$8.8 Million in Power Supply and Metering
Friday, July 16, 2021
Power supply and meters for the Santo Tomas Hospital Trust (PHST) in Panama, for a total of 109.4 thousand MWh distributed over a five-year term.
g>Panama Government Purchase 2021-0-12-14-08-LP-021701:

"The Hospital's Board of Trustees seeks to save on the line item of the expense for electricity consumption that it purchases through the distributors if it participates in the Wholesale Electricity Market as a Large Customer.

Therefore, it is required to contract energy for a period of 60 months. The energy will be metered at the two of the four interconnection points that PHST maintains with the distributors: St. Thomas Hospital and the Maternity Building of St. Thomas Hospital.

The annual consumption projection for the five years is between 19 thousand MWh and 24 thousand MWh.

Delivery is partial, according to monthly consumption."

Deadline to submit bids: August 31, 2021.

See tender (in Spanish).
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Terms include the following products:
electric meters
tender Tender energy Energy Electrical equipment and supplies
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