Courier: Document Transfer
Monday, July 19, 2021
The Banco de Formato Agropecuario requires the courier service and transfer of documents between the different offices of the institution, in total there are 30 BFA Service Centers and 06 Cajas Rurales or Cajas Express.
El Salvador Government Purchase LP 04-2021:

"BFA tenders the daily service of collection and delivery of containers for Central Office, 30 BFA Service Centers and 06 Cajas Rurales or Cajas Express and vice versa.

- Collection for 30 service centers and central office with round trip route as follows:

* Collection at Central Office, for Service Centers.
* Pickup and delivery at Service Centers, for Central Office.
* Delivery to Central Office, of containers collected at Service Centers.

- Collection for 6 service centers with one-way route, specifying that the containers must be delivered to the Service Centers on the same day they are collected, according to the following:

* Collection in Express Boxes and Rural Boxes, for delivery to Agencies.
* The delivery of containers collected from the Express and Rural Cashiers to Agencies.

The Bank reserves the right to additionally and occasionally request the contractor to provide services on holidays or weekends and/or during non-business hours, in writing and 12 business hours in advance.

Further specifications on the material required to move the documents may be found in the bidding document."

Deadline for submission of bids: August 9, 2021.

See tender (in Spanish).
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