Agriculture: Procedures for Foreign Employees
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
In Costa Rica, the deadline for employers to regularize the immigration status of workers who come to the country to work in agricultural activities was extended until October 22.
Although weeks ago it was announced that the deadline for agricultural companies to regularize their workers was September 22nd and that no extension would be given, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) retracted the announcement and extended the deadline to October 22nd.

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Due to the accelerated increase of applications reported in recent days and with the intention of including workers of crops that have just begun or will begin in the coming weeks, the Executive Branch has decided to extend by one month the term of the rule that expired on September 22, reported MAG.

Thus, independent workers, or employers who have employees who can opt for this immigration status, will have until October 22, 2020 to request an appointment to start the procedure to opt for the exception regime, which aims to meet the needs of labor for the economic revival of the agricultural sector, in order to sustain the productive fabric that this business represents, explains the official statement.

The document specifies that "... the advantage for those who have started the regularization process, by requesting the appointment, is that they will be able to continue working without problems in agricultural, agro-export and agro-industrial tasks, while the DGME resolves their final status."

This action is aimed only at those persons who can prove that they entered and remained in the national territory between January 15, 2016 and January 15, 2020. In order to benefit from this regime, it is mandatory to present, on the day of the appointment, the application form, the proof of identity, sworn statement without criminal record, to prove your entry on the dates indicated, and to cancel the respective procedures with a total cost of $60. In this regard, it should be reiterated that the MAG offices will not be able to carry out any procedures on those who present themselves without the respective appointment, informed the authorities.

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