Libraries Administrative Council 07/15/04; Updated 6/5/2015
Revised by University Libraries Administrative Council 12/03/2019
Effective Date
DECEMBER 03, 2019
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