Biosafety Protocols: Sanctions for Companies
Thursday, August 20, 2020
Companies in El Salvador that do not comply with the biosecurity measures stipulated in the protocols for reopening the economy may be sanctioned with the temporary closure of their operations.
In the process of reactivating economic activities that were suspended due to the spread of covid-19, the Salvadoran authorities have established protocols for the proper functioning of companies.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTPS) is in charge of supervising the correct application of biosecurity measures and will begin to monitor businesses as of next week.

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Rolando Castro, head of MTPS, told that "... 'the Ministry of Labor has enough legal tools to apply the law and, in labor matters, the governing body of this country is the Ministry of Labor and therefore the legislation must be complied with. Our work teams are already in the field to go and verify and supervise'."

Castro added that "... companies that do not comply with the protocols 'can even reach the temporary suspension of operation. If at a given moment we don't see the appropriate masks, if we don't see the biosafety equipment, social distancing, protective bars (...) At that moment, if there is an eminent danger in those conditions we can reach the temporary suspension."
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Economic Reopening in the Absence of Official Protocols
July 2020
With the application of the Health Alert System by covid-19, the Guatemalan economy was reopened, however, the operating guidelines and specific health and safety protocols for various economic activities have not been made official.
After more than four months of severe restrictions on the mobility of people and some economic activities, the authorities decided that as of 27 July,
the country would enter a phase of reopening the economy
Health and Safety: Protocols for Companies Formalized
July 2020
In order to reactivate economic activity in Panama, the authorities of the Ministry of Health published in the Official Journal the guidelines of strict compliance for companies and workers.
Although in mid-May it was announced that as a result of the covid-19 outbreak companies will have to submit to strict compliance with some rules
, the protocols were made official with the publication in the Official Journal of Resolution No. 198 of July 10, 2020.
Safety and Health: Protocols for Companies
May 2020
In order to reactivate economic activity in Panama, Ministry of Health authorities issued strict compliance guidelines for companies and workers.
The guide is aimed at producers, distributors, and consumers; microenterprises, medium-size companies, large companies, and their clients, who are required to comply with the standards established by the health authorities in order to mitigate the expansion of covid-19, the official document details.
Covid-19: More Tests to Revive the Economy
April 2020
Guatemalan businessmen believe that in order to reactivate economic activity in the country, it is necessary to restrict the number of people in public spaces and increase the number of tests performed on those who have signs of carrying the virus.
Because of the outbreak of the disease in Guatemala, which as of April 14 counted 180 cases, the government has decided to maintain
measures restricting freedom of movement until April 19, including the transit and movement of people, crew, passengers and vehicles, in addition to the closure of most commercial establishments
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