Colombia interested in the region
Thursday, May 21, 2009
At the opening of "Eje Exporta 2009,” the president of ACOPI said that “Central America is one of Colombia’s target markets."
Alberto López Castro, president of the Colombian Association of Small and Medium Industries (ACOPI), noted the importance of the event to publicize Colombian products and service offerings, and to explore new markets, especially Central America. reported statements by Natalia Jiménez, head of International Development for Pro Exporta Colombia: "We want international entrepreneurs, particularly Central Americans, to stop perceiving us as mere customers. Our intention is to become their strategic allies."
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More Trade between Colombia and Nicaragua
February 2018
Growth of more than 300% has been reported in Colombian exports to Nicaragua between 2016 and 2017, mainly explained by the sales of oil and its derivatives.
Data from ProColombia provided by the Colombian Embassy details that exports from the mining sector led the growth of 362% reported in exports between 2016 and 2017. Exports from other sectors, such as agri-food, metal-mechanics and chemicals also registered double-digit increases. 
Opportunity for Food and Metalworking in Israel
May 2016
Fruit juices and concentrates, canned tropical fruit, water, electric cables, laminated iron or steel products, antisera and drugs are among the products with the potential to enter the Israeli market.
A study by the Costa Rica Foreign Trade Promotion Office has identified 63 products that have export potential indicative to the Israeli market. The sector with the greatest potential is food (19%), followed by livestock and fisheries (19%) and metallurgy (17%). Among the products are: juices and fruit concentrates, canned tropical fruit, water, electric cables, laminated iron or steel products, antisera and drugs.
El Salvador: Metalworking Exports Recover
May 2014
After two years of decline, the sector's exports in 2013 amounted to $262 million, an increase of 7% compared to 2012.
In 2013 the metalworking industry managed to overcome the economic crisis that began in 2008 and managed to export $262 million. The sector has been able to recover production levels of previous years thanks to the Central American market focusing on certifying quality and entering into new product lines, with the best selling ones being iron rods, flat sheets, plates, fittings for structures laminates, and barbed wires.
Colombian Iron and Steel Company Buys Plant in Panama
June 2009
With an investment of $10 million, Ferrasa S.A. acquired the Aceros Transformados Panamá and a distribution center in the country.
The Colombian Steel Group based itself in Panama due to the high rate of economic growth and the growth in the construction sector with the objective of serving the entire Central American region from Panama.
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