China: Main Market for Costa Rican Meat
Thursday, June 10, 2021
During the first four months of 2021, companies operating in Costa Rica sold $22 million worth of beef to China, this figure represents 54% of the total exported by the Central American country.
Data from the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (Procomer) show that from January to April of this year, Costa Rican beef exports to China totaled $22 million, to the U.S. $8 million and to Puerto Rico $5 million.

Between the first four months of 2020 and the same period of 2021 exports to Puerto Rico showed no variations, sales to the U.S. decreased 43% and business with Chinese companies increased 16%.

Luis Diego Obando, director of Corporacion Ganadera (Corfoga), told that "... it is interesting to analyze the US market, because in that country there is a growth in domestic demand and, despite this, Costa Rican sales decreased". On the other hand, "... China continues to establish itself as the best market for this product."

According to Leonardo Murillo, head of Corfoga's Research and Dissemination Department, "... industrial plants prefer to export to China, due to factors that are not clear. It could be due to the need to gain a foothold in a new market and gain positions."

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Figures from the information system on the Fresh, Refrigerated and Frozen Bovine Meat Market in Central America, compiled by the  Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmerica
: [GRAFICA caption = "Click to interact with graph"]
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