Business Opportunity to Build Dam
Tuesday, November 23, 2021
In Honduras, the construction of a dam in the Rio del Hombre watershed, including a pipeline and drinking water treatment plant, is being tendered.
Government of Honduras procurement LPuNO-13-AMDC-77-2021:

"In the Municipal Mayor's Office of the Central District of Honduras, the construction of a dam is planned to form a reservoir of 33 million cubic meters in the basin of the Rio del Hombre River, in order to improve the water supply for the Central Distro, which includes the design and construction of the following:

* Dam for the creation of the regulating reservoir.

* 25.5 km pipeline to connect the reservoir to the treatment plants of the Río del Hombre and El Picacho dams.

* Pumping stations to raise water in the impulsion sections of the pipeline with minimum capacities of 6.70 MW and 1.50 MW.

* Treatment plant located near the Cerro Grande neighborhood (see location sketch) to make the collected water drinkable.

* Daily demand regulation tank.

* Interconnection system to the city's potable water network.

The awarded company must respond for defects within a period of twelve calendar months.

For more information, enter the tender."

Estimated bid amount: more than $17,475.

Deadline to submit tenders: May 18, 2022.

See tender.
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