Mailing Lists
Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.
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a2psAnnouncements and discussion about GNU a2ps
a2ps-commit[no description available]
a2ps-patchesa2ps patch submissions.
Accessibility[no description available]
adhocGNU Ad HoC, a set of m4 macros to generate general-purpose portable shell scripts.
AdvocateNews related to the FSF's Play Ogg campagin
Af-test[no description available]
am-meetingLibrePlanet conference mailing list
AnastasisDiscussions around GNU Anastasis
apps-gnustepFor discussion related specifically to GNUstep applications.
archimedes-discussbug reports, enhancements, general discussion of GNU Archimedes.
Archiver-bug[no description available]
Archiver-devel[no description available]
Artanis[no description available]
Aspell-announce[no description available]
Aspell-develThe New Aspell Develpment Mailing List
Aspell-userHelp with using and installing GNU Aspell and general discussion.
association[no description available]
auctexGeneral discussion about AUCTeX
auctex-commitCVS commit logs for AUCTeX
auctex-develDiscussion list for AUCTeX developers
auctex-diffsComplete diffs for CVS commits of AUCTeX
Audio-video[no description available]
AutoconfDiscussion list for the autoconf build system
autoconf-archive-announceReceive announcments of new releases.
autoconf-archive-commitsE-mail notifications for the Autoconf Archive git repository.
autoconf-archive-maintainersAutoconf Archive Shop Talk
Autoconf-commitCommits to the Autoconf git repository
Autoconf-patchesPatches for autoconf - the GNU build system
autoconf-prsAutoconf problem reports.
Autogen-announce[no description available]
AutomakeDiscussion list for automake
automake-commitgit commit notices for Automake
Automake-ngAn experimental fork of automake that targets GNU make only
automake-patchesPatches for Automake
autonomous-discuss[no description available]
Autotools-announceAnnouncements about Autotools releases and test releases.
BannedBanned iPhone developers
Bash-announceAnnouncements concerning the Bourne-Again SHell
Bayonne-desktopgnome desktop telephony
Bayonne-develFor GNU Bayonne developers
Bayonne-testing[no description available]
Behistun[no description available]
Behistun-advocacy[no description available]
Behistun-analysis[no description available]
Behistun-asariamas[no description available]
Behistun-news[no description available]
Behistun-patches[no description available]
Behistun-regression[no description available]
Bino-list[no description available]
Bison-AnnounceBison Release Announcements
bison-patchesBug fixes and other improvements to Bison
BPEL2oWFN-bugBug report list for GNU BPEL2oWFN
bug-a2psBug reports for a2ps, the GNU any to PostScript filter
Bug-acm[no description available]
bug-alive[no description available]
Bug-anastasisList for reporting bugs in GNU Anastasis
Bug-anubisBug reports for GNU Anubis
Bug-aplBugs and suggestions for GNU APL
Bug-aris[no description available]
Bug-artanis[no description available]
bug-auctexBug reporting list for AUCTeX
Bug-autoconfBug reports for autoconf
Bug-autogen[no description available]
bug-automakeBug reports for Automake
bug-avlGNU libavl mailing list
Bug-ballandpaddleGeneral Ball and Paddle List for development/improvement
Bug-barcode[no description available]
bug-bashBug reports for the GNU Bourne Again SHell
Bug-bayonneBayonne Bug Reports
Bug-behistun[no description available]
bug-binutilsGNU binutils bug reports
bug-bisonBug reports for Bison, the GNU parser generator
bug-c-graphTalk about C-Graph: development, bugs, features, and more
bug-ccd2cueGNU ccd2cue bug reporting
bug-cflowBug reports for GNU cflow
bug-cgiccBug reports for cgicc, the GNU C++ CGI library
Bug-classpathBug reports for the GNU Classpath project
Bug-combineGNU Combine development discussion and bug reports
Bug-commoncppBug reports for Common C++
Bug-coreutilsGNU coreutils Bug Reports
Bug-cpioBug reports for GNU cpio
bug-cppi[no description available]
bug-CSSCDiscussion of GNU CSSC, a clone of SCCS
bug-dapBug reports for dap stats and graphics
Bug-datamashQuestions, Discussions and bug reports for GNU Datamash
bug-dddBug reports for the GNU DDD graphical debugger frontend
Bug-ddrescueBug reports for ddrescue, data recovery tool.
Bug-dejagnu[no description available]
bug-diffutilsAll diffutils discussion.
bug-dumbBug reports for GNU DUMB, a free Doom engine
Bug-easejs[no description available]
bug-edGNU ed bug reports, suggestions, general discussion.
Bug-edmaGNU EDMA Bug Reporting List
bug-enscriptBug reports for GNU Enscript
Bug-fdiskDiscussion of GNU fdisk.
Bug-ferret[no description available]
bug-findutilsBug reports for the GNU find utilities
Bug-fisicalab[no description available]
Bug-foliot[no description available]
Bug-freedinkdiscuss GNU FreeDink
Bug-ftpsync[no description available]
Bug-fussy[no description available]
Bug-g-golf[no description available]
Bug-gamaBug reports for GNU Gama
bug-gawkBug reports only for gawk.
Bug-gcal[no description available]
Bug-gengetoptBug reports for gengetopt
bug-gettextBug reports for GNU gettext
bug-gforth[no description available]
Bug-ggradebookBug reports for GNU Gradebook
bug-ghostscriptBug reports and development for GNU GhostScript, the PostScript interpreter of the GNU project
bug-GIFTthe buglist for the GNU Image Finding Tool
Bug-glean[no description available]
Bug-globalBug reports for GNU GLOBAL
Bug-glpkBug reports for GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
Bug-gm[no description available]
Bug-gnash[no description available]
Bug-gnatsBug reports for GNATS, the GNU bug tracking system
Bug-gnu-chessBug reports for GNU Chess
Bug-gnu-electricBug reports for the GNU Electric CAD system
bug-gnu-emacsBug reports for GNU Emacs, the Swiss army knife of text editors
bug-gnu-libiconvBug reports for GNU libiconv
Bug-gnu-pw-mgrGNU Password Manager
Bug-gnu-radiusBug reports for GNU Radius
bug-gnu-shogiBug reports for GNU Shogi
bug-gnu-smalltalkBug reports for the GNU implementation of Smalltalk
bug-gnu-utilsBug reports for the GNU utilities
bug-gnuastroGNU Astronomy Utilities Bug reports
bug-gnubatchDiscussion of bugs in GNUbatch
Bug-gnubgBug reports for and general discussion about GNU Backgammon.
Bug-gnucapBug reports for gnucap
Bug-GnuCOBOLGnuCOBOL bug reports and bug fixes
Bug-gnucommGNUCOMM Developers List
Bug-gnudosBug reports for GnuDOS
Bug-gnukartMain project mailing list
bug-gnulibGnulib discussion list
Bug-GNUnetReport bugs in GNUnet
Bug-gnupodGNUpod users and developers discussion list
bug-gnuspoolBug reports for GNUspool
Bug-gnustepBug reports for the GNUstep programming environment
bug-gnutritionBug reports, including development and enhancement requests, for GNUtrition
bug-gnuzillaGNUzilla bug reports
bug-goptical[no description available]
bug-gperfBug reports for GNU gperf
bug-gplusplusBug reports for the GNU C++ compiler
bug-grepBug reports for GNU grep
bug-groffBug reports for the GNU version of nroff, troff et al
Bug-grubBug reports for the GRand Unified Bootloader
Bug-gslBug reports for the GNU Scientific Library
bug-gsrcDiscussion of the gsrc activity.
bug-gtypistTo discuss and send bug reports, wishes and lessons for GNU Typist
bug-guileBug reports for GUILE, GNU's Ubiquitous Extension Language
Bug-guile-cv[no description available]
Bug-guile-ncurses[no description available]
bug-GuixBug reports for GNU Guix
bug-gvbug reports for gv
Bug-gwl[no description available]
bug-gzipGNU gzip discussion and bug reports.
bug-helloGNU Hello bugs and discussion.
bug-httptunnelBug reports for GNU Httptunnel
Bug-hurdBug reports for the GNU Hurd
Bug-hyperbole[no description available]
bug-idutilsGNU idutils mailing list
bug-indentGNU indent discussion, bug reports, suggestions.
bug-inetutilsBug reports for the GNU Internet utilities
bug-inklingreader[no description available]
Bug-isofsmk[no description available]
Bug-jelDistributes bug reports, bug fixes and suggestions for improvements to the active maintainers of GNU JEL.
Bug-jwhois[no description available]
Bug-kawa[no description available]
bug-lib-gplusplusBug reports for the GNU C++ standard library
bug-libextractorbug reports for libextractor
bug-libmathevalBug reports for the GNU libmatheval.
Bug-librefm[no description available]
Bug-librejs[no description available]
bug-libsigsegvBug reports for GNU libsigsegv
Bug-libtoolBug reports for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
bug-libunistringBug reports for GNU libunistring
Bug-libxmiBug reports for the GNU libxmi 2-D scan-conversion library.
bug-lilypondLilyPond Bug Reports
Bug-liquidwar6Reporting bugs to Liquid War 6, a unique multiplayer wargame
bug-m4Bug reports for the GNU m4 macro processor
Bug-mailutilsBug reports and feature requests for GNU mailutils
Bug-makeBug reports and discussion for GNU make
Bug-marst[no description available]
Bug-mcronmcron bug reports
Bug-mcsimbug reports for GNU MCSim
bug-mdkMIX Development Kit bug list
bug-mesBug reports for GNU Mes
Bug-metahtml[no description available]
Bug-mifluz[no description available]
bug-miscfilesAll aspects of GNU Miscfiles.
Bug-MIT-Scheme[no description available]
Bug-moeBug reports for moe, a powerful and user-friendly text editor.
Bug-motti[no description available]
bug-mpriaBug reports for the GNU MPRIA Library
bug-myserver[no description available]
Bug-ncursesBug reports for ncurses, the GNU implementation of curses
Bug-ocradBug reports for ocrad, the GNU OCR program.
bug-oleoBug reports for the GNU Oleo spreadsheet program
bug-panoramaBug reports for GNU Panorama, a framework for 3D graphics
Bug-parallel[no description available]
bug-partedBug reports for the GNU Parted disk partition editor
bug-patchBug reports, suggestions, general discussion for GNU patch.
bug-phphackerportalbug reports of phpHackerPortal are sent here
Bug-plotutilsBug reports for the GNU plotting utilities, including the libplot graphics export library.
Bug-powerguru[no description available]
Bug-prologBug reports for the GNU implementation of Prolog
Bug-proxyknifeBug reports for the GNU Customizable Proxy Hunter
Bug-pyconfigure[no description available]
bug-rcsBug reports for the GNU Revision Control System
Bug-readlineBug reports for GNU readline library
bug-recutilsGNU recutils development list
bug-rottlogrottlog bug and user discussion
bug-satherBug reports for the GNU Sather language
Bug-sed[no description available]
bug-serveezBug reports for the GNU serveez
Bug-shmm[no description available]
Bug-SnakeCharmerThe buglist for SnakeCharmer, the GIFT's JAVA interface
Bug-spacechart[no description available]
Bug-sqltutor[no description available]
Bug-ssw[no description available]
bug-standardsFeedback on the GNU Coding Standards.
Bug-stowBug reports for GNU Stow
Bug-sysutils[no description available]
bug-tarBug reports for GNU Tar
Bug-teseqDiscussion list for GNU Teseq
bug-texinfoBug reports for the GNU Texinfo documentation system
Bug-texmacs[no description available]
Bug-timeDiscussions and bug reports for GNU Time
bug-unrtfBug reports for the GNU UnRTF
Bug-uucp[no description available]
bug-vc-dwimvc-dwim is a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool
bug-vcdimager[no description available]
bug-vmgen[no description available]
Bug-wgetPrimary discussion list for GNU Wget
Bug-womb[no description available]
Bug-XBoardXBoard and WinBoard bugs
Bug-xneeReport error/bugs in Xnee
Bug-xorrisoBug reports and support requests for GNU xorriso
Bug-zile[no description available]
Bugs-fm[no description available]
Build-inetutils[no description available]
Ccaudio-develFor GNU ccAudio developers
ccd2cueGNU ccd2cue help and support
Ccrtp-develFor GNU ccRTP developers
ccscript-develGNU ccScript developers list
Cgicc-bug[no description available]
Cgicc-help[no description available]
Cgicc-info[no description available]
ClasspathDiscussion of the implementation of GNU Classpath libraries
Classpath-inetlib[no description available]
Classpath-patchesPatch submissions and discussions for GNU Classpath
Classpath-testresultsGNU Classpath (automatic) test results
classpathx[no description available]
Classpathx-crypto[no description available]
classpathx-javamail[no description available]
Commit-classpathAutomatic administrative message (CVS, bugs, regressions).
commit-cvs-utils[no description available]
commit-gnueCommit notices for GNU Enterprise project
Commit-gnuradioNotifications of git commits for GNU Radio
commit-grubCVS commit notices for the GRand Unified Bootloader
Commit-hurdCVS commit notices for the GNU Hurd
Commit-inetutilsCVS commit notices for the GNU Internet utilities
Commit-mailutilsCommit notices for GNU mailutils
commit-womb[no description available]
config-patchesPatches for the config.guess and config.sub scripts
ConsensusToward a GNU Consensus on Free Software for Social Networking
coreutilsGNU coreutils General Discussion
coreutils-announceannouncements about the GNU coreutils
cssc-usersMailing list for users of GNU CSSC
Dbd-signup[no description available]
dddDiscussion list for DDD, the GNU graphical debugger front end
Decotengu-devel[no description available]
DejaGnuThe GNU Regression Testing Framework
Dejagnu-commitThe Gnu Regression Framework CVS Commits
Denemo-develUser *and* developer discussion of Denemo
Denemo-user[no description available]
dev-serveezDevelopers list for the GNU serveez
devel-panoramaDevelopers list for Panorama, the GNU framework for 3D graphics
Diffutils-devel[no description available]
directory-discuss[no description available]
Discuss-gnu-electricDiscussion list for the GNU Electric CAD system
Discuss-gnu-gvb[no description available]
Discuss-gnuradioGNU Radio, the Free & Open-Source Toolkit for Software Radio
Discuss-gnustepDiscussion list for the GNUstep programming environment
doc-gnuradio[no description available]
Dominion-discuss[no description available]
Dotgnu-announce[no description available]
Dotgnu-general[no description available]
Dotgnu-libjit[no description available]
Dotgnu-pnet[no description available]
dotgnu-pnet-commitsDotGNU Portable.Net CVS commits list
Dotgnu-sc[no description available]
Dr-geoDr. Geo, the GNU interactive geometry software
Edu-frListe générale (not only) francophone de promotion et d'information.
Edu-itIl Software Libero nella Scuola e nell'insegnamento
emacs-bidiDiscussion of Emacs support for multi-directional text.
Emacs-bug-trackerAutomated messages from the bug tracker at
Emacs-build-automationDiscussions about automated building and testing of Emacs
Emacs-buildstatus[no description available]
Emacs-develEmacs development discussions.
Emacs-diffsMailing list for Emacs changes
Emacs-elpa-diffs[no description available]
emacs-ercGeneral discussion about ERC
Emacs-humanitiesDiscussions about using Emacs in the Humanities and related fields
Emacs-orgmodeGeneral discussions about Org-mode.
Emacs-tangentsEmacs news and miscellaneous discussions outside the scope of other Emacs mailing lists
emacsconf-discussGeneral discussion about EmacsConf
Emms-help[no description available]
epsilon-devela list to discuss the development of GNU epsilon
Erc-announceERC Announcements
Erc-commit[no description available]
Fencepost-users[no description available]
Findutils-patchesPatch submission list for GNU findutils
FlossspeakherFLOSS Speaking opportunities and training resources, plus conversation about increasing said opportunities and resources
Fm-announce[no description available]
Fm-discuss[no description available]
Foliot-user[no description available]
fontutils-bugsGNU fontutils bug reports.
fontutils-commitsCommits to the source repository.
Freefont-announceNews about free UCS scalable fonts
Freefont-bugsFree UCS scalable fonts development
Freeipmi-develDevelopers' discussion list for FreeIPMI
Freetalk-dev[no description available]
fsf-community-teamFSF Community Team
fsf-membercard-announceFSF Bootable USB Member Card Announcements
fsf-shopCustomers of the Free Software Foundation shop
Fsfe-ukFree Software and the United Kingdom
Fsffr-oppose[no description available]
Fsfwww-translators-ru-discuss[no description available]
FsukgovFree Software in UK Government
Ftba-commits[no description available]
Ftp-upload-report[no description available]
Ftpsync[no description available]
gash-develDiscuss the development of Gash
gawk-diffsCommits to the source repository.
Gcl-commits[no description available]
Gcl-devel[no description available]
Gcl-users[no description available]
GforthGforth discussion and announcements
GG-NetworkGNU Network Group discussions
ggradebook-devel[no description available]
Ghm-discussPublic discussion about GNU Hackers Meetings
Glean[no description available]
Global-commit[no description available]
glueDiscussion list for GNU GLUE Links Users Everywhere, the GNU groupware project
Gm-develA list for GNU Messenger development.
Gm-users[no description available]
GMediaServer-develGMediaServer development
GnashGnash - The GNU Flash player
Gnash-commitGnash CVS commit messages
Gnats-commitCVS commit messages
Gnats-diffs[no description available]
Gnats-prsCopies of bug tracking system messages
Gnatsweb-commitGnatsweb CVS commit notifications
GneuralnetworkAnnouncements and news about Gneural Network
Gnowsys-bugGnowsys bug report list
Gnowsys-helpGNOWSYS users list.
Gnowsys-info[no description available]
Gnu-c++-standards[no description available]
gnu-crypto-announceproject release announcements
gnu-crypto-discuss[no description available]
gnu-emacs-sourcesGNU Emacs source code postings and patches
Gnu-html-info[no description available]
gnu-misc-discussGeneral GNU project and free software discussions
gnu-system-discussDiscussions about the development of the GNU system
Gnuae-commitfor Git commit messages to GnuAE
Gnuastro-commitsCommits to the Gnuastro Git repository
Gnuastro-develGNU Astronomy Utilities Developers discussions
Gnubatch-2-discussDiscussion of the next release of GNUbatch
Gnucap-develDevelopers list for gnucap.
GnuCOBOL-Messagesmessage strings and translation issues for GnuCOBOL
GnuCOBOL-usersList for general questions, user-oriented topics and announcements.
Gnucomm-privacyGNU Communication Privacy
gnugeneration-announceGNU Generation Announcements
Gnugeneration-discussGNU Generation Discussion
gnugo-announceGNU Go announcements
gnugo-develGNU Go development
gnuit-devgnuit development/bugs/help
gnulib-tool-py[no description available]
Gnumed-bugs[no description available]
Gnumed-devel[no description available]
Gnump3d-devel[no description available]
Gnump3d-users[no description available]
GNUnet-developersMailinglist for GNUnet developers
GNUnet-SVNDiffs from the GNUnet Subversion Repository
gnurobotsGNU Robots
Gnuschool-help[no description available]
Gnushogi-devel[no description available]
Gnushogi-users[no description available]
gnuspeech-contactCommunication about gnuspeech in general.
gnustandards-commitcommits to the gnustandards repository.
Gnustep-cvsGNUstep commit log
Gnustep-devDevelopers list for GNUstep, the GNU groupware evironment
Gnustep-webmastersComments and discussion about GNUstep web pages
gnutrition-commitsCommit notifications
gnuzilla-devGNUzilla development discussions
Goptical[no description available]
Gpaint-develop[no description available]
Gpaint-list[no description available]
Gpaint-user[no description available]
Graphics-volunteers[no description available]
grep-commitCVS commit notices for GNU grep
Grep-devel[no description available]
groff[no description available]
Groff-commit[no description available]
Grub-develThe development of GNU GRUB
gsl-cvsCVS commits for the GNU Scientific Library
Gsrc-commit[no description available]
Gugve-projectGNU Venezuela
Guile-commitsNotifications of commits to the Guile repository
guile-cvsautomated commit mail for guile.
guile-develDevelopers list for Guile, the GNU extensibility library
Guile-matrix-develDesign and implementation of guile-matrix
Guile-rpc-bugsBug reports and discussions around GNU Guile-RPC
guile-sourcesGuile source code postings and patches
guile-userGeneral Guile related discussions
Guix-ci[no description available]
Guix-commits[no description available]
Guix-develDevelopment of GNU Guix and the GNU System distribution.
Guix-europe[no description available]
Guix-europe-sac[no description available]
Guix-patches[no description available]
Guix-Science[no description available]
GWANNOMailing list for GNU enthusiasts in North-West UK
gwl-devel[no description available]
Gxmessage[no description available]
halifax-bugsa list that is likely to not be used
halifax-discusslist with general discussions about GNU HaliFAX
HealthGeneral GNU Health discussion and help
Health-announceGNU Health events and release announcements
Health-dev[no description available]
Health-esGNU Health en Español
Health-fr[no description available]
Health-i18nGNU Health localization
Health-it[no description available]
Health-pt[no description available]
Health-securityGNU Health Security advisories (read-only)
help-3dldfFor users to help each other with questions about 3DLDF.
Help-acm[no description available]
Help-autogenusage and installation help
Help-ballandpaddle[no description available]
Help-bash[no description available]
Help-behistun[no description available]
help-bisonUsers list for the GNU Bison parser generator
help-cfengineUsers list for GNU cfengine
help-cgiccUsers list for cgicc, the GNU C++ CGI class library
help-debbugsGeneral discussion for the tracker at
Help-easejsGeneral help and discussion of GNU ease.js.
Help-edmaHelp on GNU EDMA
help-emacs-windowsDiscussion forum for users of the GNU Emacs port to Windows
Help-ferretGNU Ferret users mailing list
Help-fussy[no description available]
Help-gawk[no description available]
Help-gengenUsers list for gengen
Help-gengetoptUsers list for gengetopt
help-ggradebook[no description available]
help-GIFTHelping you to run or hack the GIFT
Help-globalUsers list for GNU GLOBAL
Help-glpkUsers list for GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
help-gnatUsers list for GNAT, the GNU Ada implementation
Help-gnatsGeneral discussion about GNU GNATS
help-gnu-emacsUsers list for the GNU Emacs text editor
Help-gnu-radiusUsers list for the GNU Radius project
help-gnu-utilsUsers list for the GNU utilities
help-gnuastroGNU Astronomy Utilities user help and discussion
help-gnubatchHelp for GNUbatch users and installers
Help-gnucapUsers help list for gnucap.
help-gnucommUsers list for the GNUCOMM telecomms proect
Help-gnudos[no description available]
Help-gnunetPeer-to-Peer networking with GNUnet
help-gnuspoolHelp for GNUspool users
Help-gnustepUsers list for the GNUstep programming environment
help-gnutritionGeneral user help and discussion relating to GNUtrition
help-gnuzillaUsers list for the GNUzilla project
help-gplusplusUsers list for the GNU C++ compiler
Help-grubSupport requests for the GRand Unified Bootloader
Help-gsaslDiscussion list for GNU Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
Help-gslUsers list for GNU Scientific Library (GSL) help
Help-gslip[no description available]
Help-gssDiscussion list for GNU Generic Security Service
Help-Guix[no description available]
help-gvrequests and discussion for gv
Help-gwl[no description available]
Help-hurdUsers list for the GNU Hurd
Help-jelThis list is the place for users and installers of GNU JEL to ask for help.
Help-jtw[no description available]
Help-libidnDiscussion list for GNU Internationalized Domain Name library (Libidn)
Help-librejs[no description available]
Help-libtasn1Discussion list for GNU Libtasn1
Help-liquidwar6Main discussion list for Liquid War 6, a unique multiplayer wargame
Help-makeUsers list for the GNU implementation of make
Help-marst[no description available]
Help-maverik[no description available]
Help-mcronGet help on mcron from the user community
Help-mcsimhelp line for GNU MCSim
Help-motti[no description available]
Help-nanoHelp list for the nano editor.
Help-ncursesUsers list for the GNU implementation of curses
Help-octaveHelp list for GNU Octave
help-panoramaUsers list for the GNU Panorma 3D graphics framework
Help-pyconfigure[no description available]
help-rcsUsers list for the GNU Revision Control System
help-recutils[no description available]
help-serveezUsers list for the GNU serveez
Help-shishiDiscussion list for GNU Shishi
Help-shmm[no description available]
help-smalltalkUsers mailing list for the GNU Smalltalk environment
Help-snaccUsers list for SNACC - the Sample Neufeld ASN.1 Compiler to C/C++
Help-SnakeCharmerHelp for SnakeCharmer, the GIFT's JAVA interface
Help-source-highlightdiscussion list for source-highlight
Help-stow[no description available]
help-tarHelp requests for GNU Tar
help-texinfoUsers list for the Texinfo documentation system
Help-VCDImagerUsers list for GNU VCDImager
help-vmgenDiscuss vmgen
Help-websocket4j[no description available]
Help-zile[no description available]
hfdbHardware Freedom Database
Hitweb-devProjet hitweb
Howto-kickstartFor contributions to the RedHat Kickstart HOWTO document
Hurd-devel-readersA public subscription version of hurd-devel
Hurdfr-paris[no description available]
hydra-usersDiscussion of Hydra builds of GNU packages.
Hyperbole-usersUser list for GNU Hyperbole
IgnuitDiscussion list for users of ignuit.
info-3dldfFor the maintainer of GNU 3DLDF to send announcements to users.
info-auctexAnnouncements about AUCTeX
Info-bayonneAnnouncements for the GNU Bayonne telephony system
Info-behistun[no description available]
info-cgiccAnnouncements for cgicc, the GNU C++ CGI library
Info-chinese[no description available]
Info-digitalspeechAnnouncement list for the Digital Speech Project.
Info-easejsRelease announcements for ease.js
Info-edmaGeneral Info about GNU EDMA
Info-gamaAnnoucements and discussion about GNU Gama
Info-gengenAnnouncements about gengen
Info-gengetoptAnnouncements about gengetopt
Info-globalAnnouncements about GNU GLOBAL
Info-gnatsGNU GNATS announcements
info-gnuAnnouncements and Requests for Help from the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation
Info-gnu-chessAnnouncements and discussions about GNU Chess
Info-gnu-emacsAnnouncements and progress reports for GNU Emacs
info-gnu-fortranAnnouncements and progress reports for GNU Fortran
Info-gnu-radiusAnnoncements and progress reports for GNU Radius.
info-gnu-shogiAnnouncements and discussion for users of GNU Shogi
info-gnuastroGNU Astronomy Utilities Announcements
Info-gnucapAnnouncements for gnucap.
Info-gnucommAnnouncement list for the GNUCOMM project.
info-GNUnetGNUnet announcements
Info-gnuprologjava[no description available]
info-gnus-englishAnnouncements and discussions for GNUS, the GNU Emacs Usenet newsreader (in English)
Info-gnustepAnnouncements and progress reports for the GNUstep programming environment
Info-gnutritionAnnouncements about GNUtrition
Info-gpaint[no description available]
Info-gslAnnouncements for the GNU Scientific Library
Info-gslip[no description available]
Info-guixLow-traffic mailing list for announcements to Guix users.
info-gvgv announcements
info-libredwgAnnouncements for LibreDWG.
Info-librejs[no description available]
Info-lilypondLilypond announcements (moderated)
Info-liquidwar6Announcements about LiquidWar 6, a unique multiplayer wargame
Info-mcronAnnouncements about the mcron package
Info-mcsimgeneral announcements on GNU MCSim
Info-motti[no description available]
Info-mtools[no description available]
Info-nanoannouncements for nano
info-satherAnnouncements and discussions about the GNU Sather object oriented language
Info-shmm[no description available]
Info-source-highlightThis is a read-only list
Info-stowAnnouncements list for GNU Stow
Info-VCDImagerAnnouncements and progress reports for GNU VCDImager
Info-womb[no description available]
Info-xneeXnee announcement list.
inklingreader-discuss[no description available]
Jacal-discussDiscuss JACAL and its use
JamiDiscussion list for GNU Jami
Javaweb-discuss[no description available]
Javaweb-submitaddress to send the FSF free java code
Js-extensions-discussion[no description available]
Jtw[no description available]
Kawa-commonlisp-dev[no description available]
L4-hurdDiscussion about the future direction of the GNU Hurd
language-experts[no description available]
libc-maintainersThe GNU C Library Stewards (GNU package maintainers)
Libcdio-devellibcdio developer's mailing list
Libcdio-helpForum for getting help on using libcdio
Libcdio-pycdio-develPython libcdio development corner
Libcvs-spec-dev[no description available]
Libdbh[no description available]
Liberty-eiffel[no description available]
libextractorlibextractor discussion and development
Libffcall[no description available]
libjitEverything related to libjit
libmicrohttpdlibmicrohttpd development and user mailinglist
libredwgGeneral discussion and developer's list for LibreDWG
LibrePlanet-HT[no description available]
LibtoolDiscussion list for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
libtool-commitCVS commit notices for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
Libtool-patchesPatch submission list for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
Libtool-securityLibtool security concerns
Lightning[no description available]
Lilypond-autoAutomated messages for lilypond development
Lilypond-cvslilypond CVS commit messages
lilypond-develDiscussions on LilyPond development
lilypond-esLista de usuarios de LilyPond en español - LilyPond Spanish-speaking list
Lilypond-it[no description available]
lilypond-userLilyPond user discussion
lilypond-user-frLilyPond French-speaking list
Lims[no description available]
Lims-dev[no description available]
Linux-c1Linux kernel meets Sony Vaio C1 laptops
M4-announce[no description available]
M4-commitgit commit notices for GNU m4
m4-discussDiscussion list for the GNU M4
M4-patchesPatch submission list for GNU M4
Mailutils-i18n[no description available]
Make-alphaDiscussion list for GNU make alpha testers and developers
Make-commitsInformation about commits to the make CVS archive
Make-w32Discussion of Windows-specific issues with GNU make
Mediagoblin-devel[no description available]
Mediagoblin-userops[no description available]
Metahtml-devel[no description available]
Mifluz-devMifluz Development mailing list
MIT-Scheme-announceAnnouncements regarding MIT Scheme
MIT-Scheme-develdeveloper list for MIT Scheme
MIT-Scheme-usersDiscussion list for users of MIT Scheme
myserver-commit[no description available]
Nano-develDevelopment discussions.
Network[no description available]
Network-activism[no description available]
Network-announce[no description available]
Network-discuss[no description available]
newconfig[no description available]
Nomad-patches[no description available]
Octave-bug-tracker[no description available]
Octave-buildbot[no description available]
Octave-maintainersDiscussion List for GNU Octave Maintainers
Octave-patch-tracker[no description available]
Octave-task-tracker[no description available]
Oleo-discussDiscussion list for the GNU Oleo spreadsheet program
Openoffice-extensions-discussDiscussion advancing the creation of a list of free software extensions
osip-devosip/exosip mailing list
ParallelGNU Parallel Discussion
patch-commit[no description available]
pemFor anything and everything about GNU Pem
phphackerportalThis is the main list, developers, admins, ideas, if you need anything, ask here.
planetGNU Planet team
platform-testersAnnouncements of prereleases available for testing on multiple platforms
Playfreedom-announce[no description available]
playogg-discuss[no description available]
poke-develDevelopment of GNU poke
Powerguru[no description available]
Powerguru-commit[no description available]
proofreadersGNU documentation proofreaders list
PSPP-announcePSPP announcements
Pspp-commits[no description available]
pspp-devPSPP Developer discussions
Pspp-usersPSPP user discussion
psychosynth-devel[no description available]
psychosynth-user[no description available]
Pythonwebkit-dev[no description available]
Radius-commit[no description available]
Radius-espanolTraducci�n del Manual GNU Radius al Espa�ol
Radius-i18nInternationalization of GNU Radius
remotecontrolBug reports and all discusion for GNU remotecontrol
Replacementforms-discuss[no description available]
Repo-criteria-discuss[no description available]
Reproduce-costReproducible paper template discussions
Reproduce-devel[no description available]
rpge-bug[no description available]
rpge-devel[no description available]
Rt-usersInvite only list for users of
savannah-announceLow-volume notifications of important issues and changes at Savannah
savannah-cvs[no description available]
Savannah-hackers-publicDiscussions among Savannah Hackers, open subscription
savannah-hackers-tests[no description available]
Savannah-help-privateSavannah help requests that need to be confidential.
Savannah-register-publicProject submissions and reviews notifications
Savannah-usersDiscussion of savannah-announce and any user-oriented topic
Scm-discuss[no description available]
screen-develScreen development
screen-usersGeneral GNU Screen discussion
Security-discussGNU security discussions
Sed-devel[no description available]
Sipwitch-develDevelopment and support for GNU SIP Witch
SkelSkeleton GNU/Linux discussion
Slib-discussThe SLIB Scheme library
Slib-unitsDiscuss Currency and Metric Interchange Formats
Soc-projects-admins[no description available]
Soc-projects-mentors[no description available]
Social[no description available]
social-boston[no description available]
Social-design[no description available]
Social-discussGNU social discussion and help
Social-mediagoblin[no description available]
Social-mentoring[no description available]
Social-neat[no description available]
Social-p2pdistributed, privacy-enhanced, user-controlled social networking
Social-status[no description available]
Social-volunteers[no description available]
Solfege-announce[no description available]
Solfege-devel[no description available]
Speech-reco[no description available]
stalkerfs-bugBug reports for GNU stalkerfs
stalkerfs-commit[no description available]
stalkerfs-discussDiscussion list for GNU stalkerfs
Stow-devel[no description available]
Stump-usersGeneral discussion of STUMP, the newsgroup robomoderator
summer-of-code[no description available]
Sv-migration[no description available]
Tar-commitCommit notices for GNU Tar
Testing123[no description available]
Testlist3[no description available]
texinfo-commitsarchiving commits to the Texinfo sources.
Texmacs-devTeXmacs developer mailing list
Texmacs-doc-cvsAutomatic notifications from texmacs-doc CVS
Texmacs-edu[no description available]
Texmacs-patchNotifications from Savannah's patch manager.
thales-announceGNU Thales announcements
thales-miscGeneral discussion about GNU Thales
Tramp-devel[no description available]
Trans-coord-develGNUnited Nations development
Trans-coord-logsLogs from official and development GNUN builds
trans-coord-newsmailing list of news translators for the whatsnew pages
Trans-coord-pootle-privateAdministration list of GNU Pootle server
Traverso-devel[no description available]
unifont[no description available]
Users-prologUsers list for the GNU implementation of Prolog
Uucp-generalGeneral Taylor UUCP mailing list.
VCDImager-GUI-develdiscussion of GUI development issues
W3-announceAnnouncements about Emacs/W3
W3-dev[no description available]
Wb-discussDiscuss WB and its use
wdiff-bugsBug reports for and general discussion about GNU wdiff
wdiff-devCoordination of wdiff development
Web-hurdWorking on web pages about the GNU Hurd
Wget-devPublic discussion list for GNU Wget development
Wget-libwarc[no description available]
which-bugsfor all discussion relating to GNU which.
widget-announce[no description available]
womeninfreesoftwareDiscussion re: increasing women's participation in free software
Www-bn-translators[no description available]
wwwcat-traductorsTraductors al català de la plana de GNU
www-commits[no description available]
Web-translators-de[no description available]
www-el-commitsList for monitoring cvs commits of the www-el repository.
www-el-translatorsList for www-el project's translation volunteers.
Www-eo-tradukado[no description available]
www-fa-generalGNU Persian/Farsi Translation Team
www-hr-lista[no description available]
www-it-traduzioniTraduzioni italiane delle pagine di website Japanese Translation Team
www-ko-translatorsKorean GNU translation team
Www-malware-commitsAutomatic notifications for changes in
www-ml-gnu-malayalam-project-publicThe GNU Malayalam Project public mailing list.
Www-nl-translatorsLijst voor voor vertalers naar het nederlands van GNU artikelen.
www-pl-announce[no description available]
www-pl-trans[no description available]
www-pt-br-generalGNU web Brazilian Portuguese translation team
www-ru-listThe list of GNU Russian translation team
www-sq-translationListë diskutimesh mbi përkthimet Shqip të sajtit
Www-sr-devРазвојно ДД пројекта преводаа на српски језик
www-wwwta-gnu-tamil-site[no description available]
www-zh-cn-authors[no description available]
www-zh-cn-hackers[no description available]
Www-zh-tw-translators[no description available]
XBoard-develXBoard and WinBoard developers
XmlAT[no description available]
Xnee-devel[no description available]

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