Bovine Rabies in Honduras
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Authorities at the Ministry of Health in Nicaragua have strengthened health checks at the border with Honduras due to the presence of paralytic bovine rabies in the department of Lempira.
Although health authorities have assured that the outbreak now poses no risk to Nicaragua, preventive measures are being implemented such as " ...Controls focusing on 100% of notifications of animals, domestic or wild, suspected of having rabies. " So far Honduras reported 27 infected cattle in the village of Brisas del Ocotillo, municipality of Lempira.

The first lady and government spokesman, Rosario Murillo, told that "... We will keep strengthening surveillance of animals suspected of having rabies, and people injured by animals suspected of carrying rabies. The confirmation of the outbreak of bovine paralytic rabies in Honduras was made by the Pan American Health Organization at the Ministry of Health. "

She added that "... We will coordinate permanently with the Institute of Food Health to exchange information, detecting cases in domestic-wild animals and preventing the outbreak from coming to Nicaragua. "
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Outbreak of Bovine Rabies in Panama
January 2020
Following an outbreak of paralytic rabies in Veraguas province, local authorities reported that a cordon sanitaire was established to prevent the spread of the disease.
Representatives of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) explained that the quarantined area is equivalent to a 10-km radius from the reported outbreak in Mariato district.
Costa Rica: Outbreak of Bovine Rabies Detected
August 2015
Sanitary and quarantine measures have been implemented on the farm where the outbreak was detected in the province of Alajuela.
The Ministry of Agriculture has provided for the implementation of sanitary and quarantine measures to control the disease on the farm where the outbreak was detected in San Jose de Upala, and prevent its spread to other areas.
Bovine Rabies Outbreak Detected in Costa Rica
April 2015
The National Animal Health Service has identified an outbreak in a cattle farm in Puriscal, Province of San Jose, where it has established sanitary and quarantine measures.
From a statement issued by the National Animal Health Service (SENASA):
Bovine Rabies in Guatemala
February 2015
Confirmation has been given of the presence of the disease in cattle and horses in three municipalities in the department of Chimaltenango, 54 kilometers from the capital.
The affected municipalities are Santa Apolonia, San Jose Poaquil and Tecpán Guatemala. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA) confirmed that "... Since last week and up until now, ten cows and at least six horses have died."
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