Direct Purchase of Security System for $36 million
Friday, February 10, 2012
The government of Honduras has awarded, without conducting a tender process, a contract for the provision of a surveillance system which utilizes 2,000 cameras and a Control Center.
President Porfirio Lobo authorized the direct recruitment of the Israeli company NICE, to provide more than 2,000 smart cameras for strengthening the work of the Honduran National Police Force.

The cost of the contract is about $36.2 million.

According to the website of the newspaper El Heraldo, Lobo gave his approval to the Ministry of Security for the direct purchase of "services for the implementation of an Intelligent Technology Platform (Safe City) and Implementation of a Command and Control Center, amounting to 685,080,285 lempiras with national funds. "

"Under Lobo Sosa it was agreed that instead of hiring more police it would be better to invest in technology to monitor and counter crime on the capital’s streets", published the newspaper.
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Panama: Tender for National Surveillance System
November 2015
The Ministry of Public Security working on the conditions of a tender to be launched in 2016 for the installation of five thousand security cameras throughout the national territory.
Ministry officials believe that there are at least ten companies with the necessary conditions to participate in the tender, which will be launched next year. For now they are analyzing the conditions of the services and features of cameras which are currently operating in other countries in order to determine what to include in the tender documents.
5000 Surveillance Cameras Under Negotiation
October 2013
Various government institutions in Guatemala are discussing the advantages of hiring a system which would cost about $135 million.
An article in reports that "the Technical Directorate of the Ministry of Finance Budget does not endorse or recommend the allocation of Q1080 million to lease five thousand security cameras for a period of five years, because they would be committed to future resources that have not even been approved. "
Purchases Without Bidding in Guatemala
July 2013
Faced with criticism over multi million dollar direct purchases, the chief of Government justified these measures saying "a bidding tender does not guarantee transparency and honesty."
In interview for with Mauricio López Bonilla, Minister of the Interior, the official said that several strategic materials needed for the National Civil Police (PNC by its initials in Spanish) such as weapons, equipment, technology and infrastructure construction, will be some of the purchases made without tender processes.
Purchase of 400 Smart Cameras in El Salvador
April 2013
The cameras will be installed at strategic points in the metropolitan area of ​​San Salvador, to help monitor criminal acts. reports that the Minister of Justice and Public Security, David Munguia said that President Mauricio Funes has given the order to get the funds.
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